Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now

Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now – Tubi kicks off 2023 with some horror additions to its library, along with more original thrillers and true crime docs. Let’s start with the originals:

(January 6) – When Kate’s husband is murdered, she is naturally considered a suspect by law enforcement. After all, she is the creator of the wildly popular vlog called The Good Woman’s Guide to Murder. Now he uses his experience to solve murders so he doesn’t go to jail.

Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now

Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now

(January 18) – While I hardly think sensationalist TMZ is an expert at telling the truth, they promise to expose “the lie that led to the biggest story in Hollywood history.” Among the stories discussed are the promotion of Kim Kardashian and the horror story of Jussie Smollett.

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(January 20) – Raven Fields is an overworked doctor who finally decides to hire an assistant. At first, the cheerful young woman he recruits is a perfect fit, but when he becomes obsessed with Raven, the doctor may be in real danger.

Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now

(January 25) – Most true crime and cult followers are familiar with Keith Raniere’s “self-help” group known as NKSIVM. But this two-hour documentary explores the greed and passion that drove Ranieri to select female band members and force them into sexual slavery.

– Nicolas Cage stars in this psychological thriller as a PI contacted by a lawyer to investigate a possible snuff film. It is a dark film that also stars Joaquin Phoenix, James Gandolfini and Catherine Keener.

Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now

Horror Movies To Watch Streaming In October

Movies that Tubi adds, but rest assured that each one deals with the fact that you can’t cheat death. I think anyone who has ever seen the second movie absolutely refuses to ride in the back of a logging truck.

Anthony Hopkins returns as the title character, and Julianne Moore reprises her role as Clarissa Starling. Mason Verger (Gary Oldman) survived Lecter’s attempt to kill him and wants revenge, but Starling wants to get to him first. This subpar sequel is mostly known for the stomach-turning “fried brain” sequence.

Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now

– A group of friends are stuck in the woods and decide to visit Trudy’s wax house while they wait for their car to be fixed. This is a very bad idea. Although this remake of the 1953 classic was panned by critics, it is known as the film in which Paris Hilton’s character was killed off.

Tubi Rings In 2023 With More Originals And Horror / Thriller Additions

Introduces us to a 12-year-old boy named Owen. At school, he is regularly bullied by other boys, but a friendship with a girl named Abby changes everything for him.

Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now

American actor Brad Pitt on the set of Se7en directed by David Fincher. (Photo by New Line cinema/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

– Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Gwyneth Paltrow star in this dark horror/thriller (yes, I personally find it scary because of the gruesome nature of the murders). Police detective Will Somerset (Freeman) is a week away from retirement when he is paired with David (Pitt), an idealistic detective with a short temper. David and his wife have just moved to town when detectives begin investigating a series of murders modeled after the Seven Deadly Sins. Did I mention how dark and bleak this movie is? If you haven’t seen it, get ready for one hell of a blast!

Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now

Our Picks For Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now!

– The 2010 remake of this film joins the original 1973 Tubby film in January. A biological agent is turning people in an Iowa town into rampaging, violent killers, and the sheriff (Timothy Olyphant) will do anything to protect his family.

– Geena Davis is fantastic in this action thriller, where she plays a woman with amnesia who is desperate to unlock her past. Eight years after she washed ashore, pregnant and with no memory, she suffered a concussion in a car accident. After recovering, a man breaks into her home and she discovers that she possesses incredible fighting skills.

Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now

– One of the best horror/thriller films ever made, Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster star as serial killer Hannibal Lecter and young FBI trainee Clarice Starling. In search of the killer known as “Buffalo Bill”, Starling is assigned to interview the charismatic, incredibly intelligent Lecter in prison. Surprisingly, Lecter captures him and starts giving him clues that could lead to Buffalo Bill’s arrest.

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(Franchise) – It’s unclear how many films from the franchise will be on tap in January, but it’s a pretty safe bet that it will be the 1990 original. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward are two handymen who want to leave their small town in search of excitement. But some mysterious deaths and strange underground readings are precursors to an attack by giant worm-like creatures.

Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now

What are your favorite movies to watch on Tubi? Tell us about it in the comments section. One of the best streaming services in the world is Tubi because it’s free (ad supported) and full of classic horror movies. This week on Arrow in the Head, we decided to take a look at Tube’s horror section and compile a list of the best horror movies on Tube right now. look!

Director S. Craig Zahler makes his feature film debut with this perfect mix of horror and western, in which an all-male ensemble of Kurt Russell, Richard Jenkins, Matthew Fox and Patrick Wilson play a group of cave-dwelling cannibals. who captured Wilson’s character’s wife. with a duration of 132 minutes,

Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now

The Best Movies To Watch On Tubi For Free Right Now (july 2023)

Showing the men’s journey to the tribe’s cave takes time… but when the violence erupts, it’s worth the wait. If he can stand the blood. As I wrote for the video embedded above,

Back to back while you have a fever. And that’s great. We need more horror westerns that are as cool as this one.

Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now

Etc.), and even its own 2006 remake, but it remains one of the best entries in Craven’s filmography. When a family has car trouble in the middle of the desert, they find themselves being chased by another family, a clan of cannibals living in the mountains. In order to survive, the civilized family will have to become as savage as their attackers.

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Features some memorable characters and performances, with potential victims Dee Wallace and Lance Gordon and Michael Berryman as the villains Mars and Pluto. Berryman’s role in this film (and the poster) rightfully made him a genre icon.

Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now

George A. Romero, because this is the reason for the common misconception that all zombies want to eat brains. Animated by a chemical created by the military, O’Bannon’s zombies are indeed brain eaters. They also talk and run because O’Bannon wanted to make sure his Walking Dead was as different from Romero’s as possible. In the process, he delivered a highly entertaining film, pitting his nearly unstoppable zombies against a group of punks and middle-aged men, and providing a great soundtrack to the hysterical mayhem.

It deserves to be much more popular as it is filled with incredible performances from the likes of Lon Chaney Jr., Sid Haig, Carol Ohmart, Beverly Washburn and Jill Benner, among others. The story is about a bunch of outsiders who visit the home of the Mayor’s family, whose members are mentally regressing with age. Strange things happen in this house, including murder, cannibalism and unexpected sexual situations, but as risky as it is, the film somehow feels good. Fans of Syd Haig who were introduced to him through the Rob Zombie films are encouraged to look to this earlier work for inspiration.

Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now

The 100 Best Movies On Tubi Right Now (july 2023)

Franchise, but it’s also the only movie starring legendary slasher Jason Voorhees currently available on Tubi. So we can’t be picky, we just have to relax and take another look

. Directed by James Isaac, it’s set in the year 2455 and sees a cryogenically frozen Jason thawing out on a spaceship, where he proceeds to slice and dice the young passengers and marines assigned to protect them. Eventually, our backwoods logger received a cybernetic upgrade to become what is known as Uber Jason. It’s not a sequel that many fans love, but it’s always nice to see Jason doing his thing, even when he’s in space.

Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now

Is one of the funniest slasher movies ever made and not many people have seen it. The problem is that for a long time this film about supermarket workers who were fired one by one after working hours was only available under heavy censorship. Fortunately, unsorted cuts are now widely available, including Tubi. It’s one to watch because it delivers some of the best slasher kills of all time. Spiegel also appears in the film

Tubi May 2022 Movies And Tv Shows Announced

Cohort Danny Hicks,

Best Horror Movies On Tubi Right Now

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