6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

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Disappointed passengers are clearly suffering from extremely itchy feet, as evidenced by the fact that the £38,000 round-the-world cruise sold out in just one day.

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

The 180-day voyage offered by Oceania Cruises on the Insignia ship will set sail in 2023, visiting 96 destinations in 33 countries on four continents.

World’s First Three Year Cruise Announced

According to the company, each of the 684 available moorings closed within a few hours; some guests even chose to pay more for an extended 218-day cruise.

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

The ship leaves San Francisco, California, on January 15, 2023, returning six months later on July 13.

Meanwhile, it will dock in Central and South America, Antarctica, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

Facts About Royal Caribbean’s New Icon Of The Seas

Guests will enjoy a 20-night stay in ports, visit 60 Unesco World Heritage sites, and have the opportunity to experience excursions such as a Bedouin dinner in the Arabian desert and a Burmese monk ceremony in Myanmar.

The ship itself received a £25 million upgrade a few years ago and features four restaurants and eight lounges. Approximately 70% of the cabins also have a balcony.

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

For passengers who choose to extend their trip by 38 days, the trip will start in Miami on December 22 and end in New York instead of California.

Around The World Cruises

“The response to our epic journey around the world clearly demonstrates the enthusiasm seasoned travelers have for immersive and unforgettable travel experiences,” said Bob Binder, president of Oceania Cruises.

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

“Despite the challenges facing the world today, travelers are clearly optimistic about the future and are embracing these new opportunities to travel the world and create lifelong memories.”

He added that the cruise attracts both repeat customers and first-time customers, with a third of bookings coming from people who have never sailed to Oceania before.

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

Royal Caribbean Spectrum Of The Seas Singapore Cruise Requirements & Check In Process

“The rapid onboarding of our ever-loyal guests and new first-time guests underscores the tremendous pent-up demand for destination-focused immersive cruises and the strong appeal of our acclaimed small ship experience, which offers the best cuisine at sea and an unparalleled reputation,” says Binder. “We are served by our warm and welcoming staff.” said.

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6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

To be automatically logged in, please refresh the page or go to another page on the site. Please refresh your browser to log in. This 140-day cruise will visit 37 countries on 6 continents. all-inclusive cruises start at $81,900.

Inside The World’s Biggest Cruise Ship — Coming In January

Undoubtedly, the demand for extra-long journeys has never been higher. In recent months, American Cruise Lines announced a 60-day river cruise covering 20 US states; Seabourn announced a 90-day cruise around Africa and visited 26 countries, and Life at Sea Cruises launched a three-year cruise. He visits 135 countries. countries.

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

Not to be outdone, Silversea Cruises recently announced a new world cruise called “Curious and the Sea.” During the 140-day journey, guests will visit 70 ports in 37 countries.

Sailings are scheduled to begin in Fort Lauderdale on January 6, 2026. It will sail to Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama before passing the Panama Canal and turning left towards Ecuador and Peru. Then there are the Pacific Islands like Easter Island, French Polynesia and Fiji. Then, after a few days in New Zealand, the ships will head to Australia for a month, visiting cities on the continent’s south and west coasts. From here it reaches Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. After spending several days in Oman, Egypt, Jordan and Israel (and passing through the Suez Canal), the ship departs for the Mediterranean before its voyage ends in Lisbon, Portugal, on May 27.

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

Around The World Cruises For The Trip Of A Lifetime

During the cruise, passengers will have the opportunity to experience numerous cultural activities, such as visiting the pyramids of Egypt and temples of Greece and witnessing dancers from various islands of Vanuatu. They will also be able to sail down the Kerala River in India on a traditional houseboat.

Silversea guests will also have the option to join three shore excursions during the cruise. One of these involves experiencing the Silk Road in Uzbekistan, where travelers can explore the markets of Tashkent and the UNESCO-listed historical center of Bukhara (skipping off a day in Mumbai, a day in Oman and seven days at sea). Two other shorter options (four and six days, respectively) offer deeper dives in Luxor, Egypt (skipping Jordan) and Belgrade, Serbia (skipping Croatia).

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

The journey will take place on the Silver Dawn, which has a capacity of 596 passengers. All rooms are suite style; the smallest is the 334-square-foot Panorama Suite, which includes a queen bed, desk, sitting area, walk-in closet, and bathroom with shower and tub. The 1,389-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bathroom owner’s suite is the largest room. It features king-size beds, a living area with a 55-inch TV and Bose sound system, a separate dining area, and a porch. Silver Dawn features eight dining concepts (ranging from a pizzeria to a formal French restaurant), five bars and lounges, a theatre, a pool and jacuzzi, a library, a casino, a spa and S.A.L.T. There are. Laboratory where guests can take cooking lessons from onboard chefs.

Best Around The World Cruises To Book In 2023

Prices start at $81,900 and include international business class flights, airport transfers, hotels (before and after the visit and during overnight shore excursions), all food and beverage (including alcoholic beverages), butler service and shore excursions. .

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

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That’s why we thoroughly researched this seemingly impossible travel request and then planned a world tour with a mix of luxury and adventure. We finally managed to arrange a cheap world tour for only $60 per person per day, all inclusive.

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

What’s A World Cruise? How Much Does It Cost? Is It Worth It?

We are now here to show you how you can enjoy an affordable world trip while explaining in detail what this wonderful journey is like.

During six years of non-stop travel in 100 countries around the world, we’ve worked hard to uncover some of the world’s best travel values ​​while maximizing our travel budget.

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

We’ve already shown how affordable seemingly extravagant travel experiences can be. For example, we showed you how to visit the Galapagos on a budget, go on an African safari for $50 a day, and even go on a luxury trip to Egypt on a budget.

The Ultimate World Cruise

However, we’ve set ourselves the biggest budget travel challenge we’ve ever faced: trying to do a cheap world tour.

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

World cruises in general are really expensive. But it’s a common misconception that such extensive excursions are out of reach for budget-conscious travelers.

With careful planning and smart strategies, it’s entirely possible to experience the magic of world travel without breaking the bank. There are several ways to make world travel more accessible. This guide will serve as your roadmap for low-cost world travel, bringing your budget-friendly world travel dream closer to reality. So, buckle up and get ready to explore the world on a limited budget.

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

What It’s Really Like To Go On A Round The World Cruise

However, a world tour can easily exceed $200,000 for a major multi-month trip around the world. Take this Regent World Cruise for example. Leaving Miami in January 2025, this 5.5-month round-the-world luxury cruise looks incredible. And it has an incredible price to match. This world tour is currently “on sale” for $209,998.00 for two people. Wow! This is not a cheap world trip.

The price for this Regent world cruise is $1,249.99 per day, or about $37,500 per month for the world cruise. Moreover, these high prices do not even include additional costs such as many excursions and other add-on costs. All in all, this six-month trip will probably exceed a quarter of a million dollars. In other words, this Regent World Cruise is prohibitively expensive and out of reach for most of us.

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

Although the cost of this world cruise may seem like a harsh reality, there are actually cheaper world cruises. Cheap world cruises can be found for just over $10,000 per person for base fare. But taxes, port fees, and tips need to be added to get the true price of any world cruise.

How Much It Costs To Live On A Cruise Ship For A Year

Realistically, a couple should plan on a minimum budget of $30,000 for the cheapest world tour possible. However, a budget of $50,000-100,000 (per pair) is a more realistic price range that will allow for a decent price.

6 Month Cruise Around The World Cost

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