Best Movies Out Right Now Streaming

Best Movies Out Right Now Streaming – (Welcome to Stream Now, a weekly column dedicated to streaming the best movies on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and all the other streaming services.)

Here we are, entering the final weekend before Thanksgiving. It seems a bit surreal – this year has been endless and supernaturally fast. But time marches on and when a new weekend rolls around, I’m happy to bring you some movie recommendations. As always, here I try to mix the old with the new and incorporate a few styles into the process. This week’s column features a modern Disney classic, a documentary that’s one of the best movies of the year, a ’90s action flick that still holds up, an indescribably obscure sci-fi flick, and a movie in which Nicolas Cage wears a leather jumpsuit with a bomb strapped to his crotch. This movie is a baby!

Best Movies Out Right Now Streaming

Best Movies Out Right Now Streaming

For some inexplicable reason, Disney+ didn’t offer streaming of “Enchanted” until recently. But now that it’s here, let’s talk about how great Amy Adams is in the movie. Adams is Giselle, an animated Disney princess who is sent to the real (animated) world by an evil witch (Susan Sarandon). Having spent her entire existence in a cartoon world where animals talk and sing, Giselle is out of her element in New York, where she ends up. Meanwhile, Gisele’s fiancé, a prince played by James Marsden, arrives in the real world to rescue her. Undaunted by the rigors of the real world, the ever-sunny Giselle does it best. She finds help from single father Patrick Dempsey, a divorce lawyer, who at first thinks Giselle is crazy, but soon falls in love with her. And is it easy to see – Adams is so funny, so charming, so beautiful. I hate to get into Oscars, but watching “Bewitched” reminded me that Adams is still without an Oscar, and man, that’s crazy. Addams and company are coming back for a sequel to “Disappointed,” and I have no idea how that’s going to turn out. Can the sequel capture the charming magic of the original? Maybe, maybe not. For now, let’s all enjoy our “Bewitched.”

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Robert Greene’s documentary Procession is truly remarkable and a powerful reminder of what documentary can be. Most docs these days follow the same old formula – talking heads, zoom in on old photos, old footage, you know the gist. Meanwhile, Greene here creates unconventional, powerful documentaries that challenge viewers to think critically (see also: “Kate Christine Plays”). With “Procession,” Green focuses on six men who were abused by Catholic priests as children. The group comes together for a form of drama therapy that allows them to create short scripts and films based on their traumatic experiences. I must admit that before watching “Procession” I was completely unfamiliar with drama therapy. I’ve heard of art therapy before, but never drama therapy, and “Procession” is a wonderful depiction of the power found in this process. The end result is heartbreaking but necessary work. Don’t let it crack because the Netflix algorithm didn’t bother to show it on your home screen.

Best Movies Out Right Now Streaming

Do you ever feel like you’re living in the end times? I don’t mean in any biblical sense. I mean it’s almost midnight and things are getting worse by the day. If so, do I have a lame movie for you! Directed by Pela Kågerman and Hugo Lilja, “Aniara” is one of the most disturbing films I have ever seen. Although not classified as “horror”, it is scarier than most horror films. As an allegory for these dire times, “Aniara” is set in a future where climate change has left the planet so desolate that humanity is transported to Mars via giant cruise ship-like spaceships. Such a ship is accidentally shot down and there is practically no way to get back. Those in charge tell the passengers that they will eventually return the strap using the gravity of the celestial body, but here’s the thing: that’s a lie. There is no hope. Instead, the ship is doomed to wander the galaxy. Forever. What follows is a dark saga that eventually spans thousands of years. It may not sound like your idea of ​​a good time watching a movie, but “Aniara” is a truly remarkable work, vast and terrifying and, most terrifyingly, prophetic.

