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Celebrity News Singapore – Meet Herman Keh, Zhai Siming and Tyler Ten: Star Search’s new celebrity trio is ready for the big time

These three 25-year-olds have made a promising start in acting, are popular on TikTok, and very tall. But what else do they have in common? CNA Lifestyle got to know them better.

Celebrity News Singapore

Celebrity News Singapore

Zhai Siming, Herman Ke and Tyler Teng are three youngsters to watch in local entertainment. (Photo: Kelvin Chia)

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Meet Star Search 2019 graduates Herman Ke, Tyler Ten and Jai Siming, all 25 years old. But as a three-piece band, they’re a textbook display of the “volunteer effect”: multiple presences, star appeal and youthful energy.

Celebrity News Singapore

Their management is aware of this, which is why they are now marketed under the name “HST”. This band name was first coined by their fans who collected the first letters of their names. “The trio will formally come together as HST to explore various opportunities for collaboration,” the press release said.

For the first time since the formation of the “8 Dukes” in 2014, which included Romeo Tang, Desmond Tang, Zhang Zhen Huang, Yan Fang, Jeffrey Xu, Shane Pou, Xu Bin and the late Aloysius Pan, Mediacorp’s talent managers named him. Collective of artists.

Celebrity News Singapore

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First, they were all born in 1996. They are also almost the same height: Ke 1.91m, Teng 1.9m and Zhai 1.87m and the same modeling agency. Therefore, it is not surprising that they found a common language, traveling together to competitions.

While Ke finished second – 28-year-old Zhan Ze Tong claimed first – the other two also received their fair share of supporters. And the trio has been particularly popular on TikTok, where their quirky videos and spontaneous dance moves have earned them thousands of young fans.

Celebrity News Singapore

Since they often appear on each other’s social media accounts, it’s natural for viewers to think of them as connected. (Chantal Ng even got the two mixed up and tagged Ten as Keh on her Instagram stories. She later apologized and said people often mistake her for Tai Ying.)

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How is a three-man team in the eyes of the public? The boys take the job easily.

Celebrity News Singapore

“If you go in a group, you can feed off each other’s energy,” says Ke. “As they say, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, you go together. One person’s weakness can be another person’s strength.” He added, “I think we’re more fun when we get together.”

Indeed, there was so much laughter and good-natured banter as we were taking pictures of the boys that our photographer turned around and said, “I think it’s going to be a long night.” He was not wrong.

Celebrity News Singapore

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Herman Ketch is a graduate of the LASALLE College of the Arts who devoted himself to dance. Before joining Star Search, she was a dance instructor and some graceful moves are skills that have served her well, especially in the entertainment world.

Apart from dancing rings around his fellow actors, he is also widely recognized as a classic clown. Finding humor in any situation comes naturally to him, he joked: “I guess I was just born funny.”

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Keigh’s best asset is undoubtedly his versatility – in addition to his underrated gift for not taking himself too seriously.

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After finishing second in the talent competition Star Search, he quickly landed his first major role, playing the second male lead in the crime drama Mind Jumper, which aired earlier this year, also starring Joan Pe and James S. He has also been seen on the variety shows Curious City and Just Spend La, as well as the online show Interns’ Survival Guide.

Celebrity News Singapore

He is currently filming the Hokkien drama I Want to Be Toukai, which will air early next year.

With his classic rugged good looks and square masculine jawline, Tyler Ten has the face and physique ready to pair well with the leading ladies of local television.

Celebrity News Singapore

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He has already played his first lead role in the firefighting drama ‘In Good Hands’, which will air next March. Among her current projects is the nurse-themed drama You Can Be An Angel 4.

A gym enthusiast and martial arts instructor, Teng has been practicing the art of Muay Thai since a young age, winning his first competition at the age of 14. He was also a bodybuilder and was much bigger before joining Star Search. Since then, he had to adopt a leaner physique to be more versatile in his roles, a sacrifice he had to make for his chosen profession.

Celebrity News Singapore

The three boys often go to the gym together and also train in Muay Thai, with Zhai Athi calling them “very professional”.

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Zhai Siming was born in Hebei, China, but moved to Singapore with his mother at the age of eight. Raised in local schools, he says he now speaks English better than Chinese, though he still finds the right words in conversation in Mandarin.

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A basketball fanatic from a young age, he began his career in show business at the age of 17 when he was cast in Tai Ping Hui’s 2014 basketball film Meet the Giant.

“I played basketball since childhood, but my mother never supported me because I was very competitive and aggressive. I was always fighting people and broke my arm and ankle,” he told us.

Celebrity News Singapore

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But when his basketball skills led him to show business, “he was very excited. It somehow influenced me to become an actor. I didn’t believe I could, but he always told me I could. Maybe because I’m very expressive and talk a lot of nonsense. I felt that he saw potential in me. When I walked the red carpet at the gala premiere and my mom was there, I felt like I was making her so proud.”

He choked with emotion while talking about his mother. “My mother is in the USA. “I haven’t seen my family for a long time,” he said. His mother emigrated when he was 19, and he was scheduled to join her here after finishing his studies, but Star Search and then COVID-19 put an end to the job. Six years have passed since the separation. Therefore, when the topic is about his mother, he can’t hold back tears, especially since she is his biggest fan.

Celebrity News Singapore

“Whenever I feel like I can’t succeed as an actor, he’s there to support me,” she said.

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Herman Ketch: Tyler has an interesting and funny side that he doesn’t want to show. He always likes to act cool. Siming anyone can talk and communicate. He speaks honestly – you can feel it. This is not to talk about.

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Tyler Ten: Simming is someone you can trust and give advice to. He may look quite happy on the outside, but he has a lot of emotions and life experiences.

Zhai Siming: I am very sensitive to people’s feelings. Maybe because I grew up in an incomplete family. Herman is very creative and artistic. He thinks differently. Probably because he went to art school. You’ll know when you watch her TikTok. He doesn’t care about his image.

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Zhai: Pickups are more like warming up to a girl to see how she feels about you. If he’s not really interested, he’s probably just ignoring you. But if he laughs or responds, it’s a sign that he likes you. A pickup line is more like testing water.

Zhai: I thought of something, but I dare not say it. Before covid-19, when we used to drink – when he’s a bit distracted, he’ll stand on the table and dance.

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Ten: I’ve been doing this for 10 years now. I just finished the session. I started because I was very thin and insecure in the past. So I was pretty depressed. I started mei tai after watching the movie Om Bak. I took I fell in love and started competing locally.

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Ke: Just do your best. People will see one of them. After watching the video on the “For You” page, you just need to think of something new or something stupid. As for me, I always go in the direction of stupidity. Silly and funny. It is more convenient and easier than changing and dressing.

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Ke: I think I was just born funny. I am glad that I can bring joy to people around me.

Zhai: There is a lot of competition. Youtubers, tiktokers, streamers, actors. I feel we need to find a platform to help the audience in Singapore or other countries get to know us. When people hear about us, they follow our performances. Also, I feel like an actor

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