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To quote a modern prophet, “the celebs are at it again.” As working-class Americans find their livelihoods decimated by the impact of the coronavirus—unemployment numbers have rocketed this week, and small businesses aren’t sure if they’ll be able to ride out the quarantine—Gal Gadot thought to bring a little joy into the world with a star-studded sing-along of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” The problem? Absolutely no one gives a shit.

In a video first posted to Instagram, Wonder Woman herself explained that she was in “day six” of her self-quarantine and “feeling philosophical” about this current epidemic. “I ran into this video of an Italian guy playing a trumpet on his balcony… He was playing ‘Imagine,’ and there’s something so powerful and pure about this video,” she says. Then, as we grit our teeth and mutter a hushed “Please, don’t do this,” she begins to sing it. And then it cuts to Kristen Wiig, who sings the next line. And then it cuts to 50 Shades Of Grey star Jamie Dornan, who sings the next line. Mark Ruffalo, Amy Adams, James Marsden, and an Eraserheaded Will Ferrell all join in, earnestly farting through the not-all-that-applicable lyrics in no discernible key.

Some, like Sia and Labrinth give it their all, to which we say, “Bravo.” Pedro Pascal and Zoe Kravitz, meanwhile, sing as if there’s a laser sight trained on their forehead. We can’t blame them. This is some serious “thoughts and prayers” shit.

Thankfully, the great DJ Douggpound has already arrived with a remix that turns each of them into braying demons, thus making it listenable.

The lesson? Don’t do this. Stop this. Donate money. But if you’re going to do this, at least ask Seth Rogen next time.

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