Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood – During the 1920s, Los Angeles was booming. Ornate high-rises rose all over the city and became the center of the low culture world, while Hollywood films and their stars were exported around the world.

It was the perfect storm of developers wanting to create and credit users and philosophers looking for a means to rest their tired, modern bones in an elegant setting.

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

Combining the frustration of East Coast metropolitan structures with the unique Revival and Art Deco styles of Southern California, the architects designed sophisticated apartment buildings perfect for oil tycoons, gangsters or movie stars on the go.

Hollywood La Luxury Apartments For Rent

But these apartments did not appear overnight, and many opened precariously close to the stock market crash of 1929, curtailing their aristocratic preeminence. Today, you can still live in some of these modern wonders, where every day is a spectacle of black and white photographs.

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

The Gaylord Apartments (named after Gaylord Wilshire, the pioneering namesake of Wilshire Boulevard) were among the first “own” apartment/co-op buildings in Los Angeles. The building was home to many celebrities and socialites who were drawn to the Gaylord’s luxurious accommodations and prime location – right across the street from the magnificent Ambassador Hotel.

The building opened in Los Angeles on April 9, 1924. The $2 million building was designed by Walker and Eisen, while the interior public spaces were designed by Oscar B. Bach, known for his work on the Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Center.

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

Hollywood Apartments For Rent

Today, Gaylord is still a close-knit community: 28 percent of residents have lived here for 10 years or more. Because of this, openings are rare, but a single is available for $1,650 and a one-bedroom is available online for $2,100. But don’t worry, you can always enjoy some of Gaylord’s fantastic atmosphere in the legendary building. bar, HMS Bounty.

This charming 1929 Spanish-Colonial Revival hillside 25-unit building was designed by architect Frank Webster. According to the Los Angeles Times, this Hollywood building has Hollywood roots—it was built for the cast and crew members who worked for legendary director Cecil B. DeMille.

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

Legend has it that many stars have lived in Vil Bonita over the years, including opera star Ethelind Terry, Errol Flynn and Francis Ford Coppo. Units are available from time to time.

Luxury Hollywood, Ca Apartments

Designed by architect Max Maltzman, this Art Deco Mediterranean apartment building on California Avenue in Santa Monica opened in 1929. Its design paid particular homage to Southern California’s outdoor-indoor living ethic, with a fountain covered in colorful tiles of the sunset and the sea, and stylized leaf motifs throughout the building.

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

Although the building was severely damaged in the 1994 Northridge earthquake, it survives as a prime example of California Art Deco. Units are often available. Studios start at $2,395, while one-bedrooms average around $2,975 per month.

Opened in 1929, this New York Spanish-French Revival-style apartment tower was designed by renowned architect William Dougs Lee (a longtime associate of developer Florence Casler).

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

Hacienda Arms Apartments

When the El Royale opened at 450 North Rossmore, it became a hub of aristocracy—home to Loretta Young, William Faulkner, Clark Gable and actor/mobster George Raft. It was home to legendary TV personality Huell Howser, who loved the building’s rich history and magnificent architecture.

It continues to be a popular residence for Hollywood stars – Cameron Diaz, Judd Apatow, Ellen Page and Katie Holmes all lived here for a time. Rentals are available but expensive, with a studio going for about $3,100 and a two-bedroom for $6,950 a month.

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

Nothing says old Hollywood swag like a building named after a movie star! In 1924, this magnificent brick tower was built at Wilshire and Bernardo avenues. While under construction, it was purchased by early studio executive Joseph Schenck and his wife, silent film star Norma Talmadge.

Central Los Angeles Hollywood Homes, Los Angeles

Schenck and Norma, the most famous of the glittering Talmadge sisters, soon moved into an apartment on the 10th floor. When the building was officially opened in July 1924,

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

Reported: “The new Talmadge Apartments… officially opened yesterday with a party and reception. Visitors were present from San Francisco, Pasadena, San Diego and Santa Barbara.”

The guests were the owners and tenants of the apartments, including enlightened people like Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lawrence Doheny. There are currently no units available for rent.

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

Viking Capital Acquires Hollywood Hudson Apartments For Hotel Conversion

No architect was more responsible for the iconic apartments of Hollywood’s Golden Age than architect Led Bryant, whose structures include the iconic Sunset Tower. Located in the Mid-Wilshire area, Revival France-Norman St. Germaine, which opened in 1929, is a perfect example of Bryant’s iconic style.

