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Celebrity In Korean – Various Korean celebrities have spent time at university before or while working on their careers in the entertainment industry. With their admirable passion for learning, they truly deserve to be role models and idols among viewers and fans. Here are some Korean celebrities who were able to take a completely different path to entertainment and end up with shocking or unique college degrees.

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies; German Language and Faculty of Journalism and Communication, Kyung Hee University; editing cultural content

Celebrity In Korean

Celebrity In Korean

Seoul National University; Chemical Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology; Materials Science; and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne; Bioengineering (Ph.D.)

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These were some Korean celebrities who completed studies that could lead them to careers outside of the entertainment industry. Rather, they are role models themselves, especially in their persistence and constant passion to make their dreams come true. Who is your favorite Korean celebrity listed here and what are some other celebrities with unique or surprising college degrees?

Celebrity In Korean

High school student waits an hour outside the women’s restroom to catch a female student making illegal videos with a hidden camera

‘D-DAY’ by Agusta D (BTS SUGA) breaks the record for the biggest one-day sales of a solo album in the history of Hante

Celebrity In Korean

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BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK WORLD TOUR” becomes the highest-grossing girl group tour in history, surpassing Spice Girls, TLC and Destiny’s Child.

Allegations of ‘special treatment’ leveled against BTS members Jin & j-hope are based on the arrival of ‘many cars’ at the registration event. From K-pop celebrities to K-drama icons, they are house bulls and can be yours. future owner.

Celebrity In Korean

For these women, girbossing means owning real estate in South Korea’s expensive real estate market. And while that may seem like an easy task for K-celebs who seemingly bring in the big bucks, let’s not forget that most of them had to work their way up. According to Drake, these celebrities are “starting over now (they’re here).”

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Making headlines for her relationship with actor Lee Jong-suk in January, IU is one of the most popular celebrities in South Korea. However, the actor-singer first came under fire for alleged property speculation back in 2019, when he allegedly benefited from the opening of new train lines as part of the GTX (Metropolitan Express Train) project.

Celebrity In Korean

IU bought a building in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi province, which will be connected to Seoul through this project. He bought it in January 2018 for an estimated 4.5 billion South Korean won (4.8 million Singapore dollars) and reportedly earned 2.3 billion from the development.

A spokesperson for her company quickly dismissed the matter, saying the profit rumors were untrue and that IU’s intention to buy the building was to set up offices and studios for her group.

Celebrity In Korean

Korean Celebrities Who Watch And Love Bollywood Films

Purchased in 2016, Bae’s building is located in the upscale Samsung-dong neighborhood of Gangnam District. It has five above-ground floors and a basement on two floors. The building was purchased for 3.7 billion won.

Song Hye-kyo recently won praise for her performance in The Glory, where she played the role of Moon Dong-eun, who endures inhuman mistreatment and fights back at her tormentors.

Celebrity In Korean

But her girly behavior doesn’t stop there. It was reported that the actor bought a property worth 19.5 billion won in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. The building has a two-level basement and three above-ground floors, and is said to be a long-term investment to prepare for the mother’s retirement.

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Kim Tae-hee’s generosity shined in 2020 when she decided to reduce the rent of her tenants by 50 percent to help them during the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Celebrity In Korean

The property is located in the affluent Gangnam district, and since he bought it for 13.2 billion won in 2014, he made a profit of 7.1 billion on it, and sold it for 20.3 billion won in 2021.

The building, called GRMERCY, is jointly owned by the star and her husband Lee Sang-soon with 69 percent and 31 percent, respectively. The community praised the couple for their kindness, after another tenant told the media that they had not paid their rent for the month of March 2020.

Celebrity In Korean

Skin Care Routine

GRMERCY has four floors and a basement, and is located between Itaewon and Hangangjin stations. Lee bought it again in 2019 for 5.8 billion won, and sold it for 8.8 billion won in 2022.

The boy’s new mother is said to be a real estate agent who bought a commercial building in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam District for 16 billion.

Celebrity In Korean

Yuri made the list with not just one, but two pieces of clothing, which frankly isn’t surprising given the huge success of his career as an idol, actor, and all-around entertainer.

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His latest purchase was a five-story building in Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam District. It was worth 12.8 billion won when he bought it in 2020.

Celebrity In Korean

And this is not Juri’s first rodeo in the world of real estate. Back in 2012, it was reported that he bought a luxury home in Cheongdam-dong for an estimated price of 1.7 billion won.

It seems that Yuri isn’t the only property-savvy girboss – co-star Yoona also owns a building, which is a real testament to Girls’ Generation’s success as well as her acting career.

Celebrity In Korean

Forbes Korea Revealed The Top 40 Most Powerful Celebrities Of South Korea.

Yoona’s building is located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam District, and was purchased for 10 billion won in 2018. We have two underground and four above-ground floors.

The actor is currently worth around 88.8 billion won in real estate. His latest purchase was a mall in Deungchon-dong, Gangseo District, which was purchased for 50.5 billion kuna. The building is leased by LG and brings in 760 million monthly rent.

Celebrity In Korean

He is also known to buy his big cards with cash most of the time – a powerful move. He owns other office buildings in Ichon-dong, Yongsan District, and Samsung-dong, Gangnam District, all of which are said to have been bought with the money.

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A believer in long-term investments, Jun sold the Gangnam building after 14 years, for an estimated profit of 14.9 billion. The building was first purchased in 2008 for 8.6 billion won and sold for 23.5 billion won.

Celebrity In Korean

12 K-dramas with strong female characters to inspire you in 2023: The Glory, My Name, Little Women and more

We know it’s hard to switch browsers, but we want your CNA experience to be faster, safer, and better. South Korea’s entertainment scene has become popular around the world. The popularity of K-pop artists and K-dramas among non-Koreans means that local talents are becoming increasingly popular overseas. If you are new to the Korean wave, you should know that the entertainment scene is filled with a lot of influential celebrities from all over the world, be it in film, music, sports and so on.

Celebrity In Korean

Famous Korean Celebrities Who Have Had Plastic Surgery

Netizens Report wants to show the top 10 most important and influential Korean celebrities in the world in 2022 and for that we have selected some outstanding celebrities from South Korea, the decision is left to Netizens to vote which of these celebrities is the most influential. in 2022.

In Netizens Report’s year-end program, the top 10 celebrities voted on the list will be featured in the magazine’s press release, and the #1 celebrity they voted for will appear on the magazine’s December cover.

Celebrity In Korean

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Celebrity In Korean

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Celebrity In Korean

These Are The Most Popular Japanese Celebrities Among Koreans

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Celebrity In Korean

With most, if not all, accessing the web to find celebrity news, it is becoming increasingly difficult for celebrities to avoid even trivial controversies. However, there are celebrities who kept themselves clean and never entered into controversies that would tarnish their reputation.

The Celebrities With The Best Reputation In South Korea

Recently, netizens gathered in an online community to choose their favorite Korean celebrities

Celebrity In Korean

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