Epcot Around The World Tickets

Epcot Around The World Tickets – If you love traveling the world, but still can’t imagine not going to Disney for your next vacation, EPCOT is the place for you! That’s right, thanks to the World’s Fair area at EPCOT, you can travel the world without ever leaving Florida! This may sound crazy, but that’s why we’re going to give you everything you need to know about EPCOT at the World’s Fair.

EPCOT is sometimes overlooked because of the perception that it has little to offer. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Recently, EPCOT has seen some changes that you should check out! While we love Soarin’ and Track Test, this guide will focus on the World’s Fair area located behind the park and all of EPCOT’s states. This destination showcases nations from around the world through food, shopping and entertainment! This is the perfect combination of holidays for those who want to do something a little different.

Epcot Around The World Tickets

Epcot Around The World Tickets

Our guide will give you all the details to make sure you don’t miss a thing. In addition, we will also share some tips and secrets for all countries of EPCOT.

Epcot Food & Wine Festival Booth Map

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Epcot Around The World Tickets

Since 1982, EPCOT has been the favorite of the four theme parks located at Walt Disney World in Florida. When Walt Disney envisioned this park, he wanted it to be a place that showed all the wonderful things that the future might bring. Quite literally, he wanted it to be a place where people could live and enjoy the benefits of a technologically advanced and well-planned city. Although that dream did not come true in the way he wanted, EPCOT still represents a longing dream that never stops thinking about tomorrow.

EPCOT, which stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, has today been reimagined and given new life. With new attractions like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, we’re seeing this park come to new life. It also gets a lot of attention for its annual festivals such as the ever popular Food and Wine Festival.

Epcot Around The World Tickets

Insights And Sounds: Before D23 A Guide To Epcot’s World Showcase Favorites

Recently, the park has been divided into what Disney calls neighborhoods. We think they chose the word “neighborhood” on purpose, as it reminds us of Walt’s original vision for the park. The four areas are the celebration of the world, the discovery of the world, the natural world and the world exhibition. For this guide, we will focus on the World’s Fair area and all EPCOT countries!

Before we break down everything you need to know about the countries of EPCOT, let’s talk about the pavilions. World Exhibition City is home to 11 tourist attractions known as Exhibition Halls. Each pavilion represents a nation from around the world and is set around a beautiful lake called The World Showcase Lagoon. They form an almost perfect circle around the lake and are connected by walkways that take you around the world.

Epcot Around The World Tickets

Each pavilion is unique in architecture, design, tourist attractions, food and shopping. We love it because each pavilion makes you feel as if you have boarded a plane and traveled to the respective country. Also, Disney hires people from different countries to act as ambassadors for their countries at EPCOT! This is especially fun if you love languages, as members from different countries are happy to speak their languages ​​with you.

Attractions At Walt Disney World’s Epcot, Ranked

In each pavilion you will find food and shops typical of the country. For example, sometimes you’ll find brands and menu items that you won’t find everywhere else you go. This creates a unique and authentic experience! One tradition that people love today is called the Round the World Beer Race. This is where people are challenged to enjoy alcoholic drinks from each of the kiosks. I’m too lazy to think about it, but it’s a fan favorite!

Epcot Around The World Tickets

As you can see, there are a variety of cultures represented, so when you go to the country of EPCOT, you will have a lot of fun and new discoveries! So, with that said, let’s go into each booth and find out what they have to offer!

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Epcot Around The World Tickets

Drinking Around The World Passport Printable Pdf Page Epcot

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Epcot Around The World Tickets

When entering the World Showcase Lagoon area, we recommend turning left and heading towards Mexico first. Disclaimer: Which part to start is a hotly debated topic, but we’re sticking with it!

Epcot One Day Itinerary [2023

The Mexican Pavilion is a beautiful recreation of an old world Mexican pyramid. His height is impressive and for good reason. It is one of the few mosques where there is a lot to do indoors rather than outside. Here you can enter this huge pyramid and find lots to see, do and eat! That’s why it’s our favorite place to start. Outside the mall, you’ll also find a few shops and restaurants. You can meet Donald in his t-shirt and sombrero!

Epcot Around The World Tickets

As we will with all kiosks, let’s break down everything you need to know about this kiosk!

San Angel Inn Restaurante is located inside the Mexico Pavilion and offers the best food you will find in EPCOT. From its beautiful design and setting to its truly delicious menu, you should Put this restaurant at the top of your list. It is located behind the pavilion, which is great because the seating area overlooks a small lake. Dim lighting and candles on the table make it a meal you won’t soon forget! Reservations are strongly recommended.

Epcot Around The World Tickets

Travel The World In One Day. Epcot’s World Showcase Gives You The…

La Cava del Tequila is a small bar located inside the pavilion. Here you can enjoy several tequila options, as well as my favorite drink in all Disney properties: the Avocado Margarita! This drink is a simple cocktail that perfectly balances the taste of avocado and spices. Even if you don’t like avocado, you can still enjoy this drink! Otherwise, there are other tequila-based cocktails to enjoy.

Choza de Margarita is a small quick service restaurant located outside the pavilion. Here you’ll find casual Mexican food like empanadas and tacos. Here’s another place to grab a refreshing margarita! Don’t worry about the line, it may seem long but it moves fast.

Epcot Around The World Tickets

This is another quick service restaurant that serves all of your favorite Mexican classics. However, here you can enjoy the large outdoor seating overlooking the lake. This is a great place to catch up quickly without having to worry about reservations. These nachos are an absolute favorite!

Epcot Reaches Capacity On New Year’s Eve For Multiple Ticket Types

La Hacienda de San Angel is another sit-down restaurant, but also located outside. This restaurant overlooks the lake, so if you make the right dinner reservations, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the fireworks! The food here is very good, but we will be honest and say that we like the food at San Angel Inn Restaurante. So we always try to make a reservation there first and use that restaurant as a backup option. Reservations are strongly recommended.

Epcot Around The World Tickets

If you love to shop, you’re in luck because the Mexico Pavilion has plenty of shopping to enjoy! First we have La Tienda Encantada. Located inside the hall, this shop offers small leather goods and souvenirs that you will be excited to see. This is also a great place to find gifts to take home!

La Princesa de Cristal specializes in crystal gifts ranging from authentic Mexican designs to typical Disney memorabilia. Prices will vary as you can find small trinkets to large and expensive items.

Epcot Around The World Tickets

Epcot In Orlando

Plaza de los Amigos is the shop you will see immediately when you enter the main part of the pavilion. However, you won’t find a typical small shop here, as the shop is set up in carts that cover the entire area.

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