Average Florida Temperature In March

Average Florida Temperature In March – It’s officially the start of spring, and people are itching to enjoy the warmer weather and sunshine. Florida offers visitors miles of beaches, and cities across the state are filled with a variety of attractions and events.

There’s a lot to choose from in Florida, so it’s easy to avoid the crowds if you prefer, or be the life of the party if you’re celebrating spring break.

Average Florida Temperature In March

Average Florida Temperature In March

Although not many, there are some downsides to March. That’s why we’re bringing you every essential tip written by locals for an unforgettable trip to Florida in March.

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Florida has perfect spring weather; Sunny skies, little rain, low humidity and crisp air. This time of the year gives visitors a good glimpse of summer without the unbearable high heat and humidity levels of the upcoming season.

Average Florida Temperature In March

In Florida, the average high temperature in March ranges from 70°F to 79°F (21-26°C) and the average low temperature ranges from 56°F to 70°F (13-21°C). It is a dry season with pleasant weather. Expect lots of sunshine, but be prepared for windy days as well. Precipitation is low with a monthly average of 2.5 inches.

With mostly sunny and pleasant periods but sometimes very windy and foggy days, this month can be quite dramatic when it comes to weather changes.

Average Florida Temperature In March

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Temperature does not vary much from region to region. However, the further south you travel in Florida, the warmer the temperatures will be, especially noticeable during the night and morning hours.

Average low temperatures in March vary greatly across the state, with the lowest temperatures in Daytona Beach (56°F / 13°C) and Key West (70°F / 21°F).

Average Florida Temperature In March

March is one of the driest months of the year and is in the middle of the dry season. Expect little rain during this month. Florida is known for its unpredictable weather, as precipitation is not uncommon, and it can rain from time to time.

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Wind: March is one of the windiest months of the year as it is one of the driest months. Florida experiences high and frequent winds during this month. This keeps the humidity levels from feeling too high and provides perfect conditions for an afternoon of fun with kitesurfers, a popular sport in the Tampa Bay area.

Average Florida Temperature In March

Florida’s humidity is consistently high. However, don’t worry about humidity in March.

Florida’s humidity is high in March, but high winds make them less noticeable. Average relative humidity ranges from 60-78% and is higher in southern and western parts and in the morning.

Average Florida Temperature In March

March 2018 National Climate Report

March brings drastic or unexpected changes in weather. Expect fog, wind, sun and even some clouds.

Water temperatures in most of Florida in March are too cold to swim without a wetsuit. However, the sea temperature in the south is already pleasant enough. Beaches in Key West and Miami have the warmest waters in the state with an average temperature of 75°F.

Average Florida Temperature In March

The water at Treasure Beach has a warm water temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Water temperatures in the rest of the state are generally in the 64-68 range. Remember, the Panhandle, like the North Atlantic, generally has cool temperatures year-round.

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March is the best time to visit Florida. It offers lots of sunshine, little rain, low humidity and cool air. The weather is generally better during this month without the unbearable heat and humidity of the upcoming summer season.

Average Florida Temperature In March

The only downside is that it’s still crowded due to spring break and snowbirds. More on that later.

Florida has dreamy weather year-round and is the only state that is subtropical year-round. You don’t need your winter jacket, you can leave your boots at home. Spring and summer clothes are what you need this month.

Average Florida Temperature In March

Water Temperature Of The Gulf Of Mexico

March in Florida is very cold in the mornings and evenings and windy throughout the day. Bring a light jacket or sweater that you can wear when it’s cold. However, shorts and T-shirts are often appropriate. Wear clothes that are easy to layer.

Comfortable shoes: Comfortable shoes are essential wherever you go. Don’t underestimate the walking you do. Especially when going to Orlando and going to Disney World or Universal. Without comfortable walking shoes, you could end up with blisters and sore feet at the end of the day. Do not wear flip-flops when visiting a theme park.

Average Florida Temperature In March

Sandals: In addition to comfortable shoes, sandals with support are a good idea. They are essential when visiting the many water rides in the parks.

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Light Raincoat: Rain is rare in March, but it is still possible. You can bring a light raincoat as a precaution.

Average Florida Temperature In March

Restaurant Tip: When staying in Florida, we always carry an all-day sweater or light jacket for dining at indoor restaurants. Air conditioners are on full blast as the outside temperature is mainly hot. This is a great tip to keep in mind if you catch colds easily.

Medicines: We recommend bringing some headache medicine when traveling in Florida. The Florida heat is no joke, and if you’re not used to hot weather, it can really put a damper on your vacation.

Average Florida Temperature In March

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Universal’s Aventura Hotel (booking.com prices and reviews). Our tip when visiting Universal Studios. Read our global tips in ‘Things to do and places to see’ below.

Many activities charge more in March, and tourists may see prices rise along with accommodation. Prices vary depending on where you travel. Cities that attract spring breakers and snowbirds have higher prices.

Average Florida Temperature In March

Depending on your preference and budget, you can find accommodations starting at $45 per night. Airbnb averages $217 per night, hotels average $50 per night, and entire home vacation rentals range from $650 per night.

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March is Florida’s busiest month outside of summer. Many locals dislike March, especially in busy cities that attract spring breakers. Expect heavy spring break crowds, especially in the Panhandle, along the North Atlantic Coast and in South Miami.

Average Florida Temperature In March

Snowbirds are still in Florida this month, so areas like St. Pete, Clearwater, and Fort Myers are still crowded.

St. Patrick’s Day: Various festivals and events will be held across the state to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th of this month. Expect more crowds this weekend.

Average Florida Temperature In March

Florida Keys Climate Data

Spring Break: Spring Breakers spend their week at the beach and theme parks. Schools have different spring break schedules, so the entire month is filled with visitors.

Beach Crowds: Always remember, this is Florida, so the beaches are always relatively crowded. Florida is mostly surrounded by beaches. There are dozens of options for travelers looking to relax, explore and party.

Average Florida Temperature In March

Visiting Florida isn’t just about visiting Orlando (Disney, Universal, SeaWorld) and beaches across the state. Beaches and theme parks aren’t the only way to have fun in Florida in March. There are countless options to soak up the sun in nature and outdoors this month.

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Whether you’re celebrating spring break, relaxing at a festival, relaxing on the beach, hiking or camping: Florida has something for everyone to enjoy this time of year.

Average Florida Temperature In March

Florida’s coast is a year-round vacation destination due to its beautiful beaches. March attracts many visitors due to spring break and they are drawn to the beach. However, not every beach is popular with spring breakers, and the beach options are endless in the sun.

The Florida Keys are one of our personal favorites this year. It also has some of the best snorkeling and diving spots in the country!

Average Florida Temperature In March

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Anna Maria Island and Culture Beach have a more relaxed atmosphere and less crowds. Expect high winds, cool water temperatures of 66 degrees Fahrenheit and beautiful beaches.

Panama City on the Panhandle (Destin, Panama City) has one of the busiest beaches in the entire state. Expect a large crowd of young people, free concerts and an interesting nightlife.

Average Florida Temperature In March

Miami Beach/South Beach is always very busy during this month due to its popularity, warm water and spring break. The water here averages 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Jacksonville and the Space Coast were the original ‘spring break’ destinations. Both up and down the North Atlantic coast are popular hot spots for young tourists, with cool water temperatures ranging from 60-66 degrees Fahrenheit.

Average Florida Temperature In March

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