Celebrity Cruise Ship Eclipse Deck Plan

Celebrity Cruise Ship Eclipse Deck Plan – These are the final plans for the popular Eclipse Continental deck. offers a complete floor plan for the popular Eclipse Continental floor plan. Just hover your mouse over any room and a pop-up will appear with detailed information, including a full description and floor plan, along with links to photos and/or videos.

The following is a list of all cabins we have photos or videos of on this deck on this ship and on our sister ships. Click on any of the featured links to view images and/or videos (

Celebrity Cruise Ship Eclipse Deck Plan

Celebrity Cruise Ship Eclipse Deck Plan

= video available). Photo booth links are exclusive to members and limited to official websites

Celebrity Eclipse Deck Plans: Ship Layout, Staterooms & Map

Cabin Inspection Tool Here are some tips to keep in mind when searching for cabins in this category. There may be other issues that we haven’t seen, and if you know of any that we haven’t listed, please write to us and let us know so we can add them to the list.

Celebrity Cruise Ship Eclipse Deck Plan

Floors: 6 Floors * View-blocking cabins will have lifeboats or boat constructions that block the view when looking down from the balcony but the forward view is clear, however some blocked cabins have lifeboats or lifeboat lifts that reach the top line and this will obstruct the view when disembarking (Large ships) of life is for cabins 6188 to 6206 on the port side and 6187 to 6205 on the port side) * Go ahead and choose cabins 6108 to 6118 or 6109 to 6121 if you want to be able to see the floor clearly. the water from the balcony (6108, 6118, 6109, 6121 is not private as he can see it and can see it from the cabin next to them) * Choose the cabin between 6216 to 6234 and 6217 to 6235) if you want to be able to see it from the balcony and unobstructed* 9 balconies on both sides of the aft side of the ship will have a large flat metal roof 10 feet or more from the end of the balcony blocking the view when looking down* Aft facing balconies are semi-private and can be seen from the deck above. * The main cabins on this deck are 6155, 6156, 6209, 6210, 6214, 6215, 6236, 6237, 6240, 6241. * Soot problems have been observed in cabins facing the rear of the ship. Soot can be a problem depending on wind and weather conditions. * The interior of this floor is above or below the main theater and may be noisy for concerts or rehearsals.

A flow line separates the different categories (interior, sea view, balcony) into sub-categories. The only difference between the classes is usually the boat. The above description shows the color, class name, and description name. For more information, hover your mouse over the top of the window and the window will open. You’ll find designs, photos and information about this class of cabin, including square footage and features.

Celebrity Cruise Ship Eclipse Deck Plan

Celebrity Cruises Worldwide Brochure 2014 2015

Famous people use numbers to describe categories. The lower the number, the more desirable the party. Inside cabins are numbered from 9 to 12. Ocean view cabins are numbered from 4 to 8. Terrace cabins are numbered from 1 to 2, but have a letter after the number to further break down the category. The closer the letter is to the beginning of the alphabet, the more desirable the cup. That’s why balcony 1A is more popular than 1C. The only exception is that the rear facing balcony is the most sought after and is labeled SV which stands for Sunset Verandah.

The terrace door is labeled FV. Reception rooms begin with the letter C after the number. Aquaclass cabins start with the letter A followed by a number. Sky Suites starts with the letter S followed by a number. Popular Suite labeled CS. The Royal Suite is labeled RS. The Penthouse is labeled PS.

Celebrity Cruise Ship Eclipse Deck Plan

The width of the bedroom door is 37 inches. The width of the bathroom door is 37 inches. The balcony door is between 37 and 38 inches. The height of the toilet is 19 inches.

Celebrity Infinity: Deck Plan & Amenities

Automatic room doors. There is no front door to the room. Limits in the bathroom. Bathroom accessories. Lower the pit and basin. Wheelchair accessible. The rain stops. Hands washed. Below are the cabinet bars. The diameter of five meters in the cabin is achieved in many ways (except for the front with a split bed. T-convertible is available).

Celebrity Cruise Ship Eclipse Deck Plan

2 Medical 3 Plaza 4 Promenade 5 Recreation 6 Continent 7 Sun 8 Vista 9 Panorama 10 Sky 11 Penthouse 12 Resort 14 Lido 15 Grass 16 Solstice The ship’s health center includes the Canyon Ranch Spaclub (formerly AquaSpa, open 8-8 p.m.) , a sport. Center (free gym, open between 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m., with a private studio for aerobics classes), Persian Garden (extra charge per day – sauna, steam room, aromatherapy, rain shower), relaxation room (extra charge per day – solar heating, thermal suite), treatment room, hairdressing (salon, barber), changing rooms (male/female), balance (cosmetic treatment, open between 8-20), acupuncture (open between 8-22). ), Spa Reception (order). Elemis stores (small shops) sell premium spa products and cosmetics.

