Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands

Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands – “How do you know that?” a friend exclaims indignantly when I tell her that Armie Hammer appears to be a cannibal. “It must be a ridiculous conspiracy theory, just like Avril Lavigne being replaced by a doppelganger,” adds the other girlfriend. Before I answer directly, I pause because “I saw it on Instagram” feels like the millennial equivalent of “I read it on Facebook.” But then I mention DeuxMoi.

Thanks to social media, you can say that citizen journalism is a thing. Instagram accounts where news is spread are popping up like mushrooms. So you have @cestmocro – my personal favorite. This account collects and distributes Dutch and Belgian news like crazy, but targets a younger audience (and by that we mean what young people actually watch or read, and not what

Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands

Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands

There are also many accounts that collect and distribute celebrity news in the Netherlands, but especially internationally it is a thing. And these accounts are only slightly popular. No wonder, because now that everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, countless reporters are within reach to give the accounts the latest news (including the photos). This results in the accounts being able to bring news earlier than the traditional gossip sites that we have known for years.

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That’s exactly how DeuxMoi works. Advisors—many of whom claim to be close to celebrities (such as assistants, friends of friends, publicists, nannies, drivers, or maybe even celebrities themselves)—disclose their inside information to DeuxMoi by sending a DM or email to the account. To keep their identity a secret (and probably to avoid violating many NDAs), they often begin the tip with the request “Anon please.” (anonymous thanks).

Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands

What follows is celebrity gossip. This ranges from innocent gossip, such as Chris Evans always ordering a ham sandwich at his local sandwich shop in Massachusetts, to shocking stories – Armie Hammer appearing to be a cannibal.

Those who go through all the emails and DMs of celebrity gossip, looking for relevant or very funny tips (and there are quite a few, according to DeuxMoi, she receives hundreds of tips a week); we don’t know that. All that is known about the face behind DeuxMoi is that it is an anonymous woman from New York (

Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands

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What we do know is that the woman wasn’t even that obsessed with celebrity news originally. She first started the Instagram account to promote a lifestyle website she started in 2013 with a friend. When the two stopped using this site around 2015, the anonymous woman decided to keep the account. After all, 45,000 followers have already signed up.

“That was the day I was sent home from work and I knew we were going to be quarantined indefinitely. I think it was March 18. I just asked the question ‘Have you ever met any celebrities and would you like to share?'” it began literally.

Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands

Responses from followers soon poured in — the first tip to come in was about Leonardo DiCaprio — and DeuxMoi later posted screenshots of it on her stories.

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Anonymous insiders sharing celebrity news; it all sounds very good, but how reliable is the news if someone could send it? DeuxMoi clearly states in her account that she does not control the gossip she receives: “I’m not investigating anymore. I’m not a reporter.”

Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands

But sometimes she leaves damaging information out of the emails or changes the names to make it a blind item. This is a method also used by gossip sites such as

. When the news appears in the traditional media, DeuxMoi can confirm this news.

Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands

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When you read something about DeuxMoi, it’s really a rumor, not a confirmed fact. However, the account has been correct countless times. For example, DeuxMoi knew that Beyoncé was on the cover of British Vogue

Two weeks before it came out. Emily Ratajowski’s pregnancy was also predicted weeks before she announced it herself.

Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands

What makes DeuxMoi so popular is having even more access to celebrities. Through the social media accounts of the celebrities themselves, we already get a much greater insight than ever before, but that insight is curated. They decide exactly what to show, and more importantly, what to leave out. And then we didn’t even talk about what is shown, but that’s really not the case.

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Many of DeuxMoi’s followers are not even looking for scandal, but rather want to know the small, human ways of the big names, so that they can see that they are also human. Questions like “How does Adam Sandler react when you ask him for a picture?” or “What does Hailey Bieber always order from this restaurant?” is certainly not strange.

Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands

“a strange social experiment where an online community comes together.” When it comes to ordering celebrity coffee, the baristas have their say, and when the topic is flying, the flight attendants comment on meeting a celebrity.

Eventually, the creator of the DeuxMoi account hopes to create a paid platform, but for now, she shares all the information for free. And her followers are very grateful to her for that, because DeuxMoi’s boredom has ensured that her readers certainly don’t have to. Getty Images (3); Canvas

Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands

Emmys Red Carpet 2022: The Best Hair And Makeup Looks

, due to its promising reviews. (It will be released on September 23, but premiered at the Venice International Film Festival [PDF] earlier this month.) Or it might be on your radar because of the off-camera drama surrounding the cast and crew’s rumored feuds, snubs, bad blood . , and matters of the heart (including romance between director Wilde and star Harry Styles).

We won’t promise all the details again; BuzzFeed News has already done so, and Variety, Harper’s Bazaar and Page Six have all reported on the rumours. Additionally, several cast and crew posted their opinions on their own social media channels fueling the gossip.

Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands

While you wonder what the truth is behind these rumors, the media frenzy surrounding them may also make you wonder: Why do we care so much about celebrity drama? What is the psychology behind our cultural obsession with gossip? Here’s what two psychologists have to say.

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Gossip is so central to our cultural psyche that the American Psychological Association (APA) has its own definition. According to the APA dictionary, gossip consists of personal talk or the communication of information that is often unsubstantiated and may be (but not necessarily) scandalous in content or malicious in intent. Gossip affects group bonding, and also has major implications for the transmission and reinforcement of cultural norms, according to the APA.

Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands

“There are some people who try to classify gossip as negative or critical discussion about other people, but really gossip is just sharing social information with each other,” says David Ludden, PhD, department chair of the psychology department at Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville. When you talk about people who aren’t there, it’s gossip, Doctor. says Luden.

In a study published in April 2019 in the journal Social and Psychological Personality Science, researchers tried to find out what people gossip about. They found that among a group of 467 participants, about three-quarters of the gossip shared was neutral and rather boring, neither positive nor negative.

Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands

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Stephen Benning, PhD, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, says that gossip often refers to information about other people that is shared that those people prefer to keep private.

“We’re social animals and we need to be able to know what’s going on in social settings, so gossip is very useful,” says Ludden, who studies the psychology of language and how it shapes and is shaped by our social world.

Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands

He gives an example of asking coworkers how a meeting with the boss just went to get a sense of the boss’s mood and decide whether or not to ask for a favor. Essentially, gossip can help you go into social encounters more prepared for what’s to come. “I don’t have to meet someone directly to have any idea what they’re like because other people tell me about their encounters with them,” says Ludden.

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It can also be a way of building relationships. “Sharing gossip can connect people socially,” Dr. Benning says. “It provides a currency of private information that creates a shared sense of the community that has that information.” So gossip is especially persuasive for people who want to connect with others.

Celebrity Gossip Vertaling Nederlands

We also attract gossip for not so great reasons. – Sharing “juicy gossip” (the information that harms or demeans the person being talked about) is also a form of relational aggression, because it attacks people’s social status and their position on social networks, says Benning. People could engage in this

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