Celebrity News Fake

Celebrity News Fake – Teams investigate some of the most popular false and misleading stories about the coronavirus on social media. Jack Goodman and Flora Carmichael round up what Monitoring, Trending and Reality Check revealed this week.

Thousands of posts have made the rounds on Facebook offering huge cash rewards to “help” people financially affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Celebrity News Fake

Celebrity News Fake

Although the contest is clearly fake, it is shared in many languages. Most of the examples involve unrelated videos or photos of Dwayne Johnson, the actor known as The Rock.

Nadine Coyle Describes Reports Of Rift With Cheryl As ‘fake News’ On I’m A Celebrity

Contestants are invited to select a “prize” from a list that matches the first letter of their name. Some have left bank details in the comments, others are asking for financial help.

Celebrity News Fake

The most shared example we’ve seen involves a link for people to “claim their prize”. It looks like a phishing scam similar to others we’ve seen before during the coronavirus outbreak.

A video accompanying one of the posts shows someone managing piles of money and has more than four million views.

Celebrity News Fake

What Are Deepfakes

William Mitchell, who made the original video using fake or “prop” money for his YouTube channel, says it was used without his knowledge. “Since I started making promotional videos in 2018, scammers have re-uploaded my content without my permission,” he told .

Johnson has been the subject of similar scams before and told his followers in 2018: “Be aware, be smart, question it, report it… and don’t buy these fake Facebook accounts.”

Celebrity News Fake

The World Health Organization is clear in its advice that there are currently no drugs available to prevent or cure covid-19.

Is Meghan Markle Really A Robot In This Video?

The herbal tonic, sold under the name Covid-Organics, is derived from artemisia – a plant that contains an ingredient used to treat malaria – along with other plants sourced in the country.

Celebrity News Fake

President Andry Rajoelina said tests had been carried out and the drug had cured two people in Madagascar, an island nation off the east coast of Africa.

On the same day as the launch of the drink, President Rajoelina announced the partial lifting of quarantine measures.

Celebrity News Fake

Huge Mit Study Of ‘fake News’: Falsehoods Win On Twitter

Local media reports that more than 1,000 soldiers have been deployed to distribute drinks in the capital, Antananarivo.

The videos show people queuing for the brew, which is distributed free of charge to the most vulnerable locals. It is also sold in supermarkets.

Celebrity News Fake

The Max Planck Institute in Germany is currently testing artemisia against covid-19, but the results have not yet been published.

Fake News Archives

A video recommending that those infected with the coronavirus use hot water, orange peel and a steam rub containing menthol to kill the bacteria and release “all the toxins” has more than 1.6 million views on the video-sharing site Found TikTok. before they hid it.

Celebrity News Fake

It was already reposted on the popular Instagram account, where it was viewed a million times before it was removed.

The fruit peel myth appears in a number of other TikTok videos claiming to offer a ‘cure’ for Covid-19

Celebrity News Fake

Scam Alert: Watch Out For Malware Tied To Fake Nude Celebrity Photos

There is no evidence that hot water or citrus fruits can prevent or cure the coronavirus. Inhaling hot steam, which is also recommended in the video, can be extremely dangerous and there is no evidence that it works.

There have been other examples of misleading information circulating on TikTok. In recent weeks, a number of videos have been published spreading conspiracy theories and falsely linking 5G to the coronavirus.

Celebrity News Fake

In addition to supporting 5G conspiracies, some videos encouraged attacks on phone towers with the hashtag 5Gtowerchallenge and showed harassment of telecom workers.

Area Man Realizes He’s Been Reading Fake News For 25 Years

The social media platform has since removed many such videos flagged by News.

Celebrity News Fake

A TikTok spokesperson said: “We don’t allow misinformation, including conspiracy theories, that could harm people on TikTok or the general public.”

An interview with a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who suggested that the coronavirus was created in a laboratory has been widely shared on Facebook.

Celebrity News Fake

From Melania To Kim Kardashian: A Look At Celebrity ‘fake News’ Lawsuits

Luc Montagnier is the co-discoverer of HIV and was interviewed on French TV last week, where he claimed that the virus was accidentally released from a laboratory in Wuhan. He said the virus was the result of AIDS vaccine research.

But despite rampant online speculation, “there is no evidence that the Sars-CoV-2 virus (which causes covid-19) was accidentally released from a laboratory,” says science editor Paul Rincon.

Celebrity News Fake

The video has been shared 12,000 times and received more than 700,000 views after it was posted on the Italian League side’s official Facebook page this week.

Celebrities Hit Back At Fake News Sites Shilling Diet Pills, Face Creams

According to Vladimir Kvachkov, a former Russian military intelligence officer, in a YouTube interview, the coronavirus pandemic was created by “global forces in the shadows” to reduce the world’s population.

