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Ask A Lawyer Free Advice – This article was written by Ushika Banerjee, a graduate student at Amit Law School, Kolkata. This is an article related to the best websites that can provide free legal advice on demand.

Traditionally, legal advice has always been associated with a conversation between a lawyer and a client in his room. Generally, when there is a scenario of providing legal advice, it will always be that both the lawyer and his or her client are physically present for each other. But as the world is rapidly changing and the introduction of digitization has set everything on the path of growth and development, so is the case of legal advice. Technology has helped people to get in touch with a lawyer that he or she wants in seconds through a website or to feel the touch that has really helped and is helping people all over the world. Therefore life has become simple and easy. When a person is sitting at home with a legal counsel brought without physically searching his mind, nothing can be better than that. Another step forward is that many websites that offer legal advice do so at no charge or fees.

Ask A Lawyer Free Advice

Ask A Lawyer Free Advice

Therefore, free legal advice is a good step brought by technological advancement and digitization to connect the whole world. But with digitization comes many obstacles. Privacy is a major concern in this world as everything is visible within seconds on a public platform. Similarly, when a person seeks legal advice with the help of a website, the website itself receives a lot of personal information that it can use in any other context without individual notification. Cyber ​​crimes especially cyber hacking has become a major concern for people these days. Therefore it is always the responsibility of the customer to know what and where they are ordering. While the other side of the coin is that websites should be something people can rely on to share their information to provide the advice they are looking for.

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Therefore the following criteria should be followed and agreed to be preferred to request a free legal advice website:

Ask A Lawyer Free Advice

Keeping these three parameters in mind, let’s see which are the best websites that offer free legal advice to their customers. A list of top ranked websites for providing free legal advice based on these parameters is provided below.

There are many websites that offer free legal advice. The free word attracts people to websites which in turn can harm the person as mentioned earlier. A list of suitable websites for legal advice is provided here:

Ask A Lawyer Free Advice

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Avvo is a popular online platform that offers free legal services to its users. The unique process Avvo relies on is content marketing, which is a simple way to provide a free solution to any legal issue. This really attracts customers and that’s why this website is known as compared to other websites that provide free legal advice. Avvo offers its users the initial value of the service for free so that customers can access free legal advice when they have enough money.

The American Bar Association honored Avvo in 2015 for its unique style of service delivery. In addition to providing free legal services, Avvo also organizes campaigns, webinars to increase public awareness of access to free legal advice. So that steps can be taken to achieve it. A well-designed website, Avvo provides various information including location, lawyer reviews, practice records that make it easy and simple for users to contact a lawyer according to their needs and desires. They are basically database processing information and focus on customer satisfaction as well. Avvo connects its users with attorneys through a 15-minute phone call that may include a fee charged by the attorney. This is sometimes a negative element of going to a free legal advice website that many users don’t like or appreciate. But a website that is holistic in nature and provides essential and standardized information is what people usually look for from a website that offers legal advice. Hence, Avvo is one of the most used and trusted websites that provide hassle-free legal advice to its users.

Ask A Lawyer Free Advice

Quora is a connecting platform to stay in touch with all kinds of advice and questions answered from various fields. Experts and professionals provide answers and solutions to questions asked or asked. Quora is absolutely free to access and connect. The advice provided is standard and helpful as per the reviews that Quora has received over the years. Quora is a platform that provides opportunities for consultants and professionals to share knowledge and gain knowledge from users or customers in need. It may also provide information about others who can provide free legal assistance. One problem that comes with Quora is that the time period between posting a question and receiving an answer or advice cannot be measured. Frequently posted questions or problems fail to find a solution or advice. This is the negative element associated with this website.

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A website that believes in providing accurate information, is comprised of experts in the fields of Intellectual Property, Property Disputes, Family Matters, Corporate Law, Criminal Matters. Thus different areas are covered under this website to reach more customers all over the world. Logging into helps the customer to get in touch with an expert lawyer who can actually provide advice that proves to be beneficial in nature. As reported by The Times of India, has received more than 1 lakh legal cases handled by more than 50,000 lawyers worldwide. During an interview with the founder of this website, Rohan Mahajan, who is a lawyer himself, explained that the entire judicial process in a country like India is slow and less organized. Such a system calls for a digitized platform that can handle and manage multiple cases that provide a faster way to prevent injustice. Apart from this, through this website, free legal aid is also provided, especially to women victims of violent crimes. Hence, starting a proven success story with the fundamental objective of providing justice to the common citizen, is one of the well-known, best websites offering legal advice.

Ask A Lawyer Free Advice

A similar website to Quora is Reddit. It is a website that works anonymously which in simple words means providing services individually or one to one. It also helps maintain privacy. Thus being a safe platform to be exact, Reddit works to provide many services to the customers including legal advice in a simple and easy way.

Rocket Lawyer is better at providing information than direct legal advice and the information provided is free. Sometimes in legal advice, the need for information is more important than advice so for such cases, websites like Rocket Lawyer are useful for clients.

Ask A Lawyer Free Advice

Lawyers In The Library

A website can be classified as the best based on the service they provide and the efficiency with which it works. So the websites provided above are selected based on their quality of work and service delivery method. The list of websites that offer free legal services is endless due to technological advancement and less time on people’s hands. To be the best, the websites must also be the best in providing services to the customers.

Many people are confused whether to get a virtual consultation or a physical consultation in the presence of both the client and the lawyer. But in practice, legal aid advice websites are more advanced than traditional legal advice. Below are some ways that free websites are better than physically contacting a lawyer for advice:

Ask A Lawyer Free Advice

Although websites provide a much better service for a lawyer than a physical approach, we must not forget the side effects associated with it. Traditionally, clients themselves have approached their lawyers and lawyers have helped them get justice. Although technology has advanced a lot, every new thing has its drawbacks.

Oklahoma Bar Association Hosts Ask A Lawyer To Give Free Legal Advice

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