Celebrity Fashion: Ashley Benson’s Post-Breakup Hair Makeover Is Perfect For Summer

Celebrity Fashion: Ashley Benson’s Post-Breakup Hair Makeover Is Perfect For Summer

Celebrity Fashion:

A couple months of quarantine dash-craziness is ample to manufacture anyone want to experiment with their hair — which we occupy clearly considered happen with

a huge different of celebrities

. Add a rumored breakup into the combine and which that you just may occupy a recipe for a major hair alternate, as exemplified by Ashley Benson, who factual debuted an exclusively new understand on Instagram after 

her alleged split from Cara Delevingne


Three weeks since it used to be first reported that Benson and Delevingne ended their relationship after

nearly two years

, the 

Honest Runt Liars

 actress traded in her dark blonde lob for lighter, waist-dimension extensions. Benson gave a scrutinize at the transformation on her Instagram Stories over Memorial Day weekend, tagging

star hair-extension expert Violet Teriti

 and hairstylist Chandlar Vandersteen.

Inform: Courtesy of Ashley Benson Instagram


hair salons restful shut down

in the Los Angeles do amid the pandemic, this transformation used to be most likely pulled off all thru a dwelling name — despite the indisputable truth that it be also which that you just may keep in mind that Vandersteen coached Benson to place in the hair extensions over video chat, now not unlike

Miley Cyrus’ Facetime haircut

alongside with her gallop-to stylist.

Nonetheless Benson and her pros made it happen (with any luck safely), this gentle-blonde color and mermaid dimension is the particular publish-breakup makeover, and so a lot extra so as we formally enter summer. We already know that Benson

is now not surely panicked to experiment with various looks

, so most likely her new relationship location may per chance at final encourage her to

gallop gentle red enjoy the remainder of Hollywood

… or even shorter than ever. The possibilities are never-ending in the occasion which that you just can also occupy factual survived a mid-pandemic public split with summer on the horizon.

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