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Celebrity News Ag – Aamir Khan mourns the passing of Farrukh Jaffar, his mysterious actor: his humor will always make us smile.

Former Indian Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi (AGI) Mukul Rohatgi says the Office of Drug Enforcement Administration (NCB) is like a turtle with its head buried in the sand while a rich boy named Aryan Khan “is paying The Cost of Becoming a Celebrity ”

Celebrity News Ag

Celebrity News Ag

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Mr Rohatgi said the law clearly states that “bail is a prison standard is an exception” and that this issue was resolved by the Supreme Court several years ago because the most established principle of the Constitution is ” “Right to life” and “Right to live”. Freedom. ” Not only for Indians but for foreigners in India as well.

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If they want him (Khan) out of jail, it is possible immediately, even on holidays, he said. Clearly through private media because everyone else listens.

“It is unbelievable that a person stays in (prison) for days without seizures of drugs or other evidence, no use of drugs, so no use. How can he be detained when? The maximum sentence will be one year, assuming he was found with drugs, ”Rohatgi said. Appointed MoS Supreme Attorney Vikas Singh and Dr Pinky Anand, both former Attorney General of India.

Celebrity News Ag

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Also read amid the ongoing case of Aryan Khan, the youngest son of Shah Rukh Khan AbRam being filmed in the city. A model backed by a celebrity does not have to have the best reputation. Lindsay Lohan’s brief remarks on Emanuel Ungaro and Heidi Montag’s critical attempts at design with Heidiwood come to mind, but the attraction of bringing the A-list on the plane is already very much in the spotlight. Sometimes it works, too. From start-up fashion companies to collectibles between celebrities and brands, these are the brand success stories.

It’s easy to forget the former characters of young superstars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Emerging designers have now become synonymous with their minimalist brand appearing at New York Fashion Week, worn by some of the biggest names in Hollywood and worth millions.

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The twins quietly launched The Row in 2006 without giving an interview about the label for three years, which allowed it to be taken seriously and ensured it was not overlooked. Seen as a “famous brand”. In 2012, they won their first annual Women’s Fashion Designer Award at the CFDA, consolidating their position in American fashion. They are also known as Elizabeth and James, a younger and easier-to-understand label. Inspired by their two brothers.

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Victoria Beckham’s transition from a pop princess to a footballer’s wife to the world’s most famous designer against fantasy. The fact that she can be highly regarded in the fashion world speaks volumes about her commitment and hard work, but also speaks volumes about the charm of her collection.

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After a series of designs, including his DVB cable and various Beckham glasses (similar to Olsens), he secretly launched his own brand in 2008 with an unconfirmed presentation. She made a name for herself at New York Fashion Week, and in 2011 she released her personal line, Victoria By Victoria. Beckham. In 2014, he opened his first brick-and-mortar store on Dover Street, and in 2017 he designed an affordable Victoria Beckhams for American retailer Target.

Now worth millions in her own right, Beckham also received an OBE for her services in modeling. When she took it from the Duke of Cambridge, of course she wore his fashion.

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It would not be right to put Stella McCartney in the “star brand” category because she is a successful designer in her rights and she is better known for being the daughter of a Beatle. However, it is a testament to how celebrities can go against the odds of fashion.

McCartney began his internship at the age of 16 (for Christian Lacroix) and worked for Edward Sexton in Saville Row for several years before studying design at Central Saint Martins with models including Kate. Moss and Naomi Campbell as they walk in his graduation parade.

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After four years as Chloé’s creative director (no less after Karl Lagerfeld), McCartney started his brand in 2001 to gain incredible acclaim and commercial success. The brand now has 17 independent stores selling women’s clothing, children’s clothing, men’s clothing, underwear, lingerie, sportswear for Adidas, two Team GB Olympic equipment collections, and a reputation for non-violent and ethical fashion.

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In 2007, Kate Moss designed her first collection for the British giant Topshop, a collaboration that will initially run for 14 series until 2010, before returning shortly in 2014. In what is really its first category where a model is brought in as a designer. Not just the face or the ambassador, the initial collection is considered a risk. However, what led to his success was that the design was closely based on Moss’s personal style and his most famous fashion time – people wanted a piece.

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While she may have left the design to focus on starting her agency, her collection will still go down in history. Who can forget the floral dress, the one-shoulder dress, the lemon or the red dress she wore in the Topshop Oxford Street window?

Tommy Hilfiger’s successful collaboration with American supermodel Gigi Hadid has revealed what the A-list related to your design can do. While Hilfiger is no stranger to celebrity collaborations (Beyoncé, Naomi Campbell, Zooey Deschanel, among others), this is the first time a celebrity has collaborated to design a collection. The first in September 2016 was so successful that the second was quickly scheduled for January 2017 – and much more followed by taking the program from London to Los Angeles.

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The collection saw a double-digit increase in sales for the brand, with some pieces sold out before they even reached the “Watch Now, Buy Now” track. While the collaboration ended (with Hilfiger getting Zendaya as a replacement), this was indeed a successful fashion partnership.

Jessica Simpson’s name may not be the first one to think of when you think of a for-profit fashion brand, but do not underestimate her. High fashion may not be, but business success? You believe it better.

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Every year since 2010, the line is reportedly collecting about $ 1 billion in annual sales and is the first celebrity-owned clothing company to surpass that figure. It is currently sold in 30 different product categories in major US department stores, and the brand is 14 years old and shows no signs of abandonment. Well-known fashion brands can, it seems, stand the test of time.

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With the collaboration of highly successful designers over the years (including Marks & Spencer, Superga and AG Denim), Alexa Chung has decided to strike out on her own, launching her own brand this year. 2016 Alexachung. These pieces of furniture appeal to her famous vintage style and are sure to be very popular among the fans as after the one-on-one event, the designer attended London Fashion Week, which she now sits with. Some of the biggest places. Name in business.

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Another A-list that has put years of effort into the industry well is Rihanna, who now has her own luxury fashion brand at LVMH. With her experience as Puma’s creative director and the already successful lingerie set under her belt, the singer’s Fenty label has become a resounding success. The Contemporary line has just started its second collection as the new beauty section of the business is booming, and the brand has just launched the most successful lingerie show to date and is currently airing on Amazon Prime to the public. Worldwide.

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The Fifth Harmony singer was walking through an airport in Mexico when a fan grabbed her for a selfie.

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