Spa Cafe (48 seats) is a free sun bar open for breakfast (7:30-10:00) and lunch (12-14:30). The menu includes low-calorie, organic foods and healthy foods.

Celebrity Cruise Ship Eclipse Deck Plan

Celebrity Eclipse Itinerary, Current Position, Ship Review

Sunroom with glass roof (adults only Sunroom/swimming pool, with 2 hot tubs; open 7:00 – 23:00), Sun & Beach Store (kiosk selling sunglasses, hats, swimwear), Sundries, Pool Bar (outdoor bar, soft drinks, cold food), Slush (cold drink bar).

Sports pool (with 2 hot tubs/hot tubs), family pool (with 2 hot tubs), wet area (outdoor children’s and youth playground with jets and fountains)

Celebrity Cruise Ship Eclipse Deck Plan

The cruise ships from 2101 to 2157, all of which are accommodations in categories S1-S2 (Sky Suites) and C1-C2 (Reception Class).

Celebrity Apex: Deck Plan & Amenities

Your personal information will be processed and information from your device (such as cookies, personal identifiers and other device information) may be stored by, accessed and shared with third-party vendors, or otherwise used on this website or application. Some vendors may process your personal data based on legitimate interests, which you can opt out of using your options below. Find the link at the bottom of this page or in the privacy policy where you can download the license. The Celebrity Theater (see Eclipse Theatre, 1115 seats; low rating 1 of 3) is the ship’s main theater with a large stage for large music and evening shows. Entertainment includes guest performances, dancers, musicians, magicians, stand-up artists, and poetry readings. Highlights of the evening include “Ovations” (Broadway-style-production), “Edge” (song and dance) and “The Eclipse Show” (acrobatics-pretzel-style). The theater also conducts a variety of daily activities (teachings related to methods related to experts and media presentations, bingo, trivia, seminars and workshops).

Celebrity Cruise Ship Eclipse Deck Plan

The Atrium “Grand Foyer” is a 3-story long nave with an open floor plan, live music entertainment, daily auctions and various presentations. Passport Bar is an Atrium lobby with a grand piano (live music entertainment).

Shore Excursions Check-in Desk (reservations, information), Guest Relations (reception) provides 24-hour guest services (cash, luggage, assistance, information, reservations, reservations).

Celebrity Cruise Ship Eclipse Deck Plan

Celebrity Eclipse Deck 6 Plan

Luminae (92 seats) is an exclusive restaurant for suite guests (excluding Junior suites). Luminae is free, with open seating, divided into 2 areas, with its own galle (kitchen) and open daily for breakfast (8-9:30am), dinner (10:30am – 1:00pm, only on the beach), lunch. (1-2 p.m., port days only) at night (6-9:30 p.m.). Catering to high-end travelers, Restaurant Luminae offers the best furniture (white and yellow), the best food, the best atmosphere, the best service. The interior is rich in gold and black, with lots of mirrors, chrome and glass, lots of light from floor to ceiling windows. The cuisine is international, with fresh (local) ingredients, excellent seafood and meat selections. The menu (limited to 4 appetizers, 5 main courses, 3 desserts, including burgers and sandwiches) changes daily depending on the cruise ship (ports of call and region/destination) and time of year (season). Menu items include Maine lobster salad, Alaskan halibut, roast beef tartare, cote de boeuf (beef ribs), venison, ragout, fried squab (pigeon), hand-crafted dishes. Luminae also has an extensive beer list (over 400 to choose from) and offers a gourmet dessert basket and daily specials on fine chocolates. The waiters are highly trained – attentive, knowledgeable about each dish and can make wine recommendations.

Moonlight Sonata Restaurant (aft, 1402 seats) is the ship’s main dining room (MDR). The restaurant is free and on the 2nd floor (connected by two stairs). It has floor-to-ceiling windows and two tall floors surrounded by wine glass (a tall staircase is used to reach the bottles on the upper level). Moonlight Sonata Room offers breakfast (7-9am, Deck 3), lunch (sea days only – between 12:00pm and 1:30pm, Room 4/Up), afternoon tea (4-5pm) and dinner (with 2 reserved seats – early 18:00 and 20:30). “My Lunch Time” (6-9:30 p.m. seating

Celebrity Cruise Ship Eclipse Deck Plan

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