Boxes From Around The World

Boxes From Around The World – An Asian snack box is a way for adventurous foodies to get an insight into the world of junky and healthy Asian snacks. For example, you can find classic Chinese munchies or discover delicious Japanese snacks when you order these Asian treats.

So by having one of these packages delivered right to your door, you get a taste of the world at your fingertips.

Boxes From Around The World

Boxes From Around The World

We’ve tested the following treats to help you find the perfect Asian snack box. So read on to find some of the best Asian snack box brands available to curious snackers around the world.

Cardboard Boxes Around The World

Founded in 2015, Tokyo Treat has delighted millions of customers worldwide with its Asian snack box and delicious content. Their curatorial team works hard to bring you a solid selection of Japanese delicacies every month.

Boxes From Around The World

They also provide customers with a food guide and information about Japan through blogs and other social media. In addition, the subscription-based service allows you to explore a pack full of exciting Japanese sweets and snacks once a month.

Sharing delicious light Japanese desserts with the rest of the world, Tokyo Treat strives to provide interesting finds of treats worth trying. | Picture of joeyangel_

Boxes From Around The World

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You will love the rare Japanese soda flavors and exotic Japanese sweets that Tokyo Treat sends you. Not only are the Japanese delicacies delicious, but their distinctive packaging and aesthetic design are also extremely exciting.

Each Tokyo Treat box will be different so your snacking and snacking routine will never be boring. Depending on your subscription, you’ll receive twelve to seventeen full-sized treats from Japan. Tokyo Treat has a balance of salty treats, chocolate and gummies for a well-rounded Asian snack box.

Boxes From Around The World

Bokksu is often called the best Asian snack box on Reddit. Subreddits like r/SubscriptionBoxes often make comparisons, and Bokksu is often rated highly by Reddit users. So this is a big achievement for Bokksu!

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We tested it ourselves and found that Bokksu lives up to its online reputation! The highlight for us was the delicious selection of Japanese delicacies included. For example, we loved getting Sakura themed gum and traditional too

Boxes From Around The World

Bokksu curates a different theme each month with their snack boxes featuring a wonderful set of treats from Japan. | Picture from bokksu

Danny Taing founded Bokksu in 2016 after visiting Japan. Since then, he has been obsessed with all their delicious possibilities. Since then, Bokksu has grown by leaps and bounds, living up to Taing’s goal of sharing authentic Japanese food and flavors with the world.

Boxes From Around The World

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Bokksu offers a monthly subscription service that includes Japanese tea, snacks, rewards, etc. For added fun, they also provide a different themed package each month. They also send special treats inspired by Japanese holidays and festivals.

Bokksu offers delicious treats in its delicious Asian snack boxes. Indulge, for example, with Sakura Mochi, Senbei rice crackers and Japanese cakes filled with exotic flavours.

Boxes From Around The World

If you’re looking for an Asian snack box without a subscription, Mashi Box might be just what you need. We love Mashi Box for its flexibility to deliver packages of different sizes. For example, you can choose their mini, original or deluxe packages, whatever suits your wishes (

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An original package from Mashi Box with 25 unique delicacies from Asia. | Image by mymashibox

Boxes From Around The World

If you choose to purchase an Authentic Asian Snack Box, you will receive twenty-five items in this package:

If you’re not ready to go big, you can buy one of the Asian mini snack boxes to try a few bites. The mini contains eighteen items in the package:

Boxes From Around The World

A Year Of Boxes™

Mashi also donates a portion of its proceeds to Feeding America. Feeding America provides food to needy families across the pond. So when you buy a Mashi Box to fill your belly with unique treats, you’re also giving back to the less fortunate.

Are you a fan of all things Korean like us? Then fly to K-dreamland with Korea Box’s collection of K-Pop, K-Beauty and Korean snack boxes!

Boxes From Around The World

We think the Korea box is a great option for an Asian snack subscription box in the UK and US. The pack includes fan favorites like tteok pies, grape jelly, seafood chips and more! So indulge your taste buds with unique Korean foods that will satisfy adventurous snackers.

Around The World In 24 Wines Box

The Korea Box coin packs are made with love from Korea and suit the preferences of Kpop and Korean snack lovers. | Image by nat_royxox

Boxes From Around The World

Once you have placed your order, it takes five to ten business days to ship. In addition, you will receive an estimated delivery time in your shipping confirmation email.

Korea Box makes the payment process very simple. In addition, they also offer a subscription model for their packages. We think this is perfect for anyone looking to keep their pantry stocked with Korean goodies!

