Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son – Coleen Nolan’s son, Shane Roche, has revealed more details of his surprise name change – and how scared he was to tell his dad, Shane Ritchie.

The Celebrity Big Brother star’s eldest child first made the surprise announcement that she was changing her name to Nolan on Loose Women earlier this month.

Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

Colin Nolan’s son Shane Roche has revealed more details about his decision to change his surname to NolanCredit: Splash News

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But during a conversation with Best magazine, the 28-year-old admitted that she was afraid to tell her famous father about her decision.

Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

He said: I spoke to my father about it first and he agreed that it was a good thing to support my mother.

Shane Jr admitted he was afraid to tell his father, Colin’s first husband Shane Ritchie, about his decisionCredit: Getty Images

Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan Shares Pride In Her Son Shane Nolan In Rare Video

Shane added that he has not changed his original surname, which will be Roche after his EastEnders actor father and his real name, but his stage name is now Shane Nolan.

He said: “I did it for two reasons. First, to support mum – I’m very protective of her and I always want her to know I’ve got her back.

Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

Shane made the decision while his Loose Women star mum was in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and he can’t wait to surprise her when she leaves the show.

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He added: “My mum doesn’t know and I think she’ll be scared when CBB leaves the house and I tell her about it!”

Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

She previously told her mum co-stars about Loose Women: “When she comes out she’ll call me Richie Jr and I can tell her, ‘No mum, I’m Nolan now’.”

During his interview with Best, Shane also revealed how he was “desperately worried” about Coleen’s second marriage to husband Ray Fensome.

Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

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The 51-year-old is said to have signed up for the reality show as a trial separation after splitting from her partner of 17 years about the status of their ten-year marriage.

Colin Nolan’s son Shane Roach (left) – pictured here with Rixton bandmate Jack Roach – has opened up about the state of his mother’s marriage to Ray FensomeCredit: Getty Images – WireImage

Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

Satin statement Dunnes store fans are set to love the new gold suit from €30 – it’s glam but cool.

Coleen Nolan And Son Shane Richie Jr

“I’m not sure if Ray will be there on [eviction] night – it depends on when he has to leave for the States. If he’s in the UK, I’ll be disappointed if he’s not there.

Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

Before Christmas, the TV star revealed on Loose Women that she was considering leaving her partner of 17 years Credit: Newsgroup Newspapers Ltd

Coleen failed to wear her wedding ring as she entered the Celebrity Big Brother houseCredit: Getty Images – WireImage

Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie’s Son Shane Jr Weds Fiancee In Summer Wedding

Shane revealed that their last big fight was after Colleen broke down about Loose Women while discussing their marriage.

Shane revealed that Rae “didn’t speak to Coleen for a week” when she stopped discussing their marriage on Loose Women in 2017 to chat about his decision to support her when she took part.

Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

He said: “I’m going to support my mum and change my name to Shane Nolan. She doesn’t know anything about it. It’s Nolan now.” He talks about seeing her on the show, explaining why he doesn’t like seeing her cry. “It’s never nice to see a parent cry and especially my mom because she’s like my best friend,” she said.

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When a Twitter user asked her what her father thought of her changing her name, she replied: “I’m sure he’ll be cool with it.” He then clarified that he was only changing his stage name, tweeting: “Guys, I can only announce that I have changed my stage name, that’s all.”

Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

On the show, she continued: “We never see her cry, she hates to do it in front of us.” She revealed that she had only seen him break down a few times, saying: “One was the last time he was on Big Brother, one was when he hurt his back, and the other time was when there was a death in the family. Imagine him crying in front of his children in private. hates

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Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

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Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

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Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

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Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

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Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

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Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

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Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

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Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

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Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

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Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

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Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

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Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

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Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

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Shane Nolan, 31, – who changed his name from Shane Ritchie Jr. in 2017 – and his brother Jack Rausch, 28, both featured on Shane’s I’m a Celebrity…

Coleen Nolan And Shane Richie Son

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