Bryant “worked in all styles, but he tended to work more in French villas,” Adrian Scott Fine, director of advocacy for the Los Angeles Conservancy, told Variety. “It was all about creating a kind of exotic fantasy with architecture, which fits well with the Hollywood scene.”

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this 1929 Franco-Norman tower at 6200 Franklin Avenue, just off the Hollywood Freeway, is a legendary icon of the Gilded Age.

Park La Brea With Hollywood Hills In The Background. Palazzo East Apartment Complex. View Seen From 390 Hauser Blvd, La Brea, Los Angeles, Ca, Usa Stock Photo

Originally known as the Belle Tour, it was designed by the architectural firm Cramer and Wise. “It’s been a huge landmark since it was built,” Hollywood historian Marc Wannamaker told the Los Angeles Times.

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

It has long been claimed that the building was the inspiration for Disneynd’s Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Units are currently available. Studios start at $2,650, one-bedrooms from $2,980 and two-bedrooms from $4,375.

Originally built as a luxury hotel, this ornate Art Deco tower opened in 1929. Los Feliz was home to silent film stars and early film impresarios, so such a luxury hotel was a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

Uncommon Developers Expands Apartment Plan In Hollywood

In the 1950s the mansion was converted into an apartment building. It has been meticulously maintained, with 10 foot ceilings, original tiles and mahogany doors. Using photographs from 1929, the palace management is constantly renovating the building – completing the restoration of the corridors and working on an ongoing renovation of the lobby. There are no vacancies at this time.

When it opened in 1926, the downtown subway terminal building signified that Los Angeles was a great metropolis. It was designed by Leonard Schultze, the architect of New York’s Central Station.

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

The underground terminus for the first fictional subway line also had space for around 600 offices above ground.

Los Angeles Apartment Central

As part of DT’s ongoing development, the Metro Terminal building has been transformed into Metro 417, a ’boutique rental residence’. The building currently has multiple openings with studios starting at about $1,775, one-bedrooms at $1,950 and two-bedrooms from $2,980.

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

Built in 1928, Casa Guna was designed by the charming Arthur and Nina Zwebell. Hailing from the Midwest, the self-taught Zwebells specialized in patio ensembles such as El Cabrillo, Andalusia and Casa guna.

On Franklin Avenue in Los Feliz, the Andalusian-style Casa Guna features beautiful tile work, high beamed ceilings and patio doors. Sometimes units are available, with one bedrooms ranging from $2,495 to $3,500.

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

Best Apartments In West Hollywood, Ca (with Reviews)

This Beaux Arts tower was built by Olive Philips in the 1920s in the then upscale Westke neighborhood. Philips was head of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and a dedicated voice in the prohibition movement in Los Angeles.

Philips originally named the 12-story building “The Arcady” and published advertisements boasting that all work in the building would be “supervised by a fully trained crew of maids, butlers, housekeepers, pages, butlers, hairdressers and porters . . .

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

The building has recently been renovated and now has units for rent. Bachelors start at $1,595 and one bedrooms start at $2,190.

Grubb Properties Eyes 70 Apartments In East Hollywood

Built in 1934, this 10-unit Streamline Moderne complex in Hancock Park was commissioned by Jack and Flo Haley. It was designed by architect Milton J. Bck. Jack-an actor known as the Tin Man in

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

The penthouse contained two formal dining rooms and a ballroom. It was so luxurious that in 1960 it was occupied for four days by John F. Kennedy while he attended the Democratic National Convention (where he was nominated for president).

Today, the units are rarely rented. In 2016, a one-bedroom cost $2,500 a month.

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

Luxury Apartments For Rent In West Hollywood, Ca

1934 was a busy year for architect Milton J. Bck. It was the year he designed both the Mauretania and this French Art Deco building in Richmond Vilge, which gives the appearance of a small cucumber castle. Hollywood Tower’s newly renovated historic apartments and French Norman architectural details attract those who love glamour. romance, mystery and exquisite craftsmanship.

Stepping through a glittering gate that once welcomed Monroe, Bogart and Chaplin, you’ll discover the renaissance of timeless Hollywood style. The charming lobby and intimate corridors have been tastefully renovated to highlight the vintage character of the building in an elegant and respectful way. Inside our Hollywood, CA apartments, fine vintage details combine with exquisite contemporary fixtures and fittings to offer charming historic townhouses for those who desire a taste of the old Hollywood lifestyle. The top of the building features three massive rooftop outdoor patios that offer stunning panoramic views of the Hollywood Hills, DTLA,

Apartments In Los Angeles Hollywood

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