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Breaking News Channel 5 Today – Nashville, Tenn. (WTVF) – “Broken,” a news special that aired on NewsChannel 5, takes an in-depth look at the station’s historic investigation into Tennessee’s juvenile justice system.

“Broken” was an 18-month operation led by senior investigative reporter Phil Williams and photographer Brian Staples, joined by members of the entire NewsChannel 5 investigative team and other highly regarded child abuse reporters in our city.

Breaking News Channel 5 Today

Breaking News Channel 5 Today

Project Goal: We didn’t want viewers to see criminals or “bad guys” as shown on TV news. Instead, the series invited us viewers to “see the child” when the system failed.

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“This is when you see and tell us what to do if we want to see change,” said veteran activist Ashford Hughes Sr. “This is a serious health problem.”

Breaking News Channel 5 Today

The approach to this important work was unprecedented in local journalism, and Williams used a little-known area of ​​research in Tennessee law to obtain eight years of criminal information.

Although the data did not contain names, by examining the charges and specific dates of crimes known to the public, the research team gained a unique understanding of the path leading up to the murder.

Breaking News Channel 5 Today

Vehicle Crash In Lower Valley; 5 Injured 1 Extricated From Vehicle

Tennessee juvenile judges issued a joint statement in early 2020 warning that the state’s juvenile justice system has “reached a crisis point.”

A federal audit released in December 2020 confirmed many of our investigation’s findings, including the failure of DCS caseworkers to provide adequate supervision to released offenders.

Breaking News Channel 5 Today

DCS has begun to reform poor practices that keep violent youth off the streets with minimal supervision. From October 2020, an electronic monitoring unit was established to monitor the most violent criminals around the clock.

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