Celebrity Beauty: James Charles Came For “The Hills” Lauren Conrad Over A Faulty PR Package

Celebrity Beauty: James Charles Came For “The Hills” Lauren Conrad Over A Faulty PR Package

Celebrity Beauty:

Beauty YouTuber James Charles picked one other fight with a celeb coming into the make-up-selling universe. Previously, he shit on Sans Fards Priestess, Alicia Keys, who’s releasing a beauty stamp. James took arena with the truth that Alicia doesn’t essentially wear construct-up but used to be inserting out a beauty line. He apologized after learning that Alicia is selling skincare and now not make-up. But now he’s grew to became his ire to Lauren Conrad, the Queen of the Fundamentals who used to be in The Hills and Laguna Shoreline. LC is releasing a beauty stamp and sent some of her stuff to James Charles. However the PR equipment James bought used to be evil! Sacrebleu! How dare she! Don’t difficulty, they talked and labored it all out and the entirety is factual now. I mean, we’ll for obvious obtain a forty-minute video with a non-story about all of the drama but that used to be unavoidable.

James ripped into Lauren online after getting the PR equipment for her upcoming sequence, Lauren Conrad Beauty. It’s a “ravishing” beauty sequence which to this point has a liquid highlighter, liquid eyeliner, lip gloss, and lip and cheek tint.

So some tinted-chapstick and eyeliner? Frosty. James hated what he bought and ripped Lauren with out asserting the title of the stamp, however the packaging gave it away:

“So I’ve already been having a terribly atypical day. Likely in some unspecified time in the future I’ll grunt you guys about it, but honestly potentially now not because I potentially can’t. But I’ve factual been sitting right here thinking, “Wow, can this essentially obtain any weirder, or any worse?” and it factual did. I factual opened a PR equipment from a original make-up stamp from anyone who has no commerce having a make-up stamp and I factual wished to illustrate you guys these carry out of products, ample? This is the liquid highlighter that I factual unfolded, be conscious anything else atypical about it? There’s no highlighter in there, nor is there a cap and it’s now not even sealed. Worship I essentially factual bought this portion of plastic in a PR field… This is the eyeliner that I purchased, be conscious the tip is white? That’s because there’s never a ink within the actual eyeliner pen. Worship stop making make-up producers.”

James Charles goes off on construct up stamp by anyone who, based on James, “has no commerce having a make-up stamp”. James presentations their products and talks about the arrangement in which it’s inadequate. He later posted asserting he calmed down. What are your thoughts? pic.twitter.com/bzOO8eTWXA

— Def Noodles (@defnoodles) August 20, 2020

Oh my god, your life used to be grew to became upside-down because to gain free shit that sucked? Wow, can anyone ignore those migrant early life restful separated on the border: James Charles bought a noxious PR equipment.

Lauren bought on social media to show what took build of dwelling after James’ ranting made the rounds. It sounds as if, she factual stuffed a check PR field with prototypes and sent it out by mistake.

“For those asking referring to the empty substances sent to James… let me grunt you a relaxing story… The girl who put together the gifts (it used to be me) made up our minds to absorb a make-up gain tubby of empty samples to construct particular that the entirety would match inner. When beauty products arrived and it used to be time to absorb the total make-up baggage she (again, me) by likelihood integrated the gain tubby of empties with the others and it used to be sent out. She’s going to most certainly be let walk accurate now.”

But don’t difficulty, James calmed down, they spoke and now they’re factual:

“Wished to jot down an apology to @LaurenConrad for my reviews earlier. I’ve been on the verge of tears all day long from a ton of issues going detrimental and opening her PR equipment used to be the icing on the cake of wierd issues going down this day… My reviews talking referring to the products were supposed to be funny but they factual got right here across as harmful because I was so upset, now not with her, but with assorted issues that took build of dwelling this day… Lauren and I spoke privately referring to the misconception and are both factual.”

Celebrity Beauty:

Completely happy these two may perchance perchance construct up, but Lauren essentially wants to be called out for this shit. I’ve seen The Hills and I do know Lauren doesn’t enjoy a clue about factual eyeliner:

How can you belief her to promote you that same product?! No ma’am!

Pic: Wenn.com

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