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Celebrity News In Nigeria – It’s not uncommon if two people have sex, especially if it’s consensual. After all, sexual intercourse was created for men and women to enjoy married life. What is unusual, however, is the increasing frequency with which sex tapes are leaked to the public, especially those involving celebrities or public figures.

It might be odd for some to record intimate moments with a roommate or allow their partner to record so they can later refer to such videos for whatever reason, but it’s not uncommon. However, possibly due to negligence or circumstances beyond our control, these sex tapes, whether intentionally or secretly filmed, were leaked and emerged into the public eye. As such, these celebrities face a great deal of public scrutiny for their caution, or lack thereof.

Celebrity News In Nigeria

Celebrity News In Nigeria

Tiwatope (Tiwa) Savage is a Nigerian singer who rose to fame with the release of Once Upon a Time, which included songs such as

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However, on October 8, 2021, Savage revealed in an interview with a US radio station that someone tried to blackmail her with a leaked sex tape of her and her partner. According to her, her partner videotaped their intercourse but mistakenly posted it on Snapchat. He eventually realized his mistake and took the video down, but she said someone found it before it was deleted. She added that she was not ready to pay the alleged blackmailer.

Celebrity News In Nigeria

The video was eventually leaked online on Oct. 19; in it, the singer can be seen moaning as he feels the heat of his unknown lover in the pool. Unsurprisingly, Nigerians reacted to the release of the video. Many condemned her for allowing her lovers to document their romance, while others praised her for not giving in to the whims and fantasies of blackmailers.

In response to a tape later released at one of her concerts, Savage defended her actions, saying she had done nothing wrong and was just doing “normal things” with her lover.

Celebrity News In Nigeria

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Ikuforiji Abdulrahman Olaitan, better known to Nigerians as Oxlade, is a professional singer who has delighted music lovers with songs such as “Away”.

However, when a sex video of him leaked on Snapchat, that was far from what he had in mind. The video, released on February 8, 2021, shows the singer hitting the G-spot of an unidentified woman. The video has gone viral and social media users have become veteran investigators working to find the identities of the women involved in the sex act. After her face and identity were revealed, the woman in the video publicly revealed on November 10, 2021, that she planned to sue Oxlade for N20 million.

Celebrity News In Nigeria

Two days later, instead of commenting on the video, Oxlade took to Twitter to apologize to his fans and the woman in the video.

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Many Nigerians, especially music lovers, have a hard time forgetting how Abolore Adegbola Akande, better known as 9ice, captivated Nigerians

Celebrity News In Nigeria

However, when a video of him having an affair with another woman surfaced online on November 21, 2020, he felt the heat from fans and Nigerians alike. His casual behavior was promiscuous and adulterous as he cheated on his wife Olasunkanmi Ajala, whom he married in December 2019. The video shows 0ice pecking at the unidentified woman and touching her breasts in what appears to be a hotel. In Yoruba, the singer claimed the mystery woman was his “wife” and warned men to stay away from her.

Many Nigerians slammed him on social media, calling him an unfaithful husband. 9ice then posted a video asking Nigerians to help them propose and save their marriages. He admitted his actions were “shameful and appalling”.

Celebrity News In Nigeria

The Importance Of Entertainment News By Aileen

Clicks and so on. He is widely respected as one of the artists who connects his music to the street.

However, Little Doctor is also famous for the small (but big) incident of a video of him masturbating being uploaded to his Snapchat account. He held the tape recorder in one hand and stroked his cock with the other to masturbate. Oddly enough, the video was uploaded to his personal Snapchat account.

Celebrity News In Nigeria

After the Nigerian reprimanded him for recording the video and allowing it to be posted to his account, Small Doctor responded by claiming his Snapchat was hacked and that the hacker was the one who uploaded the video.

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Nengi Rebecca Hampson was one of the stars of the 2020 edition of Big Brother Nengi’s “Lockdown”. She finished 2nd (3rd) and has since gotten a lot of endorsements and appeared in several films as an actress.

Celebrity News In Nigeria

However, her whiteness was tarnished when a sex video with her ex-boyfriend was publicly leaked in 2021. In the video, BB Naija alumni can be seen being severely beaten. Her ex-boyfriend allegedly leaked the tapes after their relationship soured.

Nengi did not publicly comment on the video when it went viral on social media. Some Nigerians have criticized her for allowing her ex-boyfriend to document their intimate encounters.

Celebrity News In Nigeria

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Many Nigerians may know her as Jane Mena, but her family and friends know the popular brand influencer and singer by her official name: Usiwo Orezinena Jane. She is known for dancing, especially twerking in videos, and for wearing skimpy or topless clothing.

In 2021, Tonto Dikeh claimed that her ex-boyfriend Joseph Egbri had a sex tape and nude photos of Jane Mena on his smartphone, after which she rolled entered into controversy. The dancer was furious and immediately questioned Dikeh, who had just quit Kpokpogri, to provide evidence.

Celebrity News In Nigeria

A few weeks later, a video was released showing a married Jame Mena lookalike being violently beaten. However, she vehemently denied claims that she was the one in the video, insisting her breasts were larger than the woman in the video.

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Chidinma Okeke is a beauty queen who won the Miss Anambra beauty pageant in 2015. She hit the headlines for controversial reasons after a video of her allegedly having sex with another woman surfaced and went viral.

Celebrity News In Nigeria

Many Nigerians disparaged her on their various social media accounts and reminded her that such behavior (homosexuality) was punishable by 14 years in prison under Nigerian law. The former beauty queen immediately denied being the person in the video.

Maryam Hiyana is a former Kannywood actress who has acted in films for many years, best known for her

Celebrity News In Nigeria

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In 2017, her sex tape attracted undue attention after it appeared online. Her ex-boyfriend Usman Bobo is allegedly unhappy with their split. She faces a lot of conflict over having sex with a man who is not her husband. However, the actress got married a few months after the story happened.

Anita Hogan dominated the Nollywood fandom screen in the 1990s and early 1990s, appearing in several films in which she had a leading or supporting role.

Celebrity News In Nigeria

However, she was mortified when sexy photos she kept on her laptop were allegedly leaked by a repairman who repaired her equipment. According to the actress, the nude photos were meant to please her Dutch husband and were to be sent to him. She forgot to delete the photos before taking the laptop to the repairman.

Osepiribo Ben Willie Ed

Hogan is visibly disturbed by the trend, especially during a time when her nude images are prevalent and the comments have mostly focused on her.

Celebrity News In Nigeria

Many Nigerians will immediately mention Wonder Coal. Therefore, in terms of music, Oluwatobi Wande Ojosipe is very popular among Nigerians.

However, about nine years ago, Wande Coal caused quite a stir after its nude photos were exposed online. In the photo, the singer is seen sleeping naked. It was later revealed that the photo was taken by a mysterious woman with whom he had a massive pata-pata. Taking advantage of his exhaustion, she patted him after arguing with her.

Celebrity News In Nigeria

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Celebrity News In Nigeria

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