Earthquakes Around The World Map

Earthquakes Around The World Map – Since time immemorial, large earthquakes have occurred. But the observations and effects are not evenly distributed across the world.

On February 6, two earthquakes hit Türkiye near the Syrian border. Both are registered above 7 on the Richter scale. And the total death toll quickly exceeded 20,000 people.

Earthquakes Around The World Map

Earthquakes Around The World Map

And considering the history of recent and ancient earthquakes. The location of the earthquake was not surprising. Using data from the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the creators of PythonMaps mapped the epicenters of earthquakes between 1956 and 2022, where they were recorded.

South Caucasus Residents Ponder Earthquake Risks

When looking at the map It is easy to observe the intensity of earthquakes along the boundaries of the tectonic plates.

Earthquakes Around The World Map

These massive, moving slabs fit together almost like puzzle pieces to form the lithosphere, or upper crust. But when the edges of the tectonic plates collide Slide towards each other and move away from each other. The earth’s crust cracks and folds, causing earthquakes.

Most of the earthquakes shown on this map occur along the boundaries of the seven major tectonic plates. Including the Philippine tectonic plate. (southern Japan) and the Nazca tectonic plates. (Western South America)

Earthquakes Around The World Map

Significant Earthquakes 2150 B.c. To A.d. 2022

From academic information Recent earthquakes in Türkiye (Part of the Alpine belt) caused by several faults. The Arab tectonic plate may move northward into the Eurasian plate. Pushed the Anatolian Plate (on which Türkiye lies) to the west.

These large earthquakes record magnitude scales such as The Richter scale (ML) and the moment magnitude (Mw) scale are newer and more commonly used. These scales are logarithmic and increase rapidly. Therefore, on the Richter scale Each increase in the integer corresponds to a 31.6 times increase in energy being released.

Earthquakes Around The World Map

The map above shows the concentration of large earthquakes that are concentrated around both sides of the Pacific Ocean. This scope is also known colloquially as “Ring of Fire” due to continuous volcanic eruptions caused by the movement of tectonic plates

Chart: Earth’s Moving Plates

But the red dots representing large earthquakes of magnitude 9+ on the Richter scale are far away and very small. Here is a list of the 20 worst earthquakes in history by magnitude.

Earthquakes Around The World Map

Areas close to Indonesia, Russia and Chile, all of which lie on the boundaries of tectonic plates. experienced half of the largest earthquakes in history

This means that there may have been earlier and large earthquakes not recorded. Earlier civilizations lacked accurate tools to measure and document. And only written observations are preserved. some of the earliest records date back almost three millennia.

Earthquakes Around The World Map

World Earthquake Report For Thursday, 2 February 2023

Although it can measure both the position and the magnitude of an earthquake. But scientists still can’t predict exactly where, when, or how big an earthquake will occur.

However, the probability of an earthquake can be measured. Especially in the fault area A famous example is the “Big Bump” at the Cascadia subduction zone in North America. which occurs every 200 to 800 years

Earthquakes Around The World Map

In areas that lie on faults between the tectonic plates Earthquake preparedness can play a huge role in reducing risk.

Volcano Earthquake Report For Saturday, 4 Mar 2023

Are you interested in plate tectonics? Here is an animated video showing the movement of tectonic plates over a billion years in 40 seconds.

Earthquakes Around The World Map

This article was published as part of the Visual Capitalist’s Creator Program, featuring data-driven visuals from some of our favorite creators around the world.

Which countries are buying Russian fossil fuels? Ranking: 20 countries with the fastest population decline. This iconic infographic maps the world’s mountains and rivers with the world’s largest producers of rice. World’s Fastest Train: Razor Thin: A New Look at Earth’s Atmosphere

Earthquakes Around The World Map

Earthquake Report Summary

Assessments: Biotoxins in nature, by lethal doses. The world can be a toxic place. We considered several biotoxins found in nature and assessed their toxicity.

They can take many forms, from snake or spider venom to neurotoxins produced by algae or certain microorganisms.

Earthquakes Around The World Map

In the infographic above. We considered biotoxins that are common in the natural world and ranked them according to their toxicity to an average human being of 70 kg (154 lb).

Global Earthquakes And Cities

The basic idea in toxicology is “Only doses cause poisoning.” Harmless everyday substances, such as water, have the potential to be lethal if consumed in high enough concentrations. It is very difficult to quantify mortality.

Earthquakes Around The World Map

First, living things are complex: factors such as size, diet, biochemistry and genetics vary from species to species. This makes it difficult to determine the toxicity universally.

Second, personal factors such as age or gender can also affect the seriousness of a substance. This is due to the fact that children have different amounts of medication than adults.

Earthquakes Around The World Map

World Earthquake Report For Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Third, the way the venom is introduced into the body (oral, intravenous, dermal, etc.) can also affect its range.

As a result, there are many ways to measure and classify toxicity depending on the substance or organism being investigated. The median lethal dose (LD50) is one common way of measuring toxicity. The LD50 is the amount of a substance that kills 50% of the test animal population, usually given as a weight of substance per unit of body weight (m g/kg or g/kg). In the figure above, we present data on the LD50 of some selected biotoxins found in nature. and presented on the logarithmic LD50 scale.

Earthquakes Around The World Map

While one would think that people would be able to avoid biotoxins. But the truth is more complicated than that. Here are some interesting facts about biotoxins found in nature and our unusual relationship with the organisms that produce them:

The World’s Most Earthquake Prone Areas And Countries

Mycotoxins are a worldwide problem. These affect crops from many countries. And it can cause huge economic losses to farmers and food producers.

Earthquakes Around The World Map

Plants use phytotoxins to defend themselves against other organisms such as humans. Urushiol, for example, is the main toxic component of the leaves of poison ivy, poison oak and sumac. But the Pacific yew produces a taxon which is useful in chemotherapy.

Although some whiskey makers in Slovenia use samandarin from the fire salamander to create a psychedelic alcohol.

Earthquakes Around The World Map

Magnitude 7.6 Earthquake Shakes Coastal Mexico

A special type of bacteria that lives in the gastrointestinal tracts of reef fish produces the toxin ziguatoxin. when the host fish eats They transmit this poison to other living beings.

Puffer fish contain tetrodotoxin. This is a neurodegenerative substance in the ovaries, liver and skin called tetrodotoxin. Although it is a delicacy in many countries around the world. But there are many strict regulations as it can kill people. In Japan, for example, only chefs with special licenses can prepare blowfish for consumption.

Earthquakes Around The World Map

The skin of some poisonous frogs secretes a deadly substance called Batrachotoxin It was so strong that just touching the poison was fatal. Natives of Central and South America have used batrachotoxin to poison the tip of hunting weapons for centuries.

New Map Fingers Future Hot Spots For U.s. Earthquakes

. paralyzes the muscles Prevents shrinkage (i.e. wrinkling). It is the deadliest biotoxin in the world. One gram of botulinum toxin can kill a million people.

Earthquakes Around The World Map

Although we used LD50 data to assess biotoxicity, But it’s not an exact science. There is room for improvement.

For starters, human LD50 data are not available, which means data from other organisms must be converted for use in humans. There is much debate in the scientific community about accuracy.

Earthquakes Around The World Map

Earthquakes From 1956‒2022, Mapped

There are also increasing efforts to switch to newer toxicity measurement methods that do not harm animals. Several countries, including the UK, have taken steps to ban oral LD50 testing, and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) scrapped the oral testing requirement in 2001.

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Earthquakes Around The World Map

More details on data and visualization techniques can be found in my post. Here is an abstract that provides a brief overview of the work: Assessing Nature.

World Earthquake Report For June 2022

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