Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles – With a rich history and natural wonders that will blow your mind, Olympic National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the country! Located in Washington on the Olympic Peninsula, this place has brought many tourists from all over the world who want to see the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

There are a few entry points to the park, but the most popular ones are North (Hurricane Ridge area and Lake Crescent area), Northwest (Ozette, Neah Bay, Shi Shi Beach), Central (Hoh rainforest entrance ), south (Lake Quinault) and southwest (Kalaloch).

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

Get ready to explore Hurricane Ridge for days, visit the coastal section and beautiful Ruby Beach, and relax in the in-park hot springs! Now let’s see where to stay in the Olympic National Park! From historic log cabins near hot springs to luxury hotels with great amenities, I’ll help you find the right hotel for you in and around the park in this post!

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Keep in mind that all accommodations sell out very quickly considering national parks are a big attraction in the US, so I highly recommend booking your place in advance to get the best deals and avoid staying in a city that’s too far away!

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

If you want to order now, there’s no need to wait! Browse this list of the best accommodations for where to stay in Olympic National Park, all in Port Angeles

Here is a map of all the areas where you can stay at Olympic National Park that I will cover in this post:

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

Amazing Things To Do In Olympic National Park

Welcome to the Olympic National Park Retreat! The small city of Port Angeles sits beside the Strait of Juan de Fuca and is the perfect place to start your adventure in one of the most popular parks in the Pacific Northwest!

Port Angeles is located 3 km north of the Olympic National Park Visitor Center at the park’s north entrance. This entrance leads to Hurricane Ridge, the park’s most accessible mountain area with hiking trails and areas for skiing and snowboarding in the winter.

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

Surrounded by nature and beautiful views of the majestic Olympic Mountains, filled with many places to visit and many places to eat, Port Angeles is the best base for travel.

Best View Points For Whale Watching

I’m sure our Twilight fans will recognize the town’s name, as this is where some of the clothes shopping scenes take place (although they weren’t actually filmed here).

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

I know you may be in a hurry to explore all the picturesque trails in the park, but I highly recommend that you set aside a few days to explore Port Angeles. I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised with all the hidden gems, views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca (the international border between the US and Canada), and the culture of the city!

Hey, if you’re in the mood for a fun trip to a bigger city, Seattle is only 3 hours away! Now we find some amazing hotels and cabins, which I think you should book in advance. Port Angeles tends to get very busy with tourists not only visiting the park but other surrounding places as well!

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

Best Things To Do In Port Angeles, Wa

Soak up the quiet and peace that this waterfront property offers and enjoy its relaxed charm! The rooms are furnished with vintage style furniture and even have a fireplace! Have a delicious breakfast, then have your coffee and take a walk in the garden.

Enjoy the view of the Olympic Mountains from this beautiful cabin featuring a hot tub, fireplace and plunge pool

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

An upscale motel, perfect for budget travellers, featuring family rooms equipped with flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi

What To See & Do In Olympic Park, Washington

Admire the view from the veranda of this ancient house which features 2 bedrooms, kitchen and free parking

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

If you’ve seen Twilight, I’m sure this name will sound familiar to you. After all, this is where most of the action took place. But don’t get too excited, the movie wasn’t filmed here.

Located on the northwest side of the Olympic Peninsula, just 50km south of the Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center in Olympic National Park, Forks is the perfect place to start your outdoor adventures before heading to the park!

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

Olympic Lodge By Ayres, Port Angeles

This small town isn’t just famous for the Twilight books, its natural beauty and proximity to Olympic National Park’s Hoh Forest, the largest temperate rainforest in the continental United States, has brought people from all over the world to visit.

Just minutes outside Forks you’ll find 200 miles of wild rivers, so if you’re into fishing, kayaking, or rafting this is the area for you! And there are quite a few beaches near Forks too, like La Push Beach, another famous location from the Twilight movies.

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

There’s a wide range of attractions here, depending on whether you’re more interested in outdoor adventure or if you like visiting museums and learning more about the city’s culture. Elk Creek Conservation Area is great for exploring and hiking, but I also want to visit the John’s Beachcombing Museum. It’s an interesting place!

Where To Stay In Olympic National Park, Washington

I love how these inns always manage to make you feel at home, they are so welcoming and offer all the comforts you need! Enjoy your coffee on the accommodation’s terrace, which offers a nice view of the mountains and the garden. The inn also offers breakfast daily.

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

Relax on the banks of the Quillayute River at this hotel, which features family rooms and a veranda

Located 15 miles west of the Olympic National Park Visitor Center, Sequim has that small-town charm and is a great place to live for anyone who loves nature!

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

Where To Stay In Los Angeles

Agriculture plays a large part in the city’s business, which is why you’ll see many organic farms as you explore Sequim. The city is also known as the Lavender Capital of North America, as many farms grow this beautiful plant. Just wait until you see the purple lanes in mid June/July, they look so magical!

Even though you’ll be a little further away from Olympic National Park, you’ll be lucky enough to experience the benefits of living in a city like Sequim, where natural beauty reigns throughout the country. And don’t worry, there are plenty of places where you can take part in all kinds of outdoor activities like the Olympic Discovery Trail.

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

However, it’s not! A vacation just can’t be complete without the addition of a shopping spree or 2. Luckily for you, Sequim is the regional commercial hub of the Olympic Peninsula and you’ll find all kinds of quirky shops in the downtown area!

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Surrounded by trees and flowers, this beautiful cabin is perfect for your Sequim vacation! Relax after a full day in the Olympic National Park by the fireplace with a cup of tea in hand. There is also a small outdoor terrace which is the perfect place to have your morning coffee!

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

Check out the outdoor activities nearby this inn, which features a garden, free Wi-Fi and en suite rooms

Surrounded by fields of flowers and trees, this cozy studio features a fireplace, kitchen and courtyard

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

Black Ball Ferry Line

The Olympic National Park is undoubtedly a natural wonder! Between the sandy beaches, lush forests and all the hiking trails, you will find a landscape that looks like a fairy tale. You may need to pinch yourself every 5 minutes to realize it’s not a dream! Sol Duc waterfalls and the Hall of Moses, a forest of moss covered trees are 2 of my favorite places that I highly recommend, the views are amazing! You’ll also find over 600 miles of picturesque trails perfect for hiking and mountain biking! What I said? Never a dull moment here!

Living inside a national park has its perks, as many of you know. However, I always recommend finding hotels in nearby cities. Firstly, because you have a much wider choice of accommodation equipped with all the services you need, and secondly, you have the opportunity to visit two new places, not just the Olympic National Park itself.

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

That said, I know many of you love the adventure of staying in historic cabins and having direct access to all the beautiful places in Olympic National Park, so you’ll probably be interested in staying here. While you won’t find luxury amenities, prices range from $90 to $300 depending on the type of stateroom you choose, so I’ve listed them in descending order of price.

Super 8 By Wyndham Port Angeles At Olympic National Park

Finding the best vacation rentals can be difficult, especially when traveling to a place like the Olympic National Park. The options are endless! That’s why I wanted to include as many options as possible in this post, since we all have such different tastes and seek out unique places to stay! All of the cabins I’ve selected cost between US$200 and US$400 and are listed in order of price from most expensive to least expensive.

Best Places To Stay In Port Angeles

1. Lake Sutherland Retreat: Enjoy sunny days on the veranda of this cozy cabin that boasts something incredible

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