Celebrity Korean Hollywood

Celebrity Korean Hollywood – Often times when Korean celebrities reach famous status, they will consider going to Hollywood. These opportunities appear in movies, TV shows, or even cameo appearances, and end up with a lot of buzz. There are quite a few of these actors and actresses, but there are eight actors and actresses who made it to Hollywood.

Many will be surprised to find out that the famous “Train to Busan” actor actually lives in Ohio and has American citizenship. Although he moved to South Korea to develop his acting career, Ma Dong Seok returned to the United States, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the highly anticipated “Eternals” as the violent Gilgamesh. After making an impression in this particular role, he’s sure to have more opportunities in the future!

Celebrity Korean Hollywood

Celebrity Korean Hollywood

Lee Byung Hun’s diverse background and language skills will impress many people. Not only is the South Korean actor fluent in English, but also fluent in French! With such an eclectic background, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood came knocking at the actor’s door. He waited for the perfect role and finally landed the role of Storm Shadow in G.I. Joe Franchise. But he didn’t stop here. He then starred in “Terminator Genisys”, “Misconduct”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “The Fortress” and “Keys to the Heart”. It’s clear that Lee Byung Hun’s Hollywood career is flourishing!

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Han Hyo Joo is a household name in South Korea, famous for her beauty and talent as an actress. His Hollywood debut was a Jason Bourne spin-off series titled “Treadstone”. He can show off his natural charm, English, and action scenes that he works so hard for. Her transformation is impressive, and there is no doubt that she gave it her all!

Celebrity Korean Hollywood

Rein’s international fame and debut in Hollywood was quite natural. In her solo singing career, she performed at Madison Square Garden to sold-out audiences. From this came endless opportunities for international fame and stardom including leading roles in various films such as “Speed ​​​​​​Racer”, “Ninja Assassin”, “The Prince”, and others. Rain’s popularity and power when it comes to music and acting is endless!

Park Seo Joon is one of the new faces in the Korean list that has decided to take some Hollywood roles. Since he is considered one of the biggest K-drama actors in the industry, it was only a matter of time before he fell for the script and opportunity he received from Hollywood. When it was finally confirmed that Park Seo Joon would be joining the Marvel Universe, fans were overjoyed. He will star in the upcoming “Captain Marvel” sequel in 2023, and I’m excited to see him appear in this role!

Celebrity Korean Hollywood

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Yoo Teo has been acting all his life, but he recently became known through various K-drama projects. Being born in Germany and being fluent in several languages ​​gave Yoo Teo the opportunity to expand his acting horizons. He has been in several American films and recently starred in the critically acclaimed film “Past Lives”, which was released at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. It seems that Yoo Teo can excel in any industry, and many are excited because his acting and charisma on screen is definitely what they want!

After starting her career as a model, Bae Doona quickly moved into acting after graduating from university. Naturally, his acting career took off very quickly. He starred in Bong Joon Ho’s “Barking Dogs Never Bite” and has starred in many time-tested classics. He is truly an icon that many respect. With her career on the rise, it was no surprise when she took on the role of Sonmi in the movie “Cloud Atlas”. After starring in several other Hollywood films, Bae Doona has become a household name in the industry, and her career continues to grow.

Celebrity Korean Hollywood

Many are surprised to know that this famous actor is actually in the American sci-fi series “Sense8” together with Bae Doona. Fluency in English is a must as he grew up in the US so his acting resume should include some US projects. Although she hasn’t taken on any Hollywood roles yet, it’s great that there are so many opportunities for her! We hope to see him in upcoming Korean projects this year.

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Hey, are there any other Hollywood actors and actresses you know? Let me know in the comments below!

Celebrity Korean Hollywood

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01/11 ​Kim Seon Ho to Park Shin Hye in BTS: See the TOP 10 Korean Celebrities making headlines in 2021

Celebrity Korean Hollywood

Asian Actors And Actresses In Hollywood You Should Know

Little drama, sadness and joy – that’s how 2021 is for celebrities in the Korean industry. While some fans are busy with lots of good news about new jobs, starting families and more, others have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Here’s a flashback to 2021 to find out what happened to Kim Seon Ho, Honey Lee, Park Shin Hye, Bangtan Boys and more.

Kim Seon Ho of ‘Start Up’ fame has carved a niche for himself on the small screen. He had come a long way and was on the verge of a film career until he got involved in a controversy that posed a huge threat to his career. It all came crashing down for him when his scandalous past came to light after an online post mentioned speculation about him. It read: “I reveal the true nature of the two-faced and shameless K actor.” Without revealing the actor’s name at first, the user called her “trash without a conscience or guilt” and claimed that she was forced to have an abortion when she was pregnant with actor K’s child. She also claimed that actor K’s behavior had changed towards her after the abortion. While there is no confirmation on the identity of actor K, speculations point to Kim Seon Ho after a YouTube influencer made a claim. Soon, the actor accepted all the allegations of his ex-girlfriend and also apologized. But he was too late and faced severe setbacks and lost several projects. read more

Celebrity Korean Hollywood

South Korean actors Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon, who have been dating since late 2017, will tie the knot in 2022 as the couple is expecting their first baby! On January 22, a private wedding ceremony will be held in Seoul in the presence of family members and friends. The parents-couple also wrote letters to their fans separately to make the big announcement. read more

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K-pop group BLACKPINK Lisa finally marks her long-awaited solo debut in 2021 and breaks records. His single album ‘LaLisa’ became the most viewed YouTube music video by a solo artist in 24 hours with 73.6 million views. The recording was eventually picked up by Taylor Swift for her single ‘Me!’readmore

Celebrity Korean Hollywood

Oscar-winning “Parasite” star Park So Dam broke the sad news about her health when she was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer this year. The actress stopped her work, recently underwent the same operation. “Actress Park So Dam was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer from a routine health checkup, and she completed the surgery after the doctor’s recommendation,” her agency updated, adding, “Actress Park So Dam will focus on her recovery to welcome everyone to a healthy future. . the Artist Company agency will also do its best to help the actress recover her health. Thank you. “Read more

Actress Honey Lee surprised everyone when she married her non-celebrity boyfriend on December 21 in a private wedding ceremony in Seoul with close family members present. Her agency confirmed the happy news in a statement that read: “Actress Honey Lee, after finding someone precious [in her life], promises to be a lifelong friend based on trust and affection.” He took the fast track and said yes to the ring in the year beau.readmore

Celebrity Korean Hollywood

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