Boxes From Around The World

The 23 Best International Subscription Boxes Of 2023: Travel The World Through A Box

You will enjoy some amazing Korean snacks such as butter flavored waffles, rice cake cakes, rib flavored nachos as well as 17 different types of Korean tea. So any adventurous snacker who wants to enjoy authentic Korean flavors should try Korea Box!

Indian delicacies are also on our list! If you want to enjoy the bold, mouth-watering flavors of India, then we recommend IndiFix!

Boxes From Around The World

IndiFix is ​​the only Indian snack subscription that can give you a taste of India’s most popular delicacies. For example, they cover a wide variety including fig rolls, soy-based munchies, high-protein chickpea chips and more!

Guatemala International Snack Box

When we tried IndiFix’s snack pack, our favorite item was the instant Chai tea packs! Rich, creamy and sweet, we loved the chai drink they sent!

Boxes From Around The World

Best of all, all IndiFix bites are 100% vegetarian. However, note that the treats are ovo-lacto-vegetarian. In other words, some of the treats may include dairy and eggs. Some products may be gluten-free, halal or vegan, but this is not guaranteed.

You can choose a Super Fix subscription that includes more than twenty of India’s most popular light meals. Alternatively, purchase an Original Fix subscription with over a dozen curated Indian delicacies.

Boxes From Around The World

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You can also make a difference by buying an IndiBox. IndiBox will donate a meal to a needy Indian child for every snack pack you buy. In India, three hundred million children go to bed hungry every night, so your purchase is doing real, tangible good in the world.

Unha’s No-Subscription Asian Snack Box Variety Pack offers thirty-six snacks from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. All the different snacks are also individually wrapped in an elegantly curated bundle. Therefore, it works perfectly as a high-quality gift for friends and loved ones.

Boxes From Around The World

Unha’s Asian Snack Box brings a lot of different flavors in one box that everyone would really enjoy. | Image by unhas_asian_snack

Best Asian Snack Box: Variety Snack Packs For A Taste Of Asia In 2023!

Your taste buds will enjoy authentic Asian flavors as you eat gummies, candies, cookies and more. In addition, there are more spicy offers for the most daring foodies. There are also milder flavors and decadent sweets to enjoy.

Boxes From Around The World

Enjoy unique Asian snacks such as salty seaweed chips, Japanese corn puffs, different Korean flavors of Oreo cookies and more.

Once you try Unha’s variety pack, you’ll be filling all your bags, backpacks and pockets with these portable snacks. Plus, you can try some of the best snack brands in these Asian snack boxes, and they’ll stay fresh longer with individual packaging.

Boxes From Around The World

Combo Pack Of Two Activity Boxes World Box, Explore India Box For 4 11 Year Old

You’ll receive 20 to 22 premium curated items to explore the best snacks and treats Korea has to offer. Inside are ten to twelve meatless foods, a Korean beauty treatment, a Korean lifestyle item or two, and a full-sized Korean drink.

Seoulbox offers a range of signature Korean drinks and snacks right to your door all the way from the exciting city of Seoul. | Image by unboxyourseoul

Boxes From Around The World

Along with delicious Korean bites, My Seoul Bow also offers K-Pop merchandise and K-Beauty items to fully immerse their customers in all that Korean culture has to offer.

A Closer Look At March’s Subscription Box

You will find delicious Korean delicacies such as Korean BBQ Chips, Green Tea Brownies, Honey Butter Almonds and world famous Hot Chicken Noodles. Plus, My Seoul Box even drops Korean skincare products and K-Pop accessories!

Boxes From Around The World

Each curated Seoul Box lets you experience an unexplored facet of Korean food and culture. Introduce yourself to the world of K-Pop stars and discover secret travel tips that will lead you to new Asian culinary adventures.

Your Seoul Box will be shipped within two or three business days of your purchase, and will take two to five days to arrive at your door.

Boxes From Around The World

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Shogun offers a fantastic selection of Japanese sweets and snacks in this unique Dagashi pack. It is filled with thirty of the most famous Japanese candies, specially designed for your snacking pleasure.

In Japanese culture, Dagashi refers to cheap sweets that children can buy with their allowance money. So these traditional delicacies date back to the Edo period, which lasted from 1603 to 1868.

Boxes From Around The World

Shogun’s Dagashi Pack boasts a premium selection of Japanese sweets and snacks reminiscent of the taste of traditional Japanese confections. You will find Japanese delicacies, grazing food, cookies, gum, cookies and many other Japanese-style sweets.

Around The World In 12 Coffees

There are also exotic options such as Jagariko, Umaibo, Maken gummies and Kuppie

Boxes From Around The World

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