Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery – Being in the public eye can be tough—especially when you’re trying to lose weight. For many stars, there is societal pressure to look their best 100 percent of the time and intense weight control. These celebrities were open and honest about weight loss surgery – here’s what they shared about their journey.

After a near-fatal heart attack in August 2012, Rosie O’Donnell (she was 50 at the time) was told by doctors that she needed to lose weight. So the former host of the show spent a year trying to get under 200 kilos with a naturally healthy diet and exercise routine.

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

In July 2013, he had gastric bypass surgery that “changed his life,” he told People in 2016. “In my opinion, [this surgery is] something that needs a little more attention for morbidly obese people. . a lifetime,” said Rosie. “That really helped me.

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The woman who knows how to make a joke out of anything (even herself) revealed on the Dr. Oz Show in 2012 that her weight was not something she laughed about on stage. Years of emotional eating and trying to lose weight – even buying a house in a spa in the hope that it would help – led Lisa Lampanelli to opt for gastric bypass surgery in 2012.

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

“For 32 years – from 18 to 50 – I tried everything on the planet, and when I had a clean slate, I was like, you know what? Nothing is working for me. I’m going to treat it’s like an addiction, it’s. I’m going to do this operation and use it as a tool. This is it, a tool to help me through it,” he said to Dr. Oz after the procedure. Lisa lost 80 pounds by eating small meals (a result of the surgery), taking multivitamins, and keeping up with exercise.

Judge was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, which led Randy to seek surgical methods to control his weight, according to WebMD: “Fluid fasting. Bee stings. Pregnant women’s urine. You name it. I’ve tried it. Problem is, don’t diet. work in people with the disease of obesity.”

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

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In 2003, Randy had gastric bypass surgery and lost 100 pounds. when he started to gain some of the weight back, he started exercising regularly and eating healthy. “I go to the doctor four times a year to see where my sugar is. It’s good for me to stay on top of my body because health is the greatest wealth we can have in the world,” he told WebMD.

Carnie Wilson of the pop group Wilson Phillips weighed more than 300 pounds before her first weight loss surgery in 1999. She lost 150 pounds after gastric bypass surgery, but said

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

Carnie decided to give it a second go in 2012, but this time she opted for lap band surgery. Just a few months after the procedure, the singer said

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

That he lost 30 kilos: “It was the right decision for me and I’m doing really well so far. It’s all about taking good care of myself.”

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

, that he promised his father on his deathbed that he would lose weight-which led to

Al underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2002 but was concerned about possible resistance. In his first interview about his process, Al said

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

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: “In this country, if you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, you can get treatment. If you have a problem with weight, it’s a lack of will: ‘Just push yourself away from the table, penguin, and you will lose weight.’ But you can stop drinking, you can stop sticking the needle in your arm

Eat.” Even though Al made some mistakes, he was always open about them, and that’s the hardest part.

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

Judge and wife Ozzy Osborne lost 125 pounds after undergoing laparoscopic surgery in 1999. However, the star opened up about the serious problems he faced after the procedure.

Gastric Bypass Surgery: I Could Not Control What I Eat Anymore

After the procedure, he became very ill, so he withdrew from the group in 2006. “I struggled with my weight all my life. I was fat and I lost weight,” he said.

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

As you know I got the tape and lost a lot of weight but it made me sick. That’s why I had to remove it. But when I took it off, I gained about 45 pounds.” Since eating healthy and exercising, she has lost the pounds.

Gabourey Sidibe underwent tummy tuck surgery in 2016 after working out regularly with a trainer in an attempt to lose weight on his own. According to his memoir, This Is Just My Face, when he and his brother were diagnosed with diabetes type 2, the Oscar-nominated star finally decided to undergo the procedure because he “did not want to worry about all the consequences that go along. and diabetes,” he said.

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

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: “Even though I obsess about everything, I’m scared and nervous, talking about it- it scares me. I always remember to believe about fear, because my decision is my decision and it really only affects me.” Now she eats five small meals a day, works out three to four days a week with a trainer and says she’s finally in a place where she loves her body.

The sitcom star has always been candid about her weight over the years, including undergoing gastric bypass surgery in 1998 when she reached 350 pounds.

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

In an interview with WebMD, Roseanne opened up and got a little more vulnerable: “Pushing and shoving is fine if people feel like doing it. But it comes from a sense of insecurity … it’s like a walking advertisement for ‘insecurity. .'” “After losing 80 pounds, Roseanne had a tummy tuck to get rid of excess skin.

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. At one point, he weighed 460 pounds and dropped to 137 pounds by the end of the season.

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

Mama June went from a size 18 to a 4 and had excess skin removed as well as a breast augmentation after weight loss. But he admitted on the show how difficult the process was for him (via E Online): “Doing all the operations really took a toll on me – not only physically, but emotionally.”

Judge Graham received a sleeve gastrectomy to reduce his height by 400 pounds. The reason he did it? So that he can play with his children. “Weight is something I’ve struggled with my whole life,” Graham said

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

Celebrities Who’ve Had Weight Loss Surgery

. “It’s hard to get in and out of the car, tie a shoe or play with the kids.”

Graham opted for a sleeve gastrectomy, which reduced the size of her stomach, so she could still continue her work and not restrict her diet. “Given my line of work, the doctor specifically thinks that this is the best operation for me,” he said.

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

. “With gastric bypass and other surgeries, there are certain ingredients you can’t eat because they will make you sick. This procedure allows me to always taste and try everything.”

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Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

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Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

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9 Best Exercises to Burn Calories, Best-Class Food Delivery Services 15 Low-Calorie Alcohol for Weight Loss 17 Tips for Walking a Calorie-Burning Exercise There’s no shame in getting surgical help when it comes to weight loss. Many stars have turned to gastric bypass surgery and other procedures to help them lose weight and keep it off in the long run.

One celebrity who has kept her procedure private is Kelly Osbourne. She did not reveal that she had the sleeve procedure until she announced in August 2020 that she had lost 85 pounds. She later revealed on the “Hollywood Raw” podcast, “I’ve had surgery. I don’t judge what anybody has to say.’

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

“I did a gastric sleeve. All it does is change the shape of your stomach. I got it almost two years ago,” he explained, adding that he still has to work hard to keep the pounds off. “The type of surgery I had… if you don’t exercise and eat well, you gain weight. All it will do is move you in the right direction,” he said. “So anyone who is thinking about doing something like this is really thinking about it.”

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“I had to do a year of self-therapy to prepare myself

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery

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