Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn – Nashville’s food scene continues to grow. It’s like what you’d expect from a big city. You’ll find restaurants in Nashville that serve everything from Southern cuisine to international cuisine.

The hardest part of dining in Nashville is deciding which restaurant to try next. There are so many options that a few Nashville restaurants can be overwhelming when visiting.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

I’m here to help guide you to the best restaurants in Nashville using my local knowledge! I know eating out is one of the best things to do in Nashville, so I put together this list of restaurants to help make your trip to Nashville the best it can be.

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Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

Josephine’s is my first choice for breakfast in Nashville when anyone comes to visit the city. Try Josephine Benedict with country ham, brown butter hollandaise or glazed cinnamon raisin cookies.

Of course, this trendy restaurant 12 South also has great food options. If eating apples is on the menu during your dinner, save some room for dessert.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

The Hampton Social Opens In Nashville

The vibe at Josephine is elegant and upscale, but not intimidating. A romantic night in Nashville is a great choice for a great time with friends.

👉 Tip: Josephine’s is located at 12 Ave S in Hillsboro Village. If you have time, check out the local beauty shops, this is one of the best places to stay in Nashville if you still want to stay!

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

If you’re looking for delicious Tex-Mex with a fun atmosphere, head to Redhead Stranger in East Nashville. The menu is small but full of delicious options. The tacos were fun and tasty, but the real surprise was the grilled cheese-filled cheesesteak.

Best Casual Restaurants In Nashville

The atmosphere is what makes the food special. The restaurant is cool and spacious with a welcoming terrace for outdoor dining.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

Word gets out about how great the Redheaded Stranger is, so prime dining time is full. My secret to avoiding the crowds is to go mid-afternoon to enjoy margaritas and tochos on the patio.

👉 Pro tip: If the Crunchwrap is on daily specials, order before they sell out. Crunchwraps don’t last long.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

Your Guide To Waterfront Dining In Nashville

You might be surprised to find such fresh and delicious seafood in the nation’s largest city, but that’s exactly what Blue Aster offers. Located in Conrad, Blue Aster is an upscale restaurant that serves amazing coastal cuisine.

The menu changes regularly and uses local ingredients wherever possible. One of my favorite foods is cornmeal fish and chips. Blue Aster also serves afternoon tea at weekends, which includes sandwiches, cakes and champagne.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

The Conrad is one of Nashville’s best hotels, but you don’t have to stay at the hotel to make a reservation at this downtown restaurant. It’s a great choice for a date night or to celebrate a special occasion.

Best Nightlife In Nashville Tn

This popular Nashville food truck serves Southern cuisine. The owners eventually gave away two locations in Nashville and one in Franklin.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

Love Biscuit is open only in the morning. Southern foods such as biscuits, sausage, shrimp and chives are served. Don’t miss out on delicious sides like the cheeseburger, and order a donut (cookies with blueberry sauce) for the table.

You can’t come to Nashville without trying some of Nashville’s signature dish, chicken released. Thornton created the Prince Bakery during the Great Depression and his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Even today, Andre Prince Jeffreys ensures that people enjoy the original version of masala food.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

Places Where Locals Love To Eat In Nashville

You can choose your own heat level, but try not to go too high or you’ll regret it later. If you are not a fan of spicy food, you can always get the plain version. Fries are also good here.

Prince currently has two locations. One at the convention center downtown and one on Nolensville Pike.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

You can’t visit a city like Nashville without trying some barbecue. Edley’s is a family owned and operated restaurant that originally opened on 12 South. There are now locations in East Nashville and Sylvan Park.

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It’s no surprise that the food options at this classic barbecue joint are great, but it’s the sides that set this Nashville eatery apart. Make sure to get the banana pudding. Cornbread, kale, mac and cheese, and potato salad are also amazing.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

If you’re looking for an inviting place to enjoy Tennessee barbecue with friends and family, Edley’s is the place to go.

Located in Germantown, Town Hall is a great place to eat. Opened in 2007 by James Beard Award winner Tandy Wilson, the restaurant offers Southern-style Italian cuisine.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

Best Places To Stay In Nashville

Sunday nights are the most popular time to dine at the Town Hall, thanks to the Sunday Breakfast menu, a special selection that changes weekly. The menu will remain the same throughout the rest of the week. I would definitely consider ordering a pizza.

Plan to book reservations in advance to ensure you enjoy the City Hall experience. There are a few seats at the bar, but they fill up quickly.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

For a great night out, The Peninsula in East Nashville is one of the best places to go. The cozy and private restaurant serves Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. The restaurant’s menu changes a lot based on what seasonal foods are available.

Best Neighborhoods In Nashville, Tn

Whatever you order is one of the best meals you can get. No wonder chef Jake Howell was named a James Beard Award semifinalist. The restaurant’s menu is great for gin and tonics. If you’re a foodie, The Peninsula should be on your list of restaurants in Nashville to visit.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

Want to enjoy some of the best food in Nashville without leaving the city of Nashville? Then it goes to the House of Commons. The newly opened restaurant at Fifth + Broadway is the largest restaurant in the US.

Try local favorites like Coco’s New Italian, Hattie Jane’s Creamery, Prince’s Hot Chicken, Medicine Box and Steam Boys. In addition to restaurants and bars, the Food Congress has three stages for live performances.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

Where To Eat The Best Bbq In Nashville

The restaurant is a great place for lunch or dinner while visiting downtown Nashville or before a show.

👉 Tips: Check the Assembly Food Hall’s website for live music events or shows.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

If you’re looking for a place to eat near the Grand Ole Opry House, Bavarian Bierhaus is one of the best options. Bavarian Bierhaus is a group of friends who wanted to create an authentic German experience in Nashville. The restaurant is designed to resemble a Munich bierhall and outdoor biergarten.

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It’s easy to order a lot of food because everything on the menu looks good. The chicken schnitzel is delicious and the currywurst is also a must try. Of course, you can’t visit without ordering at least one pretzel with chili sauce.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

Locals in the East Nashville area still crave Butcher & Bee. The Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurant offers a modern and cool atmosphere perfect for couples and large groups.

Butcher & Bee specializes in sourcing fresh, local ingredients and elevating simple foods to the highest level. All the dishes on the menu are delicious, but the mess is where the restaurant really shines. Order some food options to share at the table. Be sure to order the whipped feta.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

Of The Best Places To Eat In Nashville, Tn

Don’t be surprised if you return to Butcher & Bee more than once during your visit. Definitely one of the best places to eat in Nashville.

If you’re looking for an authentic taco shop in Nashville, head to Mas Tacos in East Nashville. The menu is simple, but there are plenty of tacos, tamales, and soups available. Try two of their most popular orders – the Fried Avocado Taco and the Pulled Pork Taco.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

You order at the outside window, then wait inside or outside until your order is ready. There is very little seating inside so many people bring food. If the weather is nice, I suggest taking your order and heading to one of Nashville’s many parks.

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Located next door to Mas Tacos in East Nashville, Spicy Boys specializes in Cajun cuisine. The menu includes dishes like boudin, andouille sausage and gumbo. Sitting on the patio next to the wrought iron fence, you’ll feel like you’re in New Orleans without the humidity.

Best Places To Eat In Nashville Tn

I get a shrimp poboy every time I see it on the menu, and the Spicy Boys are the best I’ve had in Nashville. During golden season, you can order boiled gold. Also, the restaurant has game day specials

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