In 1996 “Executive Decision” made a very interesting quick decision about the audience. The marketing explained that it was an action movie starring Steven Seagal. And, yes, Seagal is in the movie – playing a special forces leader. When terrorists hijack a plane mid-flight, Seagal and his team secretly call the plane (again, while it’s still flying) and save the day. Unfortunately, while trying to board the plane, Seagal’s character dies. This happens about 40 minutes into the movie, and to say it’s shocking is an understatement. Everyone thought it was a movie about seagulls! Seagal himself didn’t bother to read the script when he signed on for the film, and was surprised by his character’s death. When the seagull’s route ends, Dr. he comes to David Grant (Kurt Russell), an intelligence specialist with no real experience in the field. It basically turns into die hard on a plane from here, but it’s still a lot of fun and Russell is predictably solid as the lead.

Best Movies Out Right Now Streaming

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Nicolas Cage and director Sion Sono seem like a match made in heaven. The two teamed up for the insane sci-fi/horror/action mash-up “Prisoners of Ghostland,” and I wish I could tell you that it was a freaking masterpiece. But it’s not like that. But that doesn’t mean this wild and wacky movie isn’t worth watching. A mash-up of Escape from New York and Mad Max: Fury Road, Ghostland stars Cage as a convict forced to rescue Sophia Butte, the granddaughter of a local warlord, played by a very funny Bill Moseley. . . To ensure he gets the job done, Cage is made to wear a leather jumpsuit riddled with explosives – including two explosives strategically placed on his testicles. So Cage literally enters a strange world called Ghostland in hopes of saving his eggs. (Welcome to Stream Now, a weekly column dedicated to streaming the best movies on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and all the other streaming services.)

Streamers, welcome to another weekly streaming column. With another weekend ahead of us (thank heavens) and a major blizzard bearing down on the Northeast US, why not stay inside and watch some movies? This week I recommend a crazy horror, a great new drama from Asghar Farhadi, a dark twist in Aubrey Plaza, a thriller from David Mamet, and the best and least watched movies of 2021. Let’s stream!

Best Movies Out Right Now Streaming

James Wan’s absolutely insane “Malignant” is back on HBO Max, so if you missed it the first time, here’s your chance! A truly epic work of uncompromisingly superior art, Wan’s film follows a woman (Annabelle Wallis) haunted by visions of an evil serial killer named Gabrielle. There’s a lot going on here, but I don’t want to spoil it, because the less you know about “Malligant,” the wilder it is. Know that Van is everywhere here, creating the kind of creepy tone that Brian De Palma perfected in “Raising Kane.” There’s tons of blood, tons of weird dialogue, and a lot of fun. It might not be for everyone, but gosh, if you can get on the gonzo wavelength of this movie, you’re in for a real treat. It’s time to remove the cancer!

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Asghar Farhadi’s charming “Hero” follows Rahim (Amir Jadidi), who is serving a prison sentence for an unpaid debt. While he is away for the weekend, Rahim’s girlfriend Farkhonde (Sahar Goldust) informs him that she has found a purse full of gold. The gold could be Rahim’s ticket out of jail, but instead he decides to return the purse (and the gold) to its rightful owner. When word of this good deed spreads, the public follows Rahim. But nothing in “A Hero” is so cut and dry, and Farhadi weaves an increasingly complex plot with characters who refuse to fit into neat boxes. It’s the antithesis of the traditional paint-by-numbers dramas usually produced by Hollywood, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Best Movies Out Right Now Streaming

Aubrey Plaza is quietly creating work that proves she’s just a “sarcastic ‘Parks and Recreation’ girl.” In “Black Bear,” Plaza gives a riveting, riveting performance, seemingly playing two different characters: a director who lives in the couple’s cabin and an actress who shoots a movie on the same location. It’s hard to see where reality ends and fantasy begins, and it’s all part of the film’s surreal experience. Plaza remains at the center of it all, and in the second half of the film it becomes completely uneven, giving a frenzied, terrifying performance similar to Isabella Adjani’s work in “Possession.”

Man, I miss Gene Hackman. be

Best Movies Out Right Now Streaming

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