Environmental News Of The Week

Environmental News Of The Week – Here’s our roundup of the top environmental stories of the week. Reporting on climate impacts and actions Threats to public and species health Progress in the fight to end plastic pollution Efforts to protect science, etc.

Less than a degree of heat might not sound like much. But the consequences will be enormous. https://t.co/OvKVxgSqbA pic.twitter.com/FkTraUSq6e — NYT Climate (@nytclimate) October 8, 2018

Environmental News Of The Week

Environmental News Of The Week

“The good news is that some of the action needed to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is being done around the world. But it has to be done urgently.” Valerie Masson-Delmot, Co-Chair of WGI#sr15 # ipcc #climatechange pic.twitter.com/3ohN5uhrOR – IPCC (@IPCC_CH) October 8, 2018

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Hurricane Michael: Hurricanes are devastating Florida and Georgia. Yes, climate change is affecting hurricanes (Pete Vernon, Columbia Journalism Review).

Environmental News Of The Week

#Hurricane Michael intensifies as the storm makes landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida at approximately 1:30 p.m. ET. ashore Latest update from @NHC_Atlantic: https://t.co/gcFrOMm2RR pic.twitter.com/ZIqmQslbYP — NOAA Satellites (@NOAASatellites) October 10, 2018

Michael could be a billion-dollar disaster for Georgia agriculture alone. https://t.co/SWSBg5UeLO pic.twitter.com/nbO19u7Gxd — Brian L Kahn (@blkahn) October 12, 2018

Environmental News Of The Week

Delaware Environmental Stewardship Awardees Announced During Delaware Ag Week

Bay Medical Sacred Heart, the largest hospital in Panama City. Patients must be rehabilitated during #Hurricane Michael Blow hit roof damaged + windows shattered hospital is currently evacuating patients According to @nytimes here is a before and after image via @NOAA pic.twitter.com/cOeWvd26RO — Zahra Hirji (@Zhirji28) October 12, 2018

Local Climate Action: Washington DC aims to adopt one of the most aggressive plans to reduce US carbon emissions. Legislation has been passed to convert the city’s electricity grid to renewables in 14 years. (Peter Jamison, The Washington Post)

Environmental News Of The Week

The bill — which would improve cities’ green building standards and allow mayors to make regional agreements with Virginia and Maryland to reduce greenhouse gas emissions — comes at a time of international deliberation on the issue of climate change. Climate .More…

Week In Review: Environmental News For Oct. 28 Nov. 3

Rising Disaster Costs: Investigating How FEMA Spent Funding on Recovery Efforts depicts short-lived visions that spawn a cycle of damage and repair (Kevin Zack and John Schwartz, The New York Times)

Environmental News Of The Week

FEMA’s public assistance program has provided at least $81 billion this way to state, territorial and local governments in response to declared disasters since 1992, according to a New York Times analysis of federal data. Check out projects Across the country’s ever-expanding flood zones, the decision to rebuild in such places is revealed. This is often done to combat climate change. cause sometimes various structures

Toxic Court Verdict: Brett Kavanaugh First Sworn in as Supreme Court Justice The Supreme Court then issued a lower court decision to allow further use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in consumer products. (handshake thinking about progress)

Environmental News Of The Week

Environmental Defense Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

An Obama-era rule limiting the use of HFCs was decided by the U.S. District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. In the opinion of D.C. District Judge Brett Cavanaugh – In August 2017, Cavanaugh, who was sworn in as Supreme Court Justice on Saturday despite numerous allegations of sexual misconduct. But did not attend the Supreme Court hearing of HFC v. Honeywell Maxikem Fluor…. more…

EPA latest: The Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Scientific Advisory, not to mention the EPA’s efforts to limit the type of scientific studies used to protect public health. (Stephen Mufson and Chris Mooney, The Washington Post)

Environmental News Of The Week

The proposed rule is called “Enhancing transparency in regulatory science” has been ranked among conservatives’ top priorities for years. Could be replicated by other researchers. Such restrictions could change the way agencies protect Americans from toxic chemicals. Air pollution, radiation and other health risks Increasing the agency’s wider deregulation agenda… more…

Safe Envicrime Week Comes To A Successful Conclusion: A Week Dedicated To The Fight Against Environmental Crimes

…the number of kittiwakes dropped again, and this time the reason was less visible. But no less than human error. The British seas have warmed and this has reduced the sand eel population. This is a very bad development for surface feeders like kittiwake… More… Singapore Press Holdings (SPH Foundation) and Sustainable Singapore Gallery present a new series of exhibitions running under the title ‘National Engagement with Sustainability (N.E.W.S.)’ with the latest news on local sustainability topics. This exhibition opened our eyes in different aspects. of sustainability in our daily lives Look for an exhibition about waste. food and water security wildlife and wildlife trade and global warming, coming soon at the Sustainable Singapore Gallery.

