Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

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Maybe you want to change your Twitter personality, or maybe you want to avoid “less mature” moments. You can delete your entire account and start over. But you will lose all your followers, DMs and everything you have built up over the years.

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

Although Twitter gives us a native option to delete all tweets, there are still ways to delete outdated posts on the platform.

The Sadness Of Deleting Your Old Tweets

This is basically how you delete any tweet. If you are not active on Twitter, this is a way to go. In other words, if you only tweet ten times or less, just delete those tweets.

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

However, since you’re here, chances are you have more tweets to worry about. You may want to delete all tweets before a specific date, delete all tweets posted in a specific year, or delete all tweets that contain a specific word.

Unfortunately, Twitter does not offer a feature that allows you to customize tweet deletion. The functionality provided by Twitter was simple – delete tweets one by one – because the original plan was to have real tweet moments that could not be edited or deleted. Fortunately, the Internet offers many solutions – people have created several options that allow you to delete your tweets.

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

Ways To Delete All Of Your Tweets Or Multiple Tweets At Once

There are several third-party services that can help you with mass deletion of tweets. We’ll show you which ones are best for your needs in the tutorial below. Some services let you filter by date, while others let you filter by keyword. Fortunately, most services are free, but you need permission to access your Twitter account, so it’s crucial to choose a reliable service.

Circleboom is one of the most reliable and simple options. Circleboom is software that helps you manage all your social media accounts, including Twitter. You can schedule tweets, unfollow accounts in bulk, and delete all tweets. How to do this:

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

The last option is faster and easier than the first. Twitter can take up to 24 hours to upload your file, so using the “Delete Latest Tweets” option will be faster.

Old Tweet Deleter To Delete Old Tweets, Retweets Quickly

Another complete and straightforward website is However, you cannot use this feature to filter by date or keywords.

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

However, to delete tweets from a specific date range, you must use a service like Grant the app access to let it delete tweets for you.

Most people will want to use either service, the former for its ease of use and simplicity, and the latter for its more detailed options. This is the best way to delete tweets in bulk.

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

How To Search Your Twitter History And Why It Matters

To do this, you will also use TweetDeleter. Basically, you choose a range that covers an entire year.

If you want to delete all tweets you’ve ever sent or retweeted that contain a specific word or phrase, you can use TweetDeleter and TweetDelete. Here’s how to delete all tweets that contain a specific word or phrase.

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

You can use the above two tools to delete every tweet or retweet you have ever posted. However, it’s best to use TweetDelete to do this. It allows you to delete your tweets in less than a minute.

How To Delete One Or All Of Your Tweets

Yes, deleting tweets from your desktop is definitely the easiest way. However, if you need to use your iPhone to do this, you will have to use an app like Tweeticide. There are other options, of course, but if you want an app that simply deletes all your tweets from the palm of your hand, use Tweeticide.

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

Unfortunately, apps like Tweeticide on Android are not as reliable and intuitive as the ones mentioned above. You could try installing Tweeticide as an APK file, but that complicates things. You can also download any app from the Google Play Store that offers bulk deletion options, but be aware that most apps have terrible reviews and require a subscription service.

The best way is to go to the Tweet Delete app. Any of them should have an option that lets you select all the tweets you’ve ever posted and delete them.

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

How To Mass Delete Your Tweets For Free: Ultimate Guide

While these two apps are definitely the best options for deleting tweets from your computer, let’s take a look at the options. Firstly, these two can be easily accessed on Windows PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks.

Secondly, we mentioned many different tweet selection options, but you can use a combination of them. With TweetDelete, you can select a specific time (e.g. a Tweet from three months ago) and enter a word/phrase. This will delete all tweets posted during that period that contain the entered word or phrase. You can also do this in a TweetDeleter.

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

Both services have premium and free versions. One of the main differences between free and paid subscriptions is how many tweets you can delete. Free members can delete a standard 3,200 tweets. We say “standard” because Twitter will archive more than 3,200 older tweets. If you want to delete more content, you’ll need a paid subscription and the ability to upload your Twitter archive.

Bei Twitter Alle Tweets Löschen: So Geht’s

Both apps let you set auto-delete options. In TweetDelete, you can set any type of custom deletion to occur once or automatically every few days. TweetDeleter allows you to automatically delete Tweets older than a selected number of days. It also allows you to keep only the last selected number of tweets.

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

You can get deleted tweets from your Twitter archives. Go to your Twitter account and navigate to “More” in the left pane. Now select Settings and privacy. Find your Twitter profile entry and click on it. Log in using your Twitter credentials. Select Request Archive next to the Twitter entry. It may take some time for your file to be approved. Oh, and remember, you can only make this request once every 30 days.

There is a limitation here too. It is not set by Twitter as you can manually delete as many tweets as you want per day. However, the third-party apps we mentioned have limitations. For example, for $5.99 per month, TweetDeleter lets you delete up to 3,000 tweets per day.

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

Delete All Tweets/likes

If you post a tweet that other people like, they might retweet (share) it. Fortunately, when you delete a tweet, it disappears for everyone on the platform, including retweets.

Yes! The third-party services mentioned above give users the option to delete all likes on other tweeting apps. Unfortunately, this will not remove likes from your own tweets.

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

Using a third-party app, you can delete all tweets. It’s best to do this on a computer, but there are cell phone/tablet alternatives as well. However, the above services offer more than just completely deleting every tweet you post. In fact, you can customize the deletion.

Tutorial: How To Delete All Your Tweets For Free (code And Userscript In Comments)

Have you already achieved what you want using the above services? Did you encounter any problems? Do you know a better option? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to add your thoughts.

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

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Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

How To Bulk Delete Tweets Using Free(mium) Tools [2023]

Protect your privacy while sleeping. Turn on automatic deletion of X post/tweet and like based on your own settings and we’ll make sure your old X/Twitter views never come back to haunt you.

Let us protect your memory. Delete X posts/tweets from your X/Twitter timeline but keep them permanently in our app. Come back at any time to browse your memories.

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

Please note that Tweets you choose to delete through the service will be permanently deleted from X/Twitter and there is no way to recover them!

Top 5 Ways To Delete Your Old Tweets, Retweets By Year For Free

Avoid problems. Get started for free. Log in using (Twitter) Currently no response. Please try again later.

Delete All My Tweets On Twitter

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