Best Public Libraries In The World

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Best Public Libraries In The World

Best Public Libraries In The World

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Monroe County Libraries

From a hidden library in a forest in Beijing to a library designed like a sunbeam in Egypt, these are the libraries that every book lover should visit in their lifetime.

Best Public Libraries In The World

Located at the foot of the Alps, this beautiful library is the second largest monastic library in the world.

The Library Hall was designed in 1776 by the architect Joseph Huber in the late Baroque style and consists of approximately 230 feet long halls containing 200,000 volumes.

Best Public Libraries In The World

Seattle Has The ‘most Instagrammable’ Library In The World

The ceilings were painted by Bartolomeo Altomonte and show the stages of human knowledge up to the height of divine revelation.

The Peabody Library was funded by philanthropist George Peabody. The Peabody Library was built as a tribute to the kindness and hospitality of the citizens of Baltimore.

Best Public Libraries In The World

Five floors of cast-iron balconies are filled with books, and a skylight ceiling floods the library with natural light.

Best Libraries In London To Study And Work

The glass atrium transforms the interior of the building into a spectacular space filled with light and water views, creating a true reading environment.

Best Public Libraries In The World

Japanese architect Su Fujimoto designed the library as the world’s simplest library, made only of books and a glass exterior.

Fujimoto arcspace says all you need to create a library are “books, shelves, light and beautiful spaces.”

Best Public Libraries In The World

Libraries In London: The Most Iconic Buildings In The Capital

The Boston Public Library has more than 23 million items, making it the second largest public library in the United States.

The library is known for its incredible courtyard, Italian-inspired architecture, entrance lobby, and its magnificent library reading room: Bates Hall.

Best Public Libraries In The World

Bates Hall is named after the library’s first benefactor, Joshua Bates. In 1852, Bates agreed to pay a lot of money to build the library with a few conditions: that the building would be an ornament to the city and that it would be completely free for everyone.

Most Beautiful Bookstores And Libraries In Japan

The purpose of the library was to create continuity in the room, so the entire room was painted a uniform pure white. The only color in the building comes from the books.

Best Public Libraries In The World

A large whale skeleton hangs in the center of the library, while bookshelves float in the middle.

This library is named after the philosopher and politician Jose Vasconelos. Vasconcelos was an important cultural figure and active promoter of reading in Mexico.

Best Public Libraries In The World

Open Library Top Ten Things You Need To Know.

The library is made of wooden beams and covered with wood on the outside, Dezeen says. The light in the library comes from the cracks in the frame of the branches.

The building may be clad in wood, but it has an advanced cooling system that draws cool air from the lake. The library is also completely eco-friendly and made from all recyclable materials.

Best Public Libraries In The World

This library in Norway is made up of a series of arches or “legs” that support the roof. The concept of the building comes from the skeleton of a whale.

New York Public Library

“In this project, we developed the rib concept to create usable hybrid structures that combine wood construction with all technical accessories and interior materials,” architect Helen O’Hard told ArchDaily.

Best Public Libraries In The World

The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library is the literary archive of the Yale University Library and the largest building in the world dedicated to the preservation of rare books and documents. The entire library is shaped around a large display in the center.

The library building is famous for its incredible Vermont marble, granite, bronze and glass “windows” designed to filter in enough light so that rare objects can be displayed without damage, according to ArchDaily.

Best Public Libraries In The World

Best Libraries In The World

From the outside, the building looks completely solid. Beinecke’s large collection includes Gutenberg’s Bible.

The first library of Alexandria was established in the 3rd century BC. It was one of the largest and most important libraries in the ancient world.

Best Public Libraries In The World

The new Library of Alexandria was built in 2002 to honor the opening of the original library. Designed by Snøhetta Architects, the building is designed like a sunbeam and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

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First opened in 2004, the 11-story glass and steel building in downtown Seattle was designed to recreate a traditional library.

Best Public Libraries In The World

The contemporary building is not only a dedicated space for books but also an access point for all media.

Designed by Rem Koolhaas, the building combines “future lines with library function”. The interior of the building stands out for its large public spaces and natural light.

