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Complaints about botched fillers have doubled within the last year, as specialists warn in opposition to “celeb medication programs” marketed on social media. 

Affected person complaints about dermal fillers rose from 672 in 2018 to 1,342 in 2019, campaign team Put Face chanced on, with many of these cases challenging children. 

Nearly half of of the complaints lodged had been reported by younger girls folk earlier 18 to 24 and 63 per cent chanced on their practitioner on social media. 

Instagram accounts utilizing pictures of public figures to advertise “celeb” programs are believed to have pushed demand among younger girls folk.


The adverts, which on the total promote a aggregate of lip and cheek fillers, have been described as “preying” on younger girls as they on the total display conceal low charges by poorly professional practitioners.

Experts from Put Face deem this social media phenomenon, along with an absence of regulation within the fillers market, has precipitated a being concerned rise in procedures going atrocious with “disastrous” results. 

Put Face Director Ashton Collins published it is a ways “very regular” for younger girls folk to bring pictures of celebrities or “intently edited selfies” beneath the expectation the practitioner will have the choice to invent them peek admire the photographs. 

She said: “Social media has pushed an exponential enhance within the number of younger looking out out therapies and as a consequence the number of botched therapies. 


“It’s turn into a hotbed for rogue companies to prey on younger girls by offering cheap therapies and celeb medication programs which is amazingly touching on.

“There has been a important magnify in children looking out out cosmetic therapies and lip fillers in explicit. Final year we had been contacted by 31 girls who had been injected beneath the age of 18.”

At display conceal there could be no right age restrict for dermal fillers within the UK, but many specialists deem it is a ways unethical for anybody beneath the age of 18 to have the therapies. 

Dermal fillers, the place hyaluronic acid or collagen is injected to invent lips and cheeks fuller or to camouflage wrinkles, can even pause up in severely swollen lips, blood clots, anaphylactic shock and even blindness when administered incorrectly. 


Despite the doubtlessly disastrous outcomes, Put Face said “DIY professional” practitioners masquerading as professional specialists are regular. In step with the organisation 83 per cent of all complaints reported regarded therapies applied by laypeople, beauticians and hairdressers. 

In many cases, the loyal coaching they got was as soon as watching a video online or attending a one day course.

“Dermal fillers are extraordinarily dreadful and sadly there are no laws dictating who can or can’t attain them,” said Ms Collins. 

“So for instance, a lay person on the avenue can even engage nowadays they are looking out to start out offering these therapies, they may be able to even peek a YouTube video this night, instruct some merchandise

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