Biography Diana Princess Of Wales

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To commemorate the 26th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, royal fans may want to delve into books about the late princess. From biographies about the late Princess of Wales (allegedly) told in her own words to a sweeping investigation into the House of Windsor, here are six Princess Diana books worth your time — and a welcome addition to your library .

Biography Diana Princess Of Wales

Biography Diana Princess Of Wales

This exhaustively researched telling of Diana’s life story is essential reading for anyone interested in how she became an icon and the battles she endured to secure her legacy. Not a quick read – Brown, former editor

A Real Life Fairy Tale: Princess Diana

Andrew Morton’s blockbuster biography was first published in 1992 and caused a stir with its revelations about Diana’s unhappy relationship with Prince Charles, her complicated relationship with the Queen and a host of other secrets that got the tabloids. The source of Morton’s devastating information? The princess herself. An updated version of the book is out now, with more culled from the tapes that Morton and Diana took during their long, candid and always poignant conversations.

Biography Diana Princess Of Wales

For the visual learners among us, this guide brings together more than 100 images of Princess Diana from throughout her life, and also includes memories of her from famous fans, including Bill Clinton, Mother Teresa and Elton John. Foreword by Tina Brown who wrote

This 1992 bestseller, written by troubled British aristocrat Lady Colin Campbell – who has also written books about the Queen Mother and Prince Harry – was initially dismissed as too much gossip to be true, but some of the their claims have proven over the years. It’s not a book to turn to for a definitive look at the late princess’s life, but it’s a fun, lively read and a great way to round out your royal reading list.

Biography Diana Princess Of Wales

Lady Diana Spencer, Later Princess Of Wales Honoured With Blue Plaque

Biographer Kitty Kelley has applied her occasionally venomous pen to a wide variety of names in bold, from Frank Sinatra to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. In this extensive inquiry into the Windsor family, published in 1997, he turns his sights on the British royal family and seriously smears Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and, of course, Princess Diana. The book was not published in England due to strict libel laws (it was released in the United States immediately after Diana’s death to a mixed reception), but it became a bestseller and remains one of the most talked about books of the real books. of all times.

Looking for a more kid-friendly version of Diana’s story? Consider this picture book about the late Princess of Wales, which tells the story of her life from childhood to her marriage to Prince Charles, with a particular emphasis on her philanthropy.

Biography Diana Princess Of Wales

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Biography Diana Princess Of Wales

The ‘lost’ memoirs of King Edward VIII are to be published. Martin is still working on The Winds of Winter The forgotten heroes who gave us our dictionary Cleo Wade’s Guide to Life A sensational biography of Princess Diana, co-written with her and now featuring new material exclusive to mark the 20th anniversary of his death. .

When Diana: Her True Story was first published in 1992, it changed the public’s view of the British monarchy forever. The first biography from the New York Times bestseller, which was initially received with disbelief and derision, became a unique literary classic, not only for its explosive content, but also for Diana’s intimate involvement in the publication. Never has a senior member of the royal family spoken so raw and unfiltered about his unhappy marriage, his relationship with the Queen, his extraordinary life in the Windsor family, his hopes, fears and dreams . Now, twenty-five years later, biographer Andrew Morton has revisited the secret footage he and the late princess took to reveal startling new insights into her life and mind. In this completely revised edition of his historic biography, Morton reflects on Diana’s legacy and its meaning for the modern royal family.

Biography Diana Princess Of Wales

Biography Of Diana, Princess Of Wales

An icon in life and a legend in death, Diana continues to fascinate. Diana: Her true story in her own words is the closest thing to her autobiography.

Even from a distance of 25 years, this is an unbelievable story. Hollywood producers rejected the script as too farfetched; a beautiful but desperate princess, an unknown writer, an amateur broker and a book that would change the princess’s life forever.

Biography Diana Princess Of Wales

In 1991, Princess Diana was approaching 30. She had been in the spotlight her entire adult life. The Archbishop of Canterbury described her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981 as a “fairy tale”. In the popular imagination, the prince and princess, blessed with two young sons, Princes William and Harry, were the glamorous and endearing face of the Windsor family. The very idea that their ten-year marriage was in serious trouble was unimaginable—even to the notoriously imaginative tabloid press. Commenting on their joint tour of Brazil that year, the Sunday Mirror described them as presenting a “united front to the world”, their closeness causing a “tremor of excitement” in the mainstream media.

Diana Princess Of Wales By Trevor Hall 1982 First English

Soon after, I learned the raw truth. The unlikely scene of these extraordinary revelations was a working-class cafe in the anonymous London suburb of Ruislip. As the workers noisily tucked into plates of eggs, bacon, and baked beans, I put on my headphones, turned on the battered VCR, and listened in growing amazement to the unmistakable voice of the princess as she poured out her tale of woe. . a rapid stream of consciousness. It was like being transported into a parallel universe, the princess talked about her unhappiness, feelings of betrayal, suicide attempts and two things I had never heard of: bulimia nervosa, an eating disorder and a woman named Camilla.

Biography Diana Princess Of Wales

I left the coffee shaken and could not believe what I had heard. It was like being welcomed into an underground club that kept a secret. A dangerous secret. Walking home that evening, I pushed well away from the edge of the subway platform, the same paranoia running through my mind that infected the movie All the President’s Men , about President Nixon, the Watergate break-in, and the subsequent investigation by Woodward and Bernstein. .

For almost ten years I wrote about the royal family and was part of the media circus that followed their work as they traveled the world. It was, as the members of the so-called “Royal Rats” said, the most fun you could have had. I met Prince Charles and Princess Diana several times at the press receptions they held at the beginning of each tour. The conversations with the princess were light, bright and banal, usually about my strong bonds.

Biography Diana Princess Of Wales

Princess Diana: A Little Golden Book Biography: Fry, Sonali, Hibbert, Hollie: 9780593703854: Books

However, the life of the royal journalist was not happy for long. There was a lot of hard work behind the scenes at the Theater Royal, contacts at Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace, where the Welsh occupied apartments eight and nine to learn about royal life while painting fat has been removed. Having written books about life in the various palaces, the fortunes of the royal family and a biography of the Duchess of York and other works, I got to know many friends and the royal staff quite well and I think I had a good idea of what was going on behind the wrought iron gates. Nothing prepared me for this.

My introduction to the truth came thanks to the man in charge of the tape recorder. dr. I first met James Colthurst in October 1986 on a routine royal visit, when he accompanied Diana after opening a new CT scanner in her X-ray department at St Thomas’ Hospital in central London. After tea and biscuits, I asked him about Diana’s visit. It soon became clear that Colthurst, an Old Etonian and the son of a baronet whose family owned Blarney Castle in Ireland for more than a century, had known the princess for years.

Biography Diana Princess Of Wales

I thought I could make a useful contact. He was friendly with us and enjoyed a game of squash in the courtyard of St Thomas before sitting down to a great meal at a nearby Italian restaurant. Chatty but distracted, James was happy to talk about any subject but the princess. Of course, he knew her well enough to visit her when she was a single girl living with friends at Coleherne Court, Kensington, and hear her moan about Prince Charles. They also went on a skiing holiday in France with a group of friends. When she was elevated to the role of Princess of Wales, she was characterized by easy domesticity

What ‘spencer’ Gets Right About Princess Diana

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