Best Public Libraries In The World

The 20 Most Beautiful Libraries In The World

Famous for the Long Room, Trinity College Library is Ireland’s largest library.

When it was first completed, the living room had a flat ceiling, but the ceiling was raised to accommodate more books.

Best Public Libraries In The World

The library drew much attention to the series of sustainable features incorporated into its design.

Visit The Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookshop In Buenos Aires, Argentina

The spiral atrium illuminates all eight floors – and there are also photovoltaic cells on the roof of the building to convert light energy directly into electricity.

Best Public Libraries In The World

The main research and reference library for students at the University of Paris is the library of Sainte-Genevieve.

Built in the mid-19th century by the famous architect Henri Labroust, the library is famous for its cast-iron columned reading room.

Best Public Libraries In The World

Best Home Libraries In The World

The New York Public Library has approximately 53 million items, making it the third largest library in the world.

The incredible Beaux Arts landmark was one of the largest marble structures in the United States when it was built.

Best Public Libraries In The World

The library’s Rose Main Reading Room is located about two blocks downtown. The reading room is 297 feet long and 87 feet wide and has 42 long oak tables for guests.

Helsinki Central Library Oodi Chosen As The Best New Public Library In The World

This three-story library is designed like a cake box, and large white perforated windows illuminate the space.

Best Public Libraries In The World

A library should be a quiet room, and “walls of light” will make it look like a forest of books.

“This environment allows users to experience the joy of reading while surrounded by a treasure trove of books with a very physical presence that the convenience of electronic and digital books cannot provide,” the architects told ArchDaily.

Best Public Libraries In The World

Stunning Libraries Around The World

Built in the 19th century, this beautiful gallery is home to over 350,000 pieces of art and is the largest collection of Portuguese works outside of Portugal.

According to My Modern Mate, the library is known for its Neo-Manoline design, which “evokes the Gothic-Renaissance style that developed during the Portuguese Age of Discovery.”

Best Public Libraries In The World

The room is covered with books, many of them rare works from the 16th century. This is the perfect place for anyone who likes to be surrounded by beautiful books.

Settle Into 10 Of The Most Beautiful Libraries On Earth

Today’s biggest stories – sign up to get insider information on markets, technology and business – delivered daily. Before you check out a book, read an overview of the 10 most beautiful libraries in the world, and be sure to enjoy these beautiful halls dedicated to literature.

Best Public Libraries In The World

Since ancient times, libraries have been essential monumental structures for civilizations around the world, preserving the written records of mankind. A number of libraries impress with their historic architecture – there are many baroque halls with beautiful details – and modern works of art that impress with unusual designs. With that, we take a look at the 10 most beautiful libraries in the world.

The number one must-see on a trip to Dublin isn’t the Guinness Storehouse, it’s the old library of Trinity College. The Long Room, the main hall of the library, was begun in 1712 and lasted 20 years. In the original structure the books were only on the lower level, but as the library shelves were filled in the 1850s, the ceiling (and barrel room) was raised to accommodate even more books. Today, the Living Room Library has 200,000 old books.

Best Public Libraries In The World

Libraries In London: 15 Brilliant, Book Filled Spots To Visit

Opened in 1776, the largest monastic library in the world, this magnificent baroque library was designed by architect Joseph Huber. Following the ideals of the Enlightenment, he once said, “Spaces, like our knowledge, must be filled with light.” The result is this airy master suite with bookshelves. Of particular note are the seven ceiling frescoes by Bartholomew Altomonte and the limestone sculptures by Joseph Steimel.

When public representatives voted on plans for Vancouver’s new central library, they abandoned more traditional structures in favor of a radical plan by Israeli-Canadian architect Moshe Safdie in collaboration with DA Architects. Thus, today you’ll find a Colosseum-esque radial wall full of public spaces for reading and relaxing in the heart of Vancouver.

Best Public Libraries In The World

The New York Public Library’s 1911 Beaux Arts flagship, designed by Carrey and Hastings, is one of the city’s top tourist attractions.

Most Beautiful Libraries

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