Celebrity Culture: U-God of The Wu-Tang Clan Offers His ‘Raw’ Take On Society And Culture Every Week In His New Podcast

Celebrity Culture: U-God of The Wu-Tang Clan Offers His ‘Raw’ Take On Society And Culture Every Week In His New Podcast

Celebrity Culture:

Celebrity Culture: Lamont ″U-God″ Hawkins headshot

Lamont “U-God” Hawkins

U-God Raw

“I promoted Wu-Tang reveals for years,” U-God’s supervisor Domingo steered me. “He saw the camaraderie between me and RZA and requested me if I’ve ever managed anyone. I steered him I managed about a people and he said let’s give it a are trying.”

U-God is idea of as one of the founding people of the very best crew of rappers of all time, the Wu-Tang Clan. However, he’s best on about a verses of their groundbreaking rap album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) attributable to a drug price on April 17, 1992. So whereas people of the crew admire RZA, GZA and Ol’ Dirty Bastard grew to turn into household names Lamont “U-God” Hawkins used to be serving time.

He’s been making up for misplaced time with five solo albums since 1999 and a 2018 bestselling guide he wrote about his life called Raw. Genuine no longer too prolonged ago, he started a podcast of the same name with his supervisor Domingo and producer/co-host, Meashel, the save they discuss about pop culture and the problems with the day whereas U-God presents his uncooked unfiltered retract on the complete lot.

“So manufacture I name you U-God or Lamont Hawkins?”, I requested him. “It is possible you’ll possibly well possibly objective name me Youee”, he said with fun.

“Would you ever allege your life sage on the podcast akin to you manufacture to your guide?,” I wished to know. “I’m no longer glorifying the unfavorable parts of my life,” U-God steered me. “If the kids can identify with my upbringing that’s icy, but I’m no longer the truth is setting out to fabricate that the tip of the spear you recognize?”

Thanks to the success of the guide, U-God used to be requested to manufacture pre-strive in opposition to blended martial arts commentary and he used to be so appropriate at it that Domingo realized that it used to be time to manufacture something else with that free flowing verbalize and so the postulate for a podcast used to be born. The 2 friends had the kind of natural chemistry collectively that it used to be resolute that Domingo also can objective easy co-host.

They setup a assembly with 29-year-ancient Meashel to produce and fabricate strategies for matters. The pair loved her verbalize and realized that it may well possibly well also be a appropriate recommendation to maintain a younger feminine verbalize in the note to be triumphant in a broader viewers. Most frequently she pushes abet in opposition to U-God’s older strategies. “In his technology people had been more closed off,” she tells me. ”However issues are entirely a lot of now than they had been 20-30 years ago and I the truth is must allege him what I reflect.”

Meashel says what she loves most about working with U-God is his skill to be vocal and assured in what he says and that he presents quite about a knowledge to anyone listening.

Collectively the trio banter about matters of the day admire the queer topic with Will and Jada Smith’s marriage, violence in hip-hop and psychological successfully being whereas they’re joined by company which to this level maintain incorporated Wu-Tang people Inspectah Deck and Ghostface Killah.

Attain you’ve a approved artist appropriate now growing?

I’m no longer into approved artists and all that stuff. Most frequently nice rappers will retract my consideration and get my blood boiling and inspire me to employ up my pen and write something funky. Closing week it used to be Meek Mill and this week it be Eminem. After I hear any individual verbalize some flyness that pushes me to wanna verbalize something fine too.

Celebrity Culture: U-God, Meashel, and Domingo in studio

U-God, Meashel, and Domingo in studio

U-God: Raw

Your supervisor Domingo is on your podcast and you said he’s been your supervisor for nearly as prolonged as you’ve known him so that you just guys will deserve to maintain hit it off.

Most frequently you acknowledge goodness can maintain to you see it. I ain’t no yes dude. Most frequently we argue with every a lot of till we get to an working out and rarely I’m admire I’ll give it a shot and if it doesn’t stick, that is portion of being a person and a minimum of I tried it.

How did Meashel reach into the podcast?

She used to be introduced in ensuing from she’s an engineer and we purchased along appropriate away. A lotta people purchased the inappropriate conception about me. I advise when they see my historical past they also can reflect (doing a verbalize) oh, he’s a rough guy, he also can punch me in my face. Yeah, given a nice topic, I’d punch you in the face. However for the most portion, can maintain to you’re a appropriate person, I’m a appropriate person too.

Attain rappers ever originate beef with every a lot of simply to sell data?

Yeah. It’s about being an consideration whore on this game of celeb as of late. Uncover Instagram followers and you purchased to maintain all this hoopla scoopla boola occurring. It’s gotten away from the artist being the artist. Now you gotta add shenanigans to your strong level.

I read that after your guide came out RZA used to be criticizing it. Have confidence you guys made up since then?

I ain’t terrified about Rza. Rza manufacture what he manufacture. I criticize his stuff too. Being a celeb you’re placing yourself obtainable for criticism and can maintain to it is possible you’ll possibly possibly’t retract it it is possible you’ll possibly possibly objective easy no longer must be in the public peep.

Speaking of criticism of celebrities, what manufacture you suspect about LeBron James’ decision to no longer wear the Dark Lives Topic logo on the abet of his jersey?

That is basketball man. Pause it, it is possible you’ll possibly possibly’t unpleasant the strains. He has kids of all races, sizes and colours that stare as a lot as him and he can’t individualize one crew of people. 

I don’t desire to stare it in my basketball ensuing from I desire my sports actions to be uplifting. I don’t desire to disrespect the circulation, but I don’t desire to be bombarded with it every step of the system.

What a lot of company can we quiz on the note? 

I don’t know but. Most frequently my left hand don’t know what my appropriate hand gonna manufacture.

 Attain you suspect you or the Wu-Tang Clan would retract into consideration doing a Zoom note appropriate now?

I’m too uncooked for a Zoom note. I gotta get hype. There’s no longer passable room in my house for me to wile out on a Zoom note.

Why also can objective easy people hear to your podcast?

I’m a give it to you uncooked. I ain’t gonna get too over the kill with it. I ain’t gonna get too loopy the save I’m disrespectful, but I’m gonna come up with my level of look.

Thanks for talking with me. Offer protection to your neck.


Contemporary episodes of U-God: Raw open every Wednesday.

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