Celebrity Dining: Tyga joins the chicken tenders market and launches Tyga Bites® with GrubHub

Celebrity Dining: Tyga joins the chicken tenders market and launches Tyga Bites® with GrubHub

Celebrity Dining:

Celebrity Dining:

Trot over Soulja Boy! Foster Farms, Tyson, Applegate Naturals, Feast, Trader Joe’s, Wingstop, and many others are shaking.Mature rapper Tyga is shifting his profession point of interest to entrepreneur and joining the extremely aggressive market of rooster tenders by launching: Tyga Bites® — a virtual eating notion that specializes in bite-sized baked rooster nuggets.

Tyga’s online menu offers rooster bites with three diversified spice dusts — “all curated by Tyga” — including black garlic, lemon black pepper and peri-peri, a aggregate of tangy, candy and provocative, the press open famed.

The boneless bites will even be served with the option of 12 diversified dips, bite-sized chocolate chip cookies, traditional or candy potato Tyga Toddlers®, and loads of other beverage alternatives.

“I desired to ensure that the total menu, flavors, and even the packaging became on point,” Tyga acknowledged within the smartly-behaved press open. “The bites are baked correct apt; bewitch a dip then mediate a sip! I even threw in some chocolate chip cookies for dessert.” How thoughtful.

Kylie Jenner’s damaged-down groomer boyfriend partnered with restauranteur Robert Earl and superstar chef Eric Greenspan to own the “antibiotic-free, oven-baked, boneless rooster bites,” which is in a field to finest be readily available by way of GrubHub.

Tyga Bites® are actually readily available in extra than 30 predominant markets all the way by way of the US, including New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, and extra with extra areas anticipated soon. GrubHub is offering free offer on orders of $15 or extra for the length of August to novel and fresh customers.

That it’s most likely you’ll relate your Tyga Bites® apt here!

Or ya know, don’t.


Celebrity Dining:

Celebrity Dining:

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