Celebrity Travel: House on Wheels: Episode 1

Celebrity Travel: House on Wheels: Episode 1

Celebrity Travel:

House on Wheels: Episode 1

by stroopwafel

House on Wheels is a satisfying recent differ present from PD Kim Yoo-gon of Dad! Where Are We Going reputation. It’s a novel crawl the shuttle differ model, with our three-member solid lift their dwelling to recent areas in each place Korea and spend time with star company along the diagram.



We originate up off with a take into accounts at the minute dwelling and a mini Dad! Where Are We Going reunion as Sung Dong-il presents two of his children, Joon and Bin, a tour of his non permanent dwelling. (I procure outmoded, it feels deal with I became as soon as watching itsy-bitsy Joon on Dad! Where Are We Going? correct form the day gone by.) The children fancy it, with Bin announcing she thinks she might perchance perchance perchance are residing there with no ruin in sight (agreed) and Dong-il guarantees to resolve them on a day out later.

We win a fast rundown on the rising prices of actual estate all the way by Seoul and an introduction on the minute dwelling motion. For the present, the workers are constructing the nation’s first-ever minute dwelling on wheels. Wheels mean that the solid will respect the freedom to scoot the land and construct all of Korea their entrance yard.

One month sooner than filming, we glance Dong-il at the range, working on a meal for his castmates. He says he’ll make up when the others come, and proper form on cue we glance our subsequent solid member, Yeo Jin-gu.

Aw, it turns out Jin-gu no doubt made his debut in a drama as Dong-il’s son (we win a bonus shot of toddler Jin-gu in the drama). Dong-il eyes Jin-gu appreciatively and feedback on how successfully he’s grown up. He says that Jin-gu’s the very perfect-having a survey solid member and publicizes he’s the 2d perfect-having a survey.

As Jin-gu cracks up, we glance our 1/three-ranking solid member (by Dong-il’s estimate): actor Kim Hee-won. With all people gathered collectively, the present sums up our solid: down-to-earth Nation’s Dad Dong-il, Hee-won, the surprisingly sensitive villain expert, and passionate heodang Jin-gu.

Dong-il interviews that assembly up with his hoobaes at dwelling versus a public station correct form feels varied, in a correct diagram. Since they’ll be tantalizing company “dwelling,” he’s hoping to construct correct memories with correct folks.

Abet at their pre-filming assembly, PD Kim presents the solid their first survey at their dwelling. The employees customized constructed it with wheels. All people is wowed, and the PD assures them it in actuality is a recurring, helpful dwelling. Factual, , minute and on wheels. It’s even been formally registered and authorized as boulevard-energetic.

Dong-il muses that being out on the boulevard goes to be tremendous, they might be able to park on the ocean hurry and it’ll be deal with something out of a espresso advert. Hee-won breaks the spell by announcing they’ll potentially discontinuance up parked in the tremendous birth air and gaming on-line.

They win into how they’ll divide up the work and Hee-won’s confident they’ll eat successfully since they respect got Dong-il. Jin-gu’s alive to to cook dinner but says he’s nervous due to when in contrast to Dong-il he doesn’t reflect his abilities are as a lot as par. Dong-il smiles at the compliments and says they’ll respect to eat every meal deal with it’s their last (it sounds candy in preference to atrocious in Korean).

Hee-won presents to form the total dishes, and says Jin-gu can deal with any errands. Dong-il puts a discontinuance to that and says for “fetching issues, going out to rob stuff, that’s all you Hee-won.” He chides Hee-won for looking out to ship Jin-gu out into the enviornment when he’s the youngest and has so principal life left to are residing.

Jin-gu pipes as a lot as disclose it’d be a relief to correct form form errands but Hee-won tsks-tsks and will get a broad snicker when he says that “errands” capacity correct form about all the pieces. But in a sneak preview, we win a medley of Hee-won-ah’s taken from future episodes, so it seems deal with Hee-won might perchance perchance perchance discontinuance up being the group’s errand ajusshi boy in spite of all the pieces.

