Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece – There are plenty of places to party on the Greek islands, but there are a few destinations that can claim this sensuality and wonderment, especially when you can relax your head at one of Mykonos’ best hotels.

The star-studded Cyclades (if you’re looking for a more romantic island, check out our list of the best Santorini hotels) have transformed a quiet fishing village into an easy-to-fly party – Hear incoming international DJs – Beach with club boating, lively bars and nightlife.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

In addition to its golden beaches and main sandstone town, other landmarks on the island include his iconic 16th-century sugar cube structures and windmills. See the seaside homes of artists enjoying Little Venice, or take a boat trip to the uninhabited island of Delos for archaeological education.

Where To Stay In Mykonos

New arrivals on the island are Kari, the coldest, and Karesma, the Greek word for “invitation.” As such, we have high hopes for…

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

Bill & Coo is worth going to see his LED pool, and Valmont Spa and his Beefbar Spa aren’t bad either.

Vegans (and those who want to try veganism) will love hotels that specialize in their meals. Koukoumi creates perfection based on every edible plant. Here are the best hotels in Mykonos in 2023.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

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Temples are rocky outcrops that set the stage for Greek island dreams. Bonzo is a series villa near Mykonos with the possibility of shopping, drinking coffee and partying. The self-contained suites have an outdoor area with a swimming pool and dining area and are in classic Cycladic style, most with views of the Aegean Sea.

The one-bedroom sea-facing option is perfect for couples, but there are also three-bedroom villas perfect for groups willing to embrace Hinduism. As a helper, Confucius is ready to arrange island cruises and helicopter tours for those who want to experience Mykonos firsthand.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

Near Boheme’s famous windmills are traditional whitewashed Cycladic suites, most with outdoor Jacuzzis. More contemporary additions include statement lights, retro seats and fans that mimic wind turbines.

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Surrounded by mountains, the terraces and balconies of the 20 rooms offer views of the Aegean harbor and Mykonos Town. It’s also close to the artists’ district of Little Venice. In the unlikely event that you want to go out, the staff can arrange a rental car and (possibly) an on-site spa for his treatments. There is a restaurant by the pool, as well as an expert in delicious mixes.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

Blanco, a beach hotel in the seaside village of Platis Gialos, combines traditional Myconian architecture with modernity. Spa cabins play whale music to the sound of real waves, and the shoreline doubles as a venue for yoga classes. Samus takes the lead in most of the scenes.

The ventilated terrace is the perfect place to enjoy fresh seafood, but staff can also find the perfect romantic spot for a private dinner. Activities on the beach include cycling, parasailing and boat tours. Underwater, the patterns lead to views of the slopes, especially dreams at dusk.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

Best Hotels In Mykonos 2023

A more affordable option in an oligarchy’s playground Mykonos doesn’t skimp on style, joining its pricier counterparts celebrating wicker ceilings, hanging lamps, whitewashed walls and polished concrete. Stroll in the cafeteria, lounge on charcoal sun loungers by the large curved pool, or spend money booking your own private room with a pool.

For those looking for stone bars, cocktail bars, blue doors and shops, downtown Mykonos is a 10 minute walk away. It’s also close to the port, making it a great choice for those who choose their summer island trip wisely.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

Perched on the beach of Agios Stefanos, Grace Mykonos is as elegant as its name suggests. With neutral tones, bright white walls, and colorful art, it has everything you need for an unsatisfying hotel experience (yes, Pillow with his menu) and classic Cycladic decor.

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The best part of the Aegean facing pool is the cabanas, especially at sunset. However, some rooms can also send sea views directly to the jacuzzi. For those who need extra encouragement, spas are available for nails, body and makeup.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

Alcoves and archways set the backdrop for this hotel near Kalo Livadi Beach, taupe concrete and white next to the island’s unofficial color code. Each Nomad’s room has a terrace and is further enhanced by its own private pool or hot tub. Most of the hotels are built by craftsmen from all over the Cyclades, including local carpenters and marble working magicians.

Convenient for those who want a quick sleep after a drink, the bar has several hammocks and, in keeping with the nomadic theme (but nowhere near the camp), there’s also a fire pit. good.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

Mykonos Travel Guide

Bill & Coo is still the most popular accommodation in Mykonos. Especially because it has a Valmont Spa, a bright LED pool, star service and a rooftop Day He Lounge. over their pool.

And at our sister hotel Beef Bar on the Beach, his channel is watched with pride around the world, making the best French fries. This seaside restaurant is the perfect place to find shade (and ceviche) under a mango tree.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

Stepping out of the village of Agios Stefano reveals a single habitat landscape that mixes the magic of Myconia with a touch of Tulum flair. The island’s favorite bohemian decor is still alive and well, with wicker wall hangings, neutral hues, and complimentary use of herbs (not just beach umbrellas). There are also many plants, antique pottery and skillfully crafted copper leather chairs.

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The pool bar staff prepare creative cocktails, breakfast is artsy, and chips and sauces are becoming more popular.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

Perhaps the only hotel with the word ‘vegan’ in its name, Kou Kou Mi is a noble ambassador for the plant-based movement and a great option for those wanting to try vegetarian. Initial inspiration.

In fact, it’s the only vegan tea hotel in Greece, but it’s also keen to enjoy creative dishes that even carnivores are served. Local hotels in Ano Mera also offer health and fitness programs as part of their mission to make guests feel comfortable.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos

Newly opened in Mykonos last summer, Cali has even bigger plans, with a spa arriving just this summer. It is located in Calafati, east of the island, about 20 minutes drive from Mykonos. This part of Mykonos is a great place if you want to enjoy boating, biking, or scuba diving up to a nearby wreck. There are also outdoor bars and seafood restaurants along the coast in this area.

Cali blends seamlessly with its surroundings, with stone, marble and natural hues complementing the surrounding landscape. Unexpectedly, in the Cyclades, where flying is so popular, hotels have private boats for guests.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

Perched on a cliff above the Aegean forest, Interni is named after the fearless fisherman nicknamed ‘Wild Ones’ who was once in charge of the trail. Mykonos may be a star-studded island now, but this hotel aims to recreate a rustic part of its past, lined with quiet fishing villages.

Semeli Best Hotel Mykonos

There are his 40 suites and villas overlooking the sea, some with two bedrooms, a private pool and even a private dining room if you want to enjoy the beauty. Decorations include handmade lamps and rugs, woven baskets and many natural materials. Surprisingly, fast food is available daily in restaurants that use both local ingredients and traditional techniques.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

Mykonos is one of Greece’s brightest islands and he has luxury hotels to prove it. One of his best hotels is Santa Marina, an island institution since the 1970s.

Ornos His Bay mansion has been expanded over the past few decades, and the original grounds included a church and a windmill (this is Mykonos, after all). A villa is now built on the hill. There is also an espace spa, unlimited swimming his two pools, a private beach and many restaurants and bars that are convenient for work.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

Where To Stay In Mykonos? 9 Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Visual Story

With a name that means ‘invitation’, Karesma always welcomes its guests warmly and goes above and beyond. A restored Myconian village leads down the hill to Ornos Bay. Perfect views of both sunrise and sunset as well as consistent beach views.

Each room has a private hot tub, a terrace with Aegean sun loungers and a rooftop shower. Mykonos is 3 km away from her.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Greece

On the south coast of Mykonos, the Myconian Ambassador is probably in a quieter part of the island, but if you want to party, you’ll have to walk to Psarou to see the sights.

Construction Boom In Luxury Hotels On Mykonos

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