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Celebrity News Feed – If you see Facebook posts from random people tagging Rihanna, Ronaldo or others, you’re not alone. It looks like there is a bug that is messing up the Facebook feed for users all over the world.

One of our groups saw posts sent to their Facebook feed by celebrities they followed. After a while, many people started sharing screenshots of a similar homepage on their profiles. At the time of writing this story, hundreds of people have posted screenshots of the problem on Twitter.

Celebrity News Feed

Celebrity News Feed

Don’t be surprised if your Facebook feed isn’t affected either. As I write this story, I checked my Facebook app and the web version, and they seem normal. Not all users are affected, but they see posts tagged with celebrities they follow on the mobile app and desktop site.

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Since there has been no update from Facebook, we can only assume that this is a bug sent by FB’s algorithms. What happens here is that when someone decides to tag a celebrity, everyone who follows that celebrity sees that post.

Celebrity News Feed

For example, if John Doe chooses to tag Vin Diesel in a post, if you follow Vin Diesel, you’ll see John Doe’s post. This is a strange problem and it rains spam on users. If nothing else, this is a hilariously spammy situation.

Has someone else’s Facebook been hacked or has my Facebook been hacked? This is my complete feed

Celebrity News Feed

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Twitter users ask this question. And this is a legit question, your home page has comments from random people. But apparently this happens to a large number of users, which means it’s probably a broken mechanism. By the way, if this is a hack, it is one of the biggest that FB has come across.

There’s a lot wrong with the scene, but it looks fresh. You can take standard precautions such as logging out, changing your password or reinstalling the FB app. It seems like a coincidence, but there is an increasing number of users reporting that FB slows down on Downdetector. But nothing is clear at this time and we will update this story as it develops.

Celebrity News Feed

As of now, we have not received any information from Facebook or Meta to clarify the issue. If you are also facing this problem on Facebook, please let us know in the comments and share this article to make them aware of this problem.

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Celebrity News Feed

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