Talk turns to who’ll force, and Dong-il says it’s amazing that “you two” handed the driving examination. We glance your entire solid had taken courses and a truck driving examination upfront of filming. Jin-gu passes with out trouble, as does Hee-won.

Abet in the assembly, Dong-il says he’s going to examine up on to learn learn how to force a truck but he’s correct form in such heart-broken health. Jin-gu’s face darkens as he listens to Dong-il list his “ailments” (farsightedness, dry scrutinize sydrome, subject distinguishing colours, evening blindness) and his somber reaction cracks up his sunbaes.

Aw, Dong-il’s jokes are to quilt the truth he no doubt failed his driving examination, no subject getting practiced. But having two drivers isn’t too shabby.

It’s in the end D-Day! Dong-il presents the varied two a minute to absorb how chilly their recent dwelling is, and Hee-won wins the honor of being the predominant to unlock the door. He additionally volunteers to be the predominant driver, so he’s given the honor of christening the auto (a.k.a pouring alcohol on the wheels) whereas Jin-gu does the dwelling christening (stepping on a gourd whereas carrying in a rice cooker).

It’s candy to survey how mad they are about all the pieces, from the minute bathroom to the fully stocked kitchen. I’d wondered how they’d movie internal this type of diminutive recount but they managed to suit cameras in every nook and cranny, including one working on a mounted note on the ceiling.

When they’re performed exploring, it’s time for Hee-won, to resolve the wheel. After a pair of hiccups, they’re on their technique to Goseong, Gangwon Province. The visual of seeing an actual dwelling hitched to a automobile is hilarious and additionally they win a whole lot stares as they roll along.

They’re all reasonably nervous about being on the birth boulevard and additionally they win stunned at any time when the dwelling bumps the auto (lol, Hee-won says it’s unnerving to survey a dwelling following in the rearview mirror).

After a pair of hours, they pull accurate into a relaxation dwelling for snacks and a fast shatter. Dong-il presents to deal with all people to some snacks, but then will get a glint in his scrutinize and suggests they play reasonably card sport. They’ll throw their credit ranking playing cards on the ground, and the particular person whose card goes the shortest distance has to both pay and be deliveryman too.

Hee-won has frightful success; a gust of wind no doubt curves his card’s trajectory and charges him the game. The heart-broken man can barely think what’s occurring, but he heads off when Dong-il tells him to whisk. Jin-gu seems so anxious and he starts to slowly put collectively Hee-won sooner than Dong-il calls him encourage.

Dong-il ushers him into the dwelling and additionally they lay encourage with the dwelling windows birth and wait. As they kick encourage on the sofa, Dong-il presents one in every of their company a call. From the originate up, she calls him “dad” and we glance it’s none varied than one in every of his Resolution Me 1988 daughters, Hyeri.

They’re in mid-convo when Hee-won arrives and he’s clearly drained, but no longer too drained to shaggy dog fable spherical. I deal with their chemistry already. Astronomical hyung Dong-il is all complex fancy and jokes with Hee-won, whereas he’s all about spoiling Jin-gu. Hee-won looks to respect the identical humorousness as Dong-il and toddler Jin-gu looks to constantly be laughing, then wondering if it’s good enough to snicker at his sunbaes.

LOL, when Hee-won will get encourage, he tries to casually stroll into the dwelling and Dong-il jokingly presents him a annoying time sooner than letting him in. After ending his call with Hyeri, they call their 2d guest, Ra Mi-ran. Hee-won and Mi-ran seem shut as she calls him oppa, whereas Dong-il is sunbae.

Mi-ran jokes about no longer shiny relating to the present, and additionally they repeat her no longer to scramble since they’re aloof a pair of hours away. After they make the call, they hit the boulevard as soon as more and come in a single share. Factual in time too, as Hyeri is already at the camping/housing situation.

