Celebrity News Harper’s Bazaar

Celebrity News Harper’s Bazaar – The Women of the Year Awards returned to Claridge’s last night where we were able to celebrate some amazing talent. With the likes of Anya Taylor-Joy, Viola Davis, Maude Apatow and Little Simz for 2022 and a collaboration with Armani Beauty, the event was extra special as everyone gathered in the ballroom to celebrate some holidays. incredible achievements.

The annual awards are a celebration of women in film, television, art, culture and literature, and see women celebrating women.

Celebrity News Harper’s Bazaar

Celebrity News Harper's Bazaar

For more information about this year and previous years, go here. And check out all the must-see pictures from the night, including red carpet fashion, below.

Georgia Fowler Black Leather Pumps Paris 2020

Lashana Lynch turned heads in a voluminous fuchsia skirt and matching top by Roksanda with Mussaiff jewels.

Celebrity News Harper's Bazaar

Clara Ampho was one of the most colorful stars on the red carpet in a striped green dress by Christopher John Rogers.

Simone Rocha opted for a slouchy black mini dress from her brand, which she teamed with a sleeved t-shirt and flat shoes.

Celebrity News Harper's Bazaar

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Celebrity News Harper's Bazaar

Best Women’s Cowboy Boots to Shop This Season Kate Spring Trench Dresses Best High Waisted Bikinis for Summer 2022 Reformation Launches First Bag Collection. are the first to reinvent themselves digitally. Beyoncé’s childhood coincided with the advent of home recording equipment—video cameras, stereo systems that let you record your own voice, keyboards that let you find any sound you want, and personal computers to synthesize it all. Previously, girls had mirrors, echoes of trees, and cartoon-like magazines to reflect themselves. His generation was the first to regularly experience the dizzying precision of performance. It can be a destabilizing force; where your voice sounds like you thought it would, and then you have your voice when it comes back to you after you press record.

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Beyoncé Knowles-Carter came of age during that digital revolution, and knowing how to manage that dissonance is part of her artistic strength. He turned his company Parkwood Entertainment into a media conglomerate that includes the IVY PARK fashion line. She is currently a mother of three with husband JAY-Z to nine-year-old Blue Ivy and four-year-old twins Rumi and Sir. The gorgeous pair have been named the new faces of Tiffany & Co., which was bought by LVMH earlier this year and reworked under its direction. And he’s working on new music, among other projects, that promise to shatter old boundaries and take him into uncharted territory.

Celebrity News Harper's Bazaar

He answers these questions anew every decade of his life. Now, at the age of 40, Beyoncé listens to her voice alone.

You will be 40 years old on September 4th. Reflecting on your life so far, what has each decade taught you?

Celebrity News Harper's Bazaar

New York, New York, Usa. 5th Sep, 2014. Model Candice Swanepoel Attends The Harper’s Bazaar Celebrates Icons By Carine Roitfeld Event Held At The Plaza Hotel. Credit: Nancy Kaszerman/zuma Wire/alamy Live News

The first decade of my life was dedicated to dreams. Being an introvert, I didn’t talk much as a child. I spent a lot of time developing my imagination. Now I am grateful for those years of shy silence. Being shy taught me empathy and gave me the ability to connect and relate to people. I’m not shy anymore, but I’m not sure I would dream as big as I do today if it weren’t for the awkward years I had.

I participated in dance and singing competitions when I was seven years old. I felt safe when I went on stage. I was the only black girl most of the time, and then I started to realize that I had to dance and sing twice as hard. I had to have stage presence, wit and charm if I wanted to win. At the age of nine I started taking voice lessons from an opera singer. By 10, I recorded at least 50 or 60 songs in the recording studio. This was before Pro Tools, when you recorded to tape.

Celebrity News Harper's Bazaar

I got my first singing injury when I was 13 years old, from singing too many hours in the studio. We had just gotten our first record deal and I was afraid I would get knots and lose my voice and my career might be over. The doctors put me on vocal rest all summer and I was quiet again.

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My teenage years were rough. I grew up hearing James 2:17, “Faith without works is dead.” Vision and intention were not enough; I had to get to work. I decided to always be a student and always open to growth. No one at my school knew I could sing because I hardly spoke. My energy was channeled into Destiny’s Child and our dream of being musicians when we got a record deal. If something doesn’t help me achieve my goal, I decide to spend time on it. I felt no time to “kiki” or hang out. I sacrificed a lot and ran away from any distraction. As a young black woman, I felt like I wasn’t bothered. I felt the pressure from outside and their eyes watching me stumble or fail. I couldn’t let my family down after all the sacrifices they made for me and the girls. It meant that I was the most careful, professional teenager and I grew up fast. I wanted to break all stereotypes of the black superstar, whether it was a victim of drugs or alcohol or the ridiculous misconception that black women are angry. I knew I had been given this great opportunity and I felt like I had one shot. I refused to break it, but I had to give up a lot.

Celebrity News Harper's Bazaar

Givenchy dress; Tiffany & Co. earrings; Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarillo pumps; Hermes horse bridle, bit and bridle.

My 20s were all about building a solid foundation for my career and establishing my legacy. I focus on commercial success and number one success, and I am far-sighted, no matter how many obstacles I have to overcome. I was pushed to my limits. I learned the power of saying no. At the age of 27, I took control of my independence and launched Parkwood Entertainment. At the time, there was no company that would do what I needed or run the way I wanted. So I created this multipurpose badass conglomerate that was a creative agency, record label, production company and management company to produce and work on projects that were most important to me. I wanted to run myself and own a company that puts art and creativity first.

Celebrity News Harper's Bazaar

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I brought these young visionaries and independent thinkers together to collaborate. I wanted strong women in key roles at my company when most of the industry was dominated by men. I wanted a team that wasn’t hidden from the corporate world and wasn’t afraid to rock with me when I came up with unconventional ideas that challenged me but didn’t feel compelled to tell me you shouldn’t do it. to do something


Celebrity News Harper's Bazaar

I remember discussing the analysis in a meeting and I was told by the research that my fans didn’t like my black and white photos. They said that if it is not colored, they will not sell it. It was funny. It pissed me off that an agency would tell me what my fans wanted based on a poll. Who did they ask? How can people be so generalized? Are these studies correct? Are they fair? Are there all the people I want to lift and shine? They are not. It made me so tired and angry at corporate companies with this formula when they told me, “These studies show that…” I ended up focusing my entire next project on black and white photography, including Single Ladies and If “based on the videos. I was a child” and all the works of Peter Lindbergh

Brie Larson Poses In Cowboy Boots For Harper’s Bazaar

, which was my biggest commercial success. I try to keep human feeling, spirit and emotions in my decision.

Celebrity News Harper's Bazaar

. I taught myself how to edit in Final Cut Pro and that was the beginning of a new love and creative expression that led to a visual album with my own album.

My 30s were about starting a family and my life is more than my career. I worked to heal generational trauma and turned my broken heart into art that helped advance culture

Celebrity News Harper's Bazaar

Downton Abbey Actresses Don Finery

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