Celebrity Culture: It’s Time to End ‘Baby Mama Culture’ – Just Ask Moneybagg Yo

Celebrity Culture: It’s Time to End ‘Baby Mama Culture’ – Just Ask Moneybagg Yo

Celebrity Culture:

  • When Moneybagg Yo proficient his female friend an opulent luxury car, Chyna Santana – the rapper’s “child mama” – earned herself some airtime by ranting about it on social media.
  • The media likes to take a look at at this form of drama.
  • It’s problematic, and it’s proof particular that “child mama tradition” must traipse.

Moneybagg Yo is in an awkward space. After making a public declaration of his fancy for his current female friend, Ari Fletcher, his “child mama” went on a social media rampage.

Celebrity Culture: Moneybagg Yo Didn’t Mark Up for This

His miniature hasten – gifting Ari a Lamborghini –  spot Chyna Santana off. In an expletive-filled rant, she insisted that she wasn’t “stressin’ over no h*e” when it’s particular she modified into once.

It’s the form of tabloid fodder the media likes to take a look at at. And it must cease.

Appropriate on myth of Moneybagg Yo is infamous, it doesn’t point out his child mamas ought to gathered be. In particular not fancy this. In particular not pondering how powerful is at stake in the broader Unlit Lives Matter moment.

Celebrity Culture: How the Media Treats ‘Toddler Mama Drama’

To be particular: no one is asserting you ought to gathered, or shouldn’t, bear a child out of wedlock. And indubitably, even getting married doesn’t drawl you’ll reside fortunately ever after.

And, let’s be good: This isn’t even about Moneybagg Yo. There are hundreds — hundreds — of white celebrities who bear their predominant portion of “child mama drama.” The media factual chooses to ignore it when it doesn’t fit their stereotypes.

America’s current president has five formative years by three a bunch of females. With out reference to this – not to illustrate all his bone-headed moves – extensive swaths of the media gathered depict him as a “worthy chief” and a a success businessman.

Tech-bro messiah Elon Musk has seven formative years by two a bunch of females and dated Amber Heard, of all other folks. That didn’t alternate the undeniable truth that after he stumbled on himself thrust in the center of the Depp-Heard court drama this week, his recognition came out unscathed.

Unlit celebrities fancy Moneybagg Yo incessantly aren’t so lucky. One mistaken hasten in the media, and to boot they’re eternally linked to their worst mistakes.

Celebrity Culture: In the Age of Unlit Lives Matter, This Nonsense Has Bought To Stop

With out reference to what number of millions the likes of Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, and Lil Wayne bear, they’re eternally reminded of the times they sang about “f**ok the police,” getting shot nine times, or having Four formative years by Four a bunch of females.

Racist stereotypes can bear lethal consequences. Discover about at how hasty politicians and speaking heads dawdle to bounce on the smallest of justifications to illustrate Unlit victims of police brutality one method or the opposite “deserved” what took speak to them. Demand the households of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd.

That’s why the problematic depiction of the loud, unfriendly-mouthed, bitter child mama must near to an cease. It’s a trope the media created and continues to perpetuate by incentivizing this habits. It’s time we cease letting the industry off the hook.

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