They’ve reasonably little bit of wretchedness connecting and though she manages to omit the literal dwelling rolling past her in the background, she spots them reasonably rapidly and heads over.

All people says howdy and Hyeri publicizes she has particular housewarming gifts but warns she’ll resolve them encourage if their reactions aren’t broad enough. They survey in the get and…it’s a bunch of board video games. Hee-won and Dong-il are loud in their fake appreciation, which makes up for Jin-gu’s hilariously frightful strive at faking pleasure.

They head out for a snappy present scramble and as they chat in the auto, Dong-il talks about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected him. It’s made him know the way precious folks are and what a precious thing it is miles in voice to meet up with those you care about.

Lower to Mi-ran, who’s wandering the streets on my own, attempting for them. Whoa, she’s called 21 instances but nobody picked up. She manages to win by to Hee-won, and asks the place they are. He laughs and says, “You might perchance perchance perchance presumably additionally’t look the dwelling that’s parked on the ocean hurry?” She finds it and makes her diagram internal has a lot of enjoyable turning on the gentle switches and poking spherical whereas she waits for the others to win encourage.

Dong-il is the predominant to greet her, and when she attempts to win a lifted hug, he drops her in shock telling her he has base knees. She presents Hyeri a broad hug too, perfect to literally push her away to reveal hi to Jin-gu lol. She seems thrilled to win a hug when she anticipated a handshake from him.

Whereas Mi-ran is giving them more housewarming gifts, Hee-won realizes that a horde of mosquitoes made their diagram internal and are concentrated by the “upstairs” sound asleep spaces. But there’s no time for difficulty and Mi-ran retains him busy with pre-dinner tasks. Aw, Dong-il’s knees in actuality must be base, he’s more or less dragging one leg reasonably as he helps situation up the desk and the grill.

Inner the dwelling, Jin-gu starts on gochujang jjigae, and we win a reel of him practicing his cooking abilities pre-day out. He’s studying below the tutelage of the Youtube and he seems deal with a correct cook dinner.

As Jin-gu sautees and chops, Hee-won peeks over to hunt recordsdata from if he’s working off a recipe (no). Jin-gu adds in broth and waits for the soup to boil. Except…nothing’s occurring. He panics and searches for a lid but comes up with nothing. He tries to mirror on his ft and asks Hee-won for his thought on his model of a lid–cheesecloth. You perceive it’s base when even the captions construct enjoyable of you.

Outside, Dong-il starts grilling (particular Korean beef from brindle cows that that are perfect accessible in two provinces in the nation). Jin-gu’s aloof with his jjigae and it seems deal with he’s attempting to will the soup sizzling enough to boil. Aw, when one reduce of meat is performed cooking, Dong-il feeds all people birth air whereas Hee-won hand-feeds Jin-gu in the kitchen.

Dong-il in the end manages to coax Jin-gu away from his soup, assuring him that it’ll cook dinner beautiful on its maintain with out him standing look for over it. With all people seated, they raise a pitcher and dig in.

The meat seems so correct; all people eats with such bask in and Dong-il does his perfect Salt Bae influence. (Fluctuate displays in actuality must win meals warnings, deal with parental advisory warnings.)

After an hour of leaving the jjigae to “boil” in the kitchen, Jin-gu in the end ends of bringing it birth air and heats it up on a conveyable gasoline differ. Jin-gu adds in the gochujang and some veggies and after letting it boil he presents it a model. His expression is unreadable and he correct form says that it wants reasonably more time. (Hee-won: “You might perchance perchance perchance’ve boiled a whole cow in the time it’s taking you to construct this jjigae.”)

In the privateness of the minute dwelling, Jin-gu tests Youtube as soon as more to survey the place he went inferior. He retains working on the soup, and by “working on,” I mean he adds what seems deal with every spice in the kitchen. He retains working to and fro, including in ingredients till Hee-won presents to abet settle what else it wants. His verdict correct form confuses Jin-gu: It’s candy.