Environmental News Of The Week

In Singapore, climate change is increasingly important to people. Individuals and groups It is working on sustainable actions, such as spreading sustainability messages through social media. or integrating an environmental component into their businesses. Moreover, the increase in these actions in recent years indicates that people are increasingly willing to protect the environment.

People around the world are doing their part too. governments in other countries We are taking this seriously and are enacting legislation for the environment. Whether reducing single-use plastics or reducing food waste, businesses around the world offer consumers more sustainable options. So that everyone can shop responsibly.

Environmental News Of The Week

Event: Mekong Asean Environmental Week 2020

In this sixth exhibition in a six-part series on sustainability journalism by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), discover the importance of supporting sustainability and action for individuals, businesses and governments around the world.

The temperature is rising rapidly due to global warming. when the temperature rises Extreme weather conditions and destructive events occur. making the world more vulnerable to climate change especially El Niño and wildfires are wreaking havoc across the world.

Environmental News Of The Week

El Niño results in hotter and drier climates. This can cause forest fires and thick fog. Wildfires can easily be ignited by the heat and lead to loss of biodiversity and habitat for people. One example is the bushfires in Australia, which occurred in early 2020 to slow the rate of global warming. People must take action to actively combat climate change by practicing green habits.

Kids Clean Up During Wheatley Environmental Week Of Action

In the fifth exhibition in a six-part series on sustainability journalism, Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) explores how extreme temperatures are affecting Singapore and the world. El Niño impact and the devastating effects of bushfires in Australia.

Environmental News Of The Week

Can’t make it to the Sustainable Singapore Gallery to see this exhibition in person? Click on the image to open it in full screen.

Climate change is not only affecting the planet. It also affects our well-being. Air pollution and global warming can have a direct impact on our health. Breathing in air pollution can lead to long-term health problems such as lung cancer. when the temperature rises People are easily injured by heat, such as heatstroke.

Environmental News Of The Week

European Gnss Supports Environmental Issues

In addition to heat injuries The warmer climate is also causing mosquito-borne diseases. Because warmer temperatures are conducive to the breeding of mosquitoes. Fortunately, there is a modern solution to this problem. Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes can help reduce mosquito populations. Fight the spread of these mosquito-borne diseases.

In this fourth exhibition in a six-part series on sustainability journalism by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), the health risks posed by climate change are explored. since air pollution heat injury to diseases caused by vectors

Environmental News Of The Week

Although Singapore is a big city But there are wild animals here. Areas such as nature reserves or coastal areas abound in these areas, however, some species are endangered. from lost habitat to bleached corals The effects of climate change are affecting wildlife.

Pdf) The Significance Of Environmental Earth Day

Besides Singapore Wildlife is also threatened in other areas. In Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is experiencing severe bleaching due to rising sea temperatures. which caused them to die In Southeast Asia, animals such as pangolins and black bears are constantly hunted so traditional medicine practitioners can use their precious organs.

Environmental News Of The Week

In the third exhibit in Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)’s (SPH) six-part series on sustainability journalism, read these eye-opening articles for insight into the diversity of wildlife from what Singapore is doing. to save our wildlife marine biodiversity to illegal wildlife trading.

Food and water security has been a major issue Singapore has faced since its sovereignty. As a small island country with limited land area Singapore relies heavily on foreign food influences to ensure that all residents can choose their food from a wide variety of cuisines.

Environmental News Of The Week

Enjoy Free Nature Play Dates As Part Of Take A Child Outside Week!

However, climate change threatens global food and water security. Deteriorating conditions caused by climate change can affect the growth and harvest of food and drinking water supplies around the world. and Singapore as well

In this second exhibition in a six-part series on sustainability journalism by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), food and water are rediscovered through an environmental lens. Learn how global warming affects the food you eat. How has Singapore developed its own style? Elastic rice and how other countries are avoiding it

Environmental News Of The Week

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