Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc – The National Mall houses some of the country’s most iconic monuments and memorials. A visit to DC isn’t complete without spending some time at this landmark. For travelers who want amazing food, the National Mall has plenty of options for memorable meals.

There are tons of incredible dining options within walking distance of the National Mall. Go to Shake Shack.

Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

The Old Ebbitt Grill, one of DC’s most famous restaurants, is just steps away from the White House, serving equally historic “Occidental” American fine dining. A 10-minute walk will take you to Art and Soul, the famous fried chicken.

Best Restaurants In Washington, Dc

The world-famous restaurants of Jose Andres are also close to the mall. Try Oyamel’s Peruvian-Asian brews, Mexican-style and Chinese chili. Since opening in 1993, Jaleo’s has been producing delicious, shareable small plates.

Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

Visiting museums near the National Mall also includes trying authentic food at the city’s most famous museums. At the Mitsitham Native Foods Cafe inside the National Museum of the American Indian, diners enjoyed a menu of Native American foods representing various tribes in the Western Hemisphere. The cafe also has an espresso bar serving pastries and tribal coffee.

At the Smithsonian’s newest museum, the Museum of African American History and Culture, Sweet Home Cafe serves food representing four distinct regions: the Agricultural South, the Creole Coast, the Northern States, and the Western Cordillera. Celebrity chef and DC native Carla Hall will be the culinary ambassador for this new spa on the National Mall.

Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

The Best Restaurants In Washington Dc — Flowandwander

The sprawling National Gallery also offers several options near the East and West buildings and the famous Sculpture Park. The West Building houses the Garden Café, offering table service and a newly updated food and wine list. Located between the two buildings, the Cascade Cafe features a food court-style dining room.

The Terrace Cafe in the East Building has a great view, pastries, and sandwiches and salads (note: the East Building is currently closed). If you’re enjoying the Sculpture Park (and its ice rink in the winter), the Palace Cafe offers light bites that can be enjoyed indoors or out. Washington, D.C. is a great place to visit for hungry foodies. No matter where you stay in DC, the extensive subway system can take you to a variety of great restaurants. First-time travelers may be overwhelmed by all the food options, but fear not! Use my experience and your taste buds to find great places to eat in Washington with my top 8 lists.

Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

Rosie’s Luxury is an amazing tapas restaurant in DC’s Capitol District. Since their opening, they have been very successful with their New American style tapas and unique drinks. Their use of ingredients is fresh and unique, and the restaurant staff is incredibly friendly. In fact, they donate money for every meal they serve, raising nearly $40,000 to help feed hungry children. Any foodie should visit Rosie’s Gourmet while in DC.

The 100 Best Places To Eat Cheap Around Washington Dc

Japanese food lovers love donburi, that’s just a given. Most people think that getting good Japanese food in DC will break the bank, but you can get a great meal at Donburi for $10-$20.

Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

You may be wondering what a “donburi” is. Simply put, it’s a bowl piled high with rice, pickled vegetables, meat and sauce. It may sound simple, but there are a variety of donburis to choose from, such as carragedon, which is marinated and grilled fried chicken, or saxdon, which is raw salmon over rice with pickled daikon and cucumber. A filling, tasty and affordable win!

If you love food documentaries, you’ve probably heard of Momofuku. Momofuku is a wonderfully creative restaurant located in the heart of DC. The restaurant has an amazing vibe, but the food is really fun, fresh takes on Japanese and Korean cuisine.

Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

The Best Places To Eat Near Washington, D.c.

This restaurant offers Korean classics like slow-roasted pork shoulder and fried chicken, but it also offers amazing ramen and tons of vegetarian options. If you’re planning to dine with a large group, consider preparing your meals in a large group setting, which has tons of sides, appetizers, and entrees to share family-style at the table. Totally worth it.

Founding Farmers is DC’s favorite under the fog, home to the George Washington University campus. As you might guess from the name, this dish is a slightly modernized take on America’s old farm food.

Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

This restaurant is proud to be owned by a collective of 47,000 family farmers called the North Dakota Farmers Union. Every ingredient and wine is made by a Farmers Union member, so you can be sure the quality is always top notch. Plus, since the portion sizes are farmer-sized, it can be very difficult to stay hungry at the restaurant. Try their snack offerings for chicken and waffles or stop in for lunch and get the best sandwich you’ve ever tasted.

Best Restaurants In Washington, Dc: 2020 Favorites List

If you ask DC for a list of the best local pizza places, they’ll always mention 2 Amys. 2 Amys is a neighborhood pizza place with the most authentic Neapolitan pizza you’ll find in DC. They are literally the most authentic, they are D.O.C. A certificate to prove it (D.O.C. stands for Denominazione di Origine Contrata, after the Italian government officially decided in 1998 that Neapolitan pizza is a traditional food to be preserved).

Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

I recommend trying the Margherita for a classic Italian flavor, and also getting the Norcia, which has salami and roasted peppers.

My husband loves pizza, so it’s a given that we always eat a few slices (or a whole pie) when we’re in DC. But sometimes, you want a change from your regular pizza. This is where the pi zone comes in.

Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

Best Museums In Washington Dc (by A Local)

You can find this pizzeria near the Chinatown subway station and it’s a great place to get a good deep dish pizza. They use corn husks for their deep dish, which means even those with gluten allergies can enjoy it!

You might think it’s a bit high considering the price, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many ingredients they load up on. They are great and will fill up even the hungry traveler! Choose your toppings or one of their signature deep dishes, either way you can’t go wrong.

Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

The country beer garden is a great place to drink good beer and enjoy tasty, locally sourced Bavarian pubs. The best place to sit is on the patio outside, where you can enjoy the weather while starting with some rabbit hash browns, beetroot fritters and a huge pelt. Their different brats are super flavorful, and their sandwiches are delicious. Try their Currywurst, which includes two Berlin-style sausages with French fries and their house-made currywurst, and their martini-style steak.

Where To Eat In Washington Dc: Best Dining Options

Le Diplomate is a fine French restaurant/café near Logan Circle. When I say great, I mean great. Le Diplomate serves classic French cuisine, as well as homemade cakes and pastries. In fact, you can eat warm bread in one section. You’ll find French classics like escargot, beef bourguignon, and steak.

Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

And amazing fresh seafood. Definitely a meeting point to recommend to you.

Washington has a great subway system. We’ve included the closest subway lines to our favorite restaurants. Enjoy!

Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

The Best Barbecue Restaurants In D.c., Maryland And Virginia

Kate Howard is a loving mother and wife who makes it a point to dine at every restaurant in DC. The journey was long, but the experience was delicious. Kate and her husband also help thousands of people find affordable accommodation for their trip to DC through their website: First class, high quality and creative food, but that has changed recently.

Although DC looms large on the map, the city is relatively small. You can feel the pride and love from the people of this city. These restaurants are owned by local people and offer a passion and identity for their place, many of whom are reclaiming their identity from their masters.

Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

Many say that in 2016, DC finally came to claim its place on the national food scene shared by NYC, LA, and SF. Although they were the bad guys for a long time, those days are over.

Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

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Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

Any other great places to eat in DC that we missed? How many of these have you eaten?

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Best Places To Eat In Washington Dc

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