Current Weather In Cebu Philippines

Current Weather In Cebu Philippines – Cebu’s climate can generally be described as hot and rainy or hot and dry. With a tropical climate, the year is divided into only 2 seasons: rainy from May to December and dry from January to April. Considering that there are a total of 168 islands in the province of Cebu, the weather usually doesn’t vary much, but you will notice that it rains more at one time of the year and less at another.

We say “generally” because the province of Cebu is so large that it encompasses 3 climates. The southern half of the province is in tropical monsoon climate, while the northern half of the province is in rain forest conditions. There are small areas such as Tuburan, Katongkolan and Carmelo under tropical savanna climate.

Current Weather In Cebu Philippines

Current Weather In Cebu Philippines

These climate differences in each region of the province do not significantly affect the best time to visit Cebu City. Summer from January to April is definitely the best time to soak up the sun and enjoy outdoor activities in Cebu.

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The summer season in Cebu lasts from January to April. Temperatures range from an average of 30°C in January to 34°C in April. Surprisingly, January and February are among the coldest months of the year, while March and April are the hottest months in Cebu. During this period, the number of rainy days is very few – it usually rains about 14 out of 120 days.

Current Weather In Cebu Philippines

There is some variation in the rainy season from May to December. The average temperature ranges from 34°C in May to 30°C in December. The wettest months of the year are June to September.

On the positive side of Cebu, the area is usually spared from any tropical cyclones. Typhoon season in the Philippines is July/August, but it usually moves from the north (Luzon) or the south (Mindanao).

Current Weather In Cebu Philippines

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This article contains the opinions of the Go Guides editorial team. compensate authors for appearing on this site; Reimbursement may include travel and other expenses. The best time to visit Cebu, Philippines is from January to October and December. This period has warm temperatures and little rainfall. The highest temperature in Cebu City is 87°F in May and the lowest temperature is 82°F in January. The average water temperature is between 82°F and 87°F.

In the table below, you can quickly see the average monthly weather in Cebu City, the monthly temperature or when the rainfall is at its peak. Average monthly weather data is based on the last 30 years of data.

Current Weather In Cebu Philippines

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Cebu City has a tropical rainforest climate. It is usually (very) hot, humid and rainy throughout the year. Cebu City has an average annual temperature of 55°C and an annual rainfall of 285 inches. With an average monthly humidity of 79% and a UV index of 7, it has 92 dry days per year.

Current Weather In Cebu Philippines

What is the weather like in Cebu City in a certain month? Let’s learn! Click on a month to see monthly average sunshine, high and low temperatures, daily precipitation probability, snow accumulation, and number of rainy days.

Cebu City’s weather for the next 14 days will range from 86°F to 90°F, with a chance of light rain or even rain each day. Water temperature is 86°F.

Current Weather In Cebu Philippines

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Flight time from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Cebu City is approximately 14 hours. 50 minutes.

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