Celebrity Fitness: Jordyn Jones Lost at Sea!

Celebrity Fitness: Jordyn Jones Lost at Sea!

Celebrity Fitness:


Jordyn Jones is light on her fogeys farm in Kalamazoo Michigan, she’s been doing fitness and dance videos in front of her barn nonetheless this time she took her camera along with her out on a crawl and I voice she’s no longer indubitably lost at sea and is possibly out on some portion of Lake Michigan.

Jordyn took a video in her kayak lip syncing to a well-liked clip from Conserving Up with The Kardashian’s where Khloe is yelling at Kourtney for no longer having a wifi signal in her backyard. The sound byte is relaxed well-liked on TikTok and Jordyn has performed a mountainous job along with her version of the video because there could be indisputably no wifi on Lake Michigan!

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