Celebrity News Fake

Mr Kvachkov says there is scientific evidence that the coronavirus is man-made, but scientists have largely rejected it, saying genome sequencing shows it originated in animals.

Uploaded last month, it has nearly nine million views and continues to be shared on Facebook in multiple languages. It was also translated into English this week.

Celebrity News Fake

Ways To Spot Disinformation On Your Social Media Feeds

His appearances on other Russian YouTube channels, where he talks about the pandemic, have garnered hundreds of thousands of views. Filipino celebrities and influencers earn hundreds of thousands to millions of pesos by amplifying government propaganda and disinformation.

(UPDATE 2) EXCLUSIVE: Internal documents from Twinmark Media Enterprises, the agency banned by Facebook for concerted misrepresentation, show how the power of celebrity is being used for money and disinformation

Celebrity News Fake

Filipino celebrities and influencers earn hundreds of thousands to millions of pesos by – either knowingly or indirectly – promoting government propaganda, fake information and fake networks that propagate disinformation online, an investigation has found.

Ihuman Trailer On Vimeo

Endorsement of questionable content by celebrities – which is done by sharing on their verified and official Facebook pages – is evil, as it gives credibility and legitimacy to websites and pages to pollute the online environment and spread misinformation. Such a practice also lacks transparency, as posts appear to be organic or unpaid.

Celebrity News Fake

This includes digital marketing group Twinmark Media Enterprises, which was banned by Facebook in January 2019 for concerted inauthentic behavior. Twinmark assets also actively promoted government propaganda and disinformation, particularly against government critics. (READ: PH company banned by Facebook for spreading lies using fake accounts)

Strategy: Twinmark pays celebrities and influencers, as well as various popular memes and celebrity fan pages, to share content from Twinmark-owned sites to increase engagement. The agency also has its pages.

Celebrity News Fake

I’m A Celebrity Australia: Pete Evans Slams ‘fake News’ Media

Facebook users who follow celebrity pages, celebrity-related pages or popular pages see the posts, are then directed to Twinmark websites and receive money-making, false information or propaganda ads. It’s a profitable sport for everyone on the network.

“We have determined that your company, Twinmark Media Enterprises, Inc., has developed a network of Facebook pages and accounts that you are exploiting for financial gain using multiple fake accounts involved in deceiving people as to the origin of the content. Your accounts and pages publish and share misleading content designed to persuade users to visit your external websites, which exist primarily for advertising. In addition, you are selling Facebook pages and posts that distribute spam content. Your activities are illegal and unauthorized and must be stopped immediately.”

Celebrity News Fake

Often, Twinmark-related pages also suddenly change their identity and content—say, from entertainment to politics—usually to promote a politician or push propaganda during an election season. A former Twinmark employee said they have several local and state politicians as clients.

Philippines Election: ‘politicians Hire Me To Spread Fake Stories’

What better way to spread their (his) information than using popular idols on mainstream and social media?

Celebrity News Fake

Celebrities and public figures have millions of followers and reach, often outpacing fact-checkers and news media—an imbalance most acute during the coronavirus crisis.

The Oxford Reuters Institute found that while public figures were only responsible for spreading 20% ​​of false claims about the coronavirus, their posts accounted for 69% of all social media engagement.

Celebrity News Fake

Gangs Make £1m A Day With Fake Celebrity Adverts

Based on Twinmark’s internal databases and documents it obtained and verified, the digital agency paid celebrities and influencers “advertising commissions” ranging from P10,000 to more than P250,000 in 2017 and 2018 — the years before Facebook’s ban. PSP monthly. During these two years, several celebrities and personalities earned more than a million pesos.

As early as 2017, the network was found to be one of the primary vectors for the spread of government propaganda and disinformation — with the continued help and involvement of former Assistant Secretary of the Office of the President for Communications, Mocha Uson. (READ: What’s the best news source for Mocha Uson?)

Celebrity News Fake

One of Uson’s favorite sites at the time was Twinmark’s Trending News Portal (TNP), known for publishing viral and false claims. Uson’s blog has at least 5.8 million followers so far. (READ: Success, Impact of Trending News Portal)

Stars, Influencers Get Paid To Boost Duterte Propaganda, Fake News

The TNP has often been promoted by Uson, as well as various celebrity, fan and Duterte-supporting pages. The content of TNP and other Twinmark sites was shared on partner sites with the same caption and almost simultaneously.

Celebrity News Fake

Internal documents obtained by it showed that Twinmark paid at least P1.08 million to the US side in 2017. The agency disbursed

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