Celebrity Beauty: Saturday Surfing, July 4th, 2020!

Celebrity Beauty: Saturday Surfing, July 4th, 2020!

Celebrity Beauty:

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Celebrity Beauty:

Howdy, friend! Upright morning and happy Celebrity Beauty: Independence Day to you! Sending predominant gracious vibes for a neatly-behaved, very gracious weekend. The fam and I are about to toddle off grid for a rapid tenting day out, and by “off the grid,” I mean that we’re going automobile tenting to Certain Lake about two hours north, and appropriate south of Mendocino Woodland. It’ll be appropriate the few of us, masks coming alongside too, unnecessary to dispute. Relaxing truth: at 2.5 million years inclined, Certain Lake is the oldest lake in North The United States.

Despite you’re doing this weekend, please preserve neatly-behaved, particularly should always you’re going to be on the road. A nurse friend once told me that her sufferers awaiting organ transplants, and their family members and caregivers, couldn’t help however imagine the probabilities through the Fourth of July weekend ensuing from the selection of deadly automobile accidents… That’s existence. So please watch out.

I undoubtedly feel viewed.

I will’t toddle for that.

You’re gorgeous.

Your advantageous neighborhood elegance addict,


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