Celebrity Korean Song

Celebrity Korean Song – You may have seen Korean influencer Song Ji-ah, aka Freezia. she’s on the netflix reality show

. There is no doubt that she became his star. She has 3.6 million followers on Instagram and nearly 2 million on YouTube. Her most popular video is about what’s in her wardrobe and has garnered over 6 million views.

Celebrity Korean Song

Celebrity Korean Song

Last week, there was criticism in South Korea that many of the luxury items Ms. Song displayed were too expensive. The discrepancy between the fake clothes she was wearing and the real thing the company produced and sold drew their ire online. She also revealed that she has accounts on the Chinese platforms Bilibili and Weibo, as well as a separate YouTube channel in Chinese (a big no-no in Sinophobic Korea). May God bless her, she is learning Chinese.

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In response, she posted an apology on her Instagram page, acknowledging that she wore the fake dress “out of ignorance”. She also deleted social media posts containing fakes, but in response she was removed from at least one South Korean TV show.

Celebrity Korean Song

Still, the public outrage hasn’t abated, and not just because Song is passing off fake news as real news. Many of her critics point out that she uses the style of her name to shape her character, like what the Koreans call “golden spoon” (

금수저). They confirmed that she was trying to act like she wasn’t – the privileged daughter of high society – and that she was lying.

Celebrity Korean Song

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The accusations against her are strange considering the current state of the media in the country. 43 million people in South Korea use YouTube, over 80% of the population. 1 in 529 South Koreans earn ad revenue from channel management, a ratio not seen anywhere else in the world (some countries may have more YouTube users, but also have more people).

Even many elementary school students said that it is their dream to be an online “creator”. The competition for popularity on social media is in full swing, and YouTuber’s tricks make news rare. Sites that support animal welfare abuse animals, falsely claim that delivery people ate food en route, and don’t disclose content are just some recent notable examples.

Celebrity Korean Song

In 2020, married YouTuber couple Peter Park and Jenny apologized for “failing to correct viewers’ perception that we are chaebols [wealthy family members]”. They ran a channel focused on expensive cars and spread rumors that they were early investors in Tesla and had ties to British high society (both of which turned out to be untrue).

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Last year, a starlet named Xian Suyuan came under fire when her home in China was revealed to be a rental. Her Chinese husband has been accused of inflating his clothing business, and she has to put up with it.

Celebrity Korean Song

Song’s crime is worth judging from the perspective of Korea itself, and it is worth pondering. First, she represents a new generation of influencers being looked after by professional agencies, such as Milanonna, the beloved 70-year-old YouTuber who was featured last fall in Chosun Biz, the business section of the country’s leading newspaper.

While there’s nothing wrong with highly deleted content, her association with a major corporation has caused a major shock, leading many to question whether the people they follow online are “real.”

Celebrity Korean Song

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The “모라논나” channel hasn’t disappeared. From planning to operation, it proves that the media’s hands are rough. The channel is scheduled to air in 2019. 그리구https://t.co/TwsxxMGova — 𝑹𝒖𝒃𝒚 (@rubyredrosewine) December 9, 2021

A tweet with a picture from December: “Milonna’s station didn’t blow up for no reason. Everything in the production plan has been verified by Chosun Biz Media.”

Celebrity Korean Song

Responding to this speculation about talent being managed, Song came together, and despite the refusal of the Hyowon CNC board, she got a lot of help organizing talent online: “We can’t delete stuff like this, so [creating a person online doesn’t have any stuff] off.” Two weeks ago, a prominent local expert praised their efforts to “distinguish Ji-ah over the years,” which proved harmful once South Korean media reports proved that Song was an engineering model. Meet. Public expectations and profitability.

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But Hyowon CNC’s involvement in Song’s business was never a secret (the agency posted several photos with Song on Instagram before they were deleted over the weekend) and became a problem after she was accused of dishonesty.

Celebrity Korean Song

She and her agency made a mistake, especially wearing flashy clothes and drawing sensational media attention to the product without offering any corrections. Song doesn’t hide the fact that she lives in the Seoul Forest Trimage, a large residence on the Han River that is known to many famous residents; her friends thought she or her family owned it, but as her agency confirmed last week She rented it with her own money, as she said.

When she was asked about her history, she replied in one of her YouTube videos, “I didn’t have a golden spoon, but I grew up happily”, however this was understood to include my golden spoon status as well Because of its authenticity.

Celebrity Korean Song

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This kind of discreet and discreet juggling behavior made the public regard her as a golden spoon, and some even praised her as an “arrogant” rich girl (

And this ambiguity, more than anything else, has Koreans, since they’ve seen it, they’ve been taken.

Celebrity Korean Song

After learning that her room was rented out, there was a sneer, “Although Trimage’s rent is high, it’s not the ‘golden spoon pad’ bought by her parents.”

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A video from her parents’ house two years ago circulated in some circles as evidence that she “didn’t have a real golden spoon” because it wasn’t rich there.

Celebrity Korean Song

In fact, hundreds of news articles and online posts about Song’s downfall and thousands of new comments on her YouTube videos (now the host of her personal channel) have corrected Jin Spoon’s thinking and how she did it of. It’s as if she is one. “Freezia is public,” one post said.

What if she is? If she works hard at Trimage and earns a lot of rent, she should be considered a plus. If her agency offered her, they must have thought it was a good investment given her potential.

Celebrity Korean Song

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But according to the twisted strategy of the Koreans who want to abolish it, she still comes from a wealthy family, and it is better to spend something for nothing. On the other hand, the right to show that one does not earn money has never been criticized.

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Celebrity Korean Song

In a rare rebuke by Song critics: “I want to ask whether it is healthy—this social condition of the desires and imaginations of people who are born rich, and indulge themselves in art.”

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There are Koreans who agree. In a similar thread on a forum popular with married women, one poster complained, “Why – especially young children – like golden spoons? Praise and love someone just to be a golden spoon .”

Celebrity Korean Song

As the wise answer puts it, “They project people who can’t live like them: the young and the rich. They don’t consider famous people born poor. They think about being born rich, growing up comfortably, and living in peace”

In this materialistic culture, Song used some deceitful wealth to give many young people what they want to see and love themselves – beauty, fame and luxury, but look at Korean Instagram accounts and see who doesn’t this way. to some extent.

Celebrity Korean Song

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Even many of her creative works expose Koreans’ deep love for brands that contain a huge knockoff market – if they don’t care, how do they know her stuff is fake?

Celebrity Korean Song

The South Korean display has reached such a ridiculous level that some kindergartens are making paper crafts of Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags, and parents are reportedly shopping for designer bags for their preschool daughters. Ability to showcase “couple outfits” on social media.media.

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“Koreans hate Ji-ah because she reminds them of their own body parts.

Celebrity Korean Song

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