In a roundabout way, Jin-gu doles out servings and there’s such anticipation and nervousness on his face as all people presents it a model. From the diagram all people takes a sip, then a beat to react suggests it doesn’t model all that incredible. After a stop, Dong-il says it tastes deal with Jin-gu outmoded every spice excluding for curry powder. Hee-won says, “There’s no crab on this but I will be able to model crab.”

The put up-dinner cleanup and tent setup goes smoothly till Mi-ran spots a water leak. Luckily it’s no longer predominant, and to allow them to trip some downtime. Selection of. Mi-ran is craving a drink so Jin-gu presents to construct espresso but says it might perchance perchance perchance perchance resolve a pair of hours to grind it. (Come as soon as more?)

Hyeri volunteers to resolve care of the drinks as an more than a few and heads to their automobile to steal Jin-gu’s barista presents. Whereas attempting for the espresso in Jin-gu’s get she finds a bunch of instantaneous espresso (Dong-il: “Right here’s what he became as soon as going to grind?”) and makes one other discovery.

She has base news for Jin-gu: his issues are all mysteriously wet. He thinks for a beat and realizes his homemade shikhye will need to respect leaked. Hye-ri asked why he brought along shikhye and he replies, “For dessert.” Oh you candy boy, but why didn’t you refrigerate it correct form away?! Aw, he even watched Youtube to construct it himself. When he grabs his get, he’s thrilled to survey there’s aloof enough left to relief.

Hye-ri takes a sip of her shikhye…perfect to sneak away to Mi-ran and seek recordsdata from if it’s gone base. Mi-ran presents it a sniff her drink and publicizes she’ll respect espresso as an more than a few. Jin-gu hears her and reflexively apologizes, but starts to esteem something’s amiss.

Hee-won tells Hyeri he tried the shikhye earlier and it’s beautiful to drink, it correct form tastes base. Jin-gu eavesdrops, as Hyeri presents Hee-won one other sip to examine up on and he says it no doubt tastes higher now that there’s ice in it. At that, Jin-gu rushes over to confiscate his precious shikhye, announcing he’ll drink it all. Hyeri presents him hers, and LOL he no doubt makes a face after tasting his maintain concoction.

Jin-gu seems defeated for a minute or so, then he calls out to Hee-won, “Sunbae, would you deal with me to construct you a caramel macchiato?” Hee-won correct form barely manages to win out a slither sooner than cracking up. Right here is turning accurate into a never-ending cooking difficulty that nobody wants Jin-gu to form (but I deal with it).

It seems deal with Jin-gu is doing all the pieces accurately, but I’m aloof nervous for him. He pulls a shot of espresso, foams milk, and drizzles caramel on top sooner than giving Hee-won the drink.

Jin-gu seems so anxious as Hee-won passes the macchiato spherical to Dong-il and Mi-ran to model. The judgement: it tastes watery and frail. Even including in additional espresso doesn’t alternate the model. But does Jin-gu stop? Nope. He decides to construct a cup of pour over espresso as an more than a few.

Luckily, this time the espresso tastes deal with moral espresso and Jin-gu seems so proud. I’m relieved, mostly due to I had visions of Jin-gu furiously whipping up meals into the wee hours till any individual enjoyed his cooking.

Hee-won says he realized loads nowadays, mostly that he’s lacking in a lot of areas and has loads to learn. He takes reasonably U-turn from being heartfelt to tease Jin-gu, “He saved attempting at stuff that clearly wasn’t working. His shik-hye went base, but he made it work with ardour. Why don’t I no doubt respect that keenness?”

Mi-ran says he can form that keenness and learn. Hee-won presents her a firm no. “I’m no longer going to learn anymore. I realized all the pieces I must know all already.” He presents all people one last snicker, “None of this matches me.”


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