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Celebrity News Daily Express – For nearly 30 years, local resident Marty Haynes has been blazing the trail with both joy and stress. There are bike trails, in fact, that are worth a day to cycle through the entire Thousand Hills State Park.

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Celebrity News Daily Express

Celebrity News Daily Express

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Marty Haynes keeps journals detailing his efforts to build and maintain a mountain bike trail at Thousand Hills State Park.

Celebrity News Daily Express

Over the past 25-plus years, sometimes with the help of others but himself, Haynes has completed and ridden a 13-mile route across the park, and has been recognized by the three different magazines for his hard work and dedication. In 1999, “Detours” magazine, billed as the “Explorer’s Guide to the West Coast,” reported on how Haynes’ first idea was to build a route around the lake to the head of state.

When asked how many people represented him, Haynes told them 100. In fact, it was just him.

Celebrity News Daily Express

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After getting approval to build the trail, Haynes worked hard to recruit others for the project, but despite the idea of ​​a nearby bike path that everyone was excited about, no one wanted to. do your best to keep the road clear and clean. arguing with the military that they have other plans for the area.

“I called newspapers, radio and television stations and said we’re going to do it,” Haynes said in the article. “I had the tools and everything ready and thought, man, I don’t know where I’m going to put everything.”

Celebrity News Daily Express

On that first day, only two volunteers came to help him. He called the Boy Scouts, Truman State student organizations, and law breakers who needed community service hours, but volunteers couldn’t afford them.

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However Haynes took control of the project and built the track in his own hands, thanking the few who had the opportunity to join him. According to a “Detours” magazine article, Haynes found a similar volunteer, Truman State student Rob Stilley, who gave him five hours a day for seven weeks. Haynes, who dreamed up a road around the lake, was satisfied with the 13 miles he had built, and then gave the rest of the road to better-funded enterprises.

Celebrity News Daily Express

According to the article “Detours”, after many problems and disputes with state officials, the road was opened in July 1998 and Thousand Hills State Park was awarded to Haynes and a community service award for devoting 1,000 hours to building the road.

In the spring of 2000, Missouri Resources magazine, published by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, featured Haynes in the magazine’s “Resource Honor Roll” section.

Celebrity News Daily Express

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“Biking enthusiasts can now ride through portions of Adair County’s Thousand Hills State Park thanks to the thousands of hours Marty Haynes spent developing the 13-mile trail. ,” the magazine wrote, citing Haynes’ ability to find fans and engage them. defense. “Resistance has paid off,” the newspaper said. “After two years, Haynes’ work will be completed and the Thousand Hills State Park Bike Trail will be open to the public.”

In July 2022, The Adair County Historian, the Adair County Historical Society’s quarterly publication, dedicated an issue to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Forest Lake and Thousand Hills State Park. In a six-page issue titled “Ride the Thousand Hills State Park Mountain Trail Thanks to Marty Haynes,” community member and author Pam Sylvara chronicled the history of the trail and Haynes’ work. behind the scenes to make his dream of a bike come true. even in the forest. Twenty photos accompany the story, helping to document the long hours Haynes put into brake pads and studs to provide a safe playing field for mountain bikers from across the state and besides.

Celebrity News Daily Express

“Marty’s plans for the thirteen-mile trail started at the trailhead just before the park entrance, connected to the other end of the trail and ended at the Rainbow Basin Bridge,” he wrote. Sylvara wrote, remembering Haynes’ fight in the town of Kirksville. and his argument with city officials for access to the dam. “To quote Marty,” Sylvara wrote, “I walked out of City Hall and continued to the office.

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, after City Hall! I told them about my problem and the City wouldn’t accept it. The newspaper lady the next day wrote an article on the front page with the headline “Trail Blazer Needs Help.”

Celebrity News Daily Express

According to the article, the next day Haynes was invited to the pool by a city official who rejected Haynes’ request (just Haynes, not the newspaper) and told them they would be fired. to cross the watercourse.

“I asked, ‘When?'” the article said. “He said ‘Right away!’ And he pulled a ‘No Go’ sign from the ground!”

Celebrity News Daily Express

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The magazine continued to report on Haynes’ struggles and successes and his dedication to the cause he achieved.

Haynes continues to work and ride on the road and continues to be popular not only with mountain bikers, but also with hikers and hikers and many of visitors to the area. The Daily Express and Daily Star join the Labour-backed Daily Mirror and Trinity Mirror. Photo: Yui Mok/PA

Celebrity News Daily Express

The owner of the Mirror newspaper group has agreed a £200m deal with Richard Desmond to buy its national titles Express and Star, as well as popular magazine OK!

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Trinity Mirror, publisher of the Labour-backing Daily and Sunday Mirror and the Sunday People, paid £126.7m for Desmond’s pro-Brexit titles. The company has also agreed to invest £70.4m in employee pension schemes until 2027.

Celebrity News Daily Express

The company’s share price rose nearly 15% in early trading, with investors buoyed by financial results and potential cost savings of one of Britain’s biggest national newspaper events in the ten years.

“The Mirror doesn’t go right and the Express doesn’t go left,” he told the Guardian. “All have editorial independence. Decisions about what goes into each title are left entirely to the editors.”

Celebrity News Daily Express

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However, Trinity Mirror is looking to make £20m in annual savings, with £9.3m from “content generation”. This means cutting jobs, combining some editorial resources and considering the viability of magazines like the New and the Star.

Fox cited the example of creating a sports team to serve all newspapers, even in areas such as politics where the teams remain separate.

Celebrity News Daily Express

“Instead of sending multiple reporters to cover the same football match, we can cover more matches, more sports and provide deeper and wider coverage,” he said. “Then editors decide what programs they want to use.”

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Canary Wharf-based Trinity Mirror has capacity for around 900 new staff (around 350 editors) in its offices and has agreed a 10-year lease, with a clause that five years, to continue to use part of Northern & Shell’s Lower Thames Street offices.

Celebrity News Daily Express

He added that he did not expect the expansion team to fall to the tournament organizer. Fox said the overall circulation of Trinity Mirror’s national titles would be smaller than that of the Sun, and likewise would not control much of the national newspaper advertising market. Enders Analysis says the Markets Competition Authority will investigate the deal.

As part of the deal, Desmond will receive 25m Trinity Mirror shares, worth around £20m, giving him a 9.4% stake, making him the third largest shareholder.

Celebrity News Daily Express

Daily Express November 02, 2022 (digital)

“I have no reason to believe he was anything other than a supporting shareholder,” he said. “He didn’t want a board seat, none of our shareholders … He wants skin in the game and he really believes in the team.”

The move marks the end of the billionaire’s 43-year career in advertising, he said in an internal email announcing the deal to employees.

Celebrity News Daily Express

Desmond said he remains a “big believer” in the titles and that Trinity Mirror is “the perfect home to maximize their potential”.

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Under the agreement, Desmond, who also owns businesses including the Health Lottery, agreed to spend £32m over the next five years on advertising Trinity Mirror titles. As chairman of Northern & Shell, Desmond will pocket the majority of the £106.7m contract.

Celebrity News Daily Express

Desmond began publishing in 1974, at the age of 23, with two singles. In 1983, she obtained the UK license to publish Penthouse, followed by other titles including Horny Housewives. Launch OK! In 1993, he rocked the world of popular magazines. In 2000, Desmond bought Express Newspapers for £125m.

Trinity Mirror, which owns a large collection of local newspapers including the Manchester Evening News and the Birmingham Post, employs more than 5,300 people. About 2,200 are in the editorial office; 700 more

Celebrity News Daily Express

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