Christian Colleges In United States

Christian Colleges In United States – About Us We are a global higher education association dedicated to advancing faith and reason for the common good.

Advocacy We serve as effective, respectful, and committed advocates for Christ-centered higher education in the United States and around the world.

Christian Colleges In United States

Christian Colleges In United States

Career Center More than just a job search service, the Career Center connects passionate people with meaningful careers in Christian higher education, church ministry, and faith-based nonprofit organizations.

Community Christian College

Global Ed GlobalEd is a collection of faith-integrated, off-campus educational programs that promote intellectual, cultural, professional, and spiritual growth.

Christian Colleges In United States

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Issued each fall and spring, Maju Magazine collects interesting articles, timely updates for higher education and religious institutions, and information to equip and assist institutions.

Christian Colleges In United States

Best Christian Colleges And Universities In America

Our Institutions We represent more than 180 Christian institutions worldwide, including more than 150 in the US and Canada and more than 30 from 18 additional countries.

Services We offer a variety of opportunities and services for leaders, administrators, and faculty on Christian college campuses.

Christian Colleges In United States

The Council of Christian Colleges and Universities is a higher education association of more than 185 Christian institutions worldwide. Since 1976, it has been the leading national voice of Christian higher education. With campuses around the world, including more than 150 in the United States and Canada and more than 30 in 19 additional countries, it is an accredited, comprehensive college and university whose mission is Christ-centered and rooted in the historic Christian faith. Most of them have an arts and science based curriculum. The mission is to promote Christ-centered higher education and help our institution transform lives by faithfully connecting scholarship and service to biblical truth.

Accreditation & Licensure — Community Christian College

Each institution strives to integrate the inspired, authentic, and authoritative Scriptures into all aspects of the institution, including teaching and research. Our professors are committed to academic excellence because they are committed to God as the author of truth, and they know that truth affects every academic discipline.

Christian Colleges In United States

Each institution strives to foster Christian values ​​that are grounded in the Bible and fostered through the institution’s academic and co-curricular programs. Our goal is to produce morally committed students who live the Christian virtues of love, courage, and humility in all aspects of their lives.

Each institution is actively engaged in advancing God’s purpose of salvation in the world by graduating students who live and share the gospel in word and deed. Our graduates are realists who recognize that the world is broken, but believe that God has called them to heal it as doctors, teachers, marketers, engineers, parents, football coaches, and many others.

Christian Colleges In United States

Grand Canyon University Could Be Nation’s Largest Christian University

“I think God has prepared such a time. Houghton College can’t do what it can to leverage and communicate the collective impact of our institution to the Department of Education, Congress, and adults. the world of higher education, support for nonprofit partners and foundations, and the larger church. None of our institutions can respond with the speed required during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. A consistent and compassionate presence in Washington, D.C., combined with their commitment to connecting with their respective members, allows them to demonstrate the unity and rich diversity of Christian higher education.

“Since 1976, it has provided young Christians with a passion for Jesus Christ with the knowledge and skills they need to impact the larger world. Excelsia College’s strategic partnership has allowed us to enhance the learning and student experience, and has enabled travel and collaborative research. We have implemented various initiatives with higher education associations to support a shared vision of the transformative power of education and its important role in lifelong learning. Excelsia is pleased to partner with and work as part of the Christian Education Association of over 185 colleges and universities. Such cooperation creates a rich and creative environment of ideas and lifelong friendships.

Christian Colleges In United States

“Tokyo Christian University offers something that no other organization in Japan can: the opportunity for meaningful collaboration and exchange with people from colleges and universities who share TCU’s mission of Christian education. The fact that we are alone in this in Japan makes all the difference. resource is President Hoogstra’s monthly e-mail mail “Snapshots” – to the annual forum and conference – is more valuable and precious to us than anything else. Thanks to it, we have a rich relationship with many friends from all over the world? Isn’t it worth it? !”

Best Christian Colleges In Iowa

Our institutions fall into one of four categories: Government Members (voting members regarding the election of Board of Directors members), Associate Members, Joint Partners and International Affiliates. These different categories are designed to recognize the different missions and contexts in which institutions operate and thus allow each institution to find the best fit. These collective efforts are invaluable not only in strengthening the voice of Christian colleges and universities in the higher education landscape, but also in supporting the collective good that colleges and universities bring.

Christian Colleges In United States

All institutions have an established and public institutional mission statement that is Christ-centered and consistent with these three commitments:

The institution offers a full undergraduate curriculum based on arts and sciences and may also offer graduate programs and degrees. All US institutions must be in good standing with a national accrediting body recognized by one of the following national accrediting bodies. An equivalent accrediting body in each country must recognize the international school.

Christian Colleges In United States

The King’s College Is Last Christian College To Close In Nyc — Empire State Tribune

All schools support Christian colleges and universities and promote the cause of Christian higher education through participation in programs and payment of annual dues. Campuses are encouraged to provide ongoing support to annual enrollment for professional development and/or student programs. In addition, the institution recognizes that partner schools strive to faithfully fulfill their institutional mission in their specific contexts, so they respect and support each other.

All institutions demonstrate responsible financial operations, have institutional practices that demonstrate high ethical standards, and conduct all financial and fundraising activities in accordance with the Evangelical Council’s standards for financial reporting.

Christian Colleges In United States

Government members and communities have policies and institutional practices to continue to hire people who believe only in Jesus Christ as full-time teachers and administrators, effective throughout the membership.

Catholic Colleges: Do Less If You Want To Save Your Religious Mission

The field has a strong, necessary and increasingly important advocacy role. Historical Christian beliefs and practices often intersect with current government interests and regulations. The framework below outlines the Christian beliefs and practices that guide advocacy. These principles include:

Christian Colleges In United States

Members of government and partners support adherence to these principles. In addition, the Council’s personal services, advocacy, work experience and student programs are consistent with Christian beliefs and principles.

These principles inform and guide advocacy work by decision of the Board of Directors. These attorney positions have changed over time, but currently include positions such as:

Christian Colleges In United States

Ozarks Home To Nation’s Most Conservative, Lgbt Unfriendly College

The Council of Christian Colleges and Universities has been the leading national voice of Christian higher education since 1976. Join today to access a worldwide network of like-minded, mission-driven, academically excellent colleges and universities.

Applications are reviewed twice a year by the Development and Membership Committees of the Executive Cabinet and the Board. The application is scheduled for Dec. 1 for consideration at the January council meeting.

Christian Colleges In United States

To get started, review the membership categories above and click “Apply” to download the membership application. Please review all sections and instructions carefully. Completed applications can be returned to develop@ Additional information about application fees, membership fees, qualifications and the recertification process is included in the membership application. Online Christian Colleges (OCC) is pleased to present our list of the most affordable Christian colleges and universities. Christian-based institutions are unique in that each strives to offer diversity without compromising the quality of its programs. As tuition continues to rise, OCC offers this ranking in the spirit of stewardship, wisdom and common sense. It’s a tool to help students and families choose the best educational program that fits their needs and budget.

Mid America Christian University

To be considered for this ranking, each school must be a member or eligible member of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). We then collected “average net worth” data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). NCES calculates net grade point averages for each school by subtracting them

Christian Colleges In United States

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