Eric Days Of Our Lives

Eric Days Of Our Lives – At the mention of the possibility, Eric rushes off to take a pregnancy test—and, has Melinda taken things too far?

Sloan takes a pregnancy test, EJ and Nicole disagree about the baby, Lee blows up at Melinda, and Johnny brings shocking news to Rafe.

Eric Days Of Our Lives

Eric Days Of Our Lives

In the square, Rafe assures Paulina over the phone that he will find Lani before anyone knows she is missing. After the execution, Johnny approaches, angry about losing his former stepfather’s job. Rafe admitted that he violated department policy, prompting Johnny to ask if he and Jada were serious. Raph says that’s new, they both care about each other. Johnny is happy that he found his partner after the divorce. Rafe said that he and Nicole were never meant to be together. While everyone else knew he was going back to Eric, Johnny added that she now had a child with his father. Raph’s eyes widened. “Nicole is pregnant?!”

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At DiMera’s mansion, EJ rubs Nicole’s legs and admits that with Dimitri around, they can keep an eye on him. And hopefully influence his views. After she told him about Abe’s funeral, she revealed that they could find out the sex of the baby at a meeting tomorrow if he wanted to.

Eric Days Of Our Lives

After Tripp calls to cancel dinner plans with Wendy due to work commitments, she discovers a note from Lee. It details how he dated Gabi to get away from her.

While Lee was surprised by the frame-up with Melinda, she said she was not the DA. At the cantina tonight. She is a woman who is dating an attractive man who wants to get to know her better. They ate salmon (which they both loved), talked about movies and looked into each other’s eyes. Melinda hasn’t done this to anyone since her divorce from her abuser Sono Fabic. When he asked, she told her ex-husband why she was so tender towards people like Thalia.

Eric Days Of Our Lives

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Thalia meets Jada at a bar. As Jada wanders through community service, a distraught Jada can only think about Rafe losing his job because of their relationship. Thalia thinks about Raph and suggests that he could be fired.

Outside the apartment, Sloane assured Colin over the phone that she would represent him at tomorrow’s trial. She then told Colin that Eric had no idea he was the father of Nicole’s child. She opened the door and found Eric lying on the couch. She swallowed and hung up on Colin. Eric asked him what he was doing in the dark. Sloane admitted that she was hiding something from him.

Eric Days Of Our Lives

Wearing a sweats and a green face mask, Wendy watched TV and ate a bowl of snacks. Tripp came home and quickly placed the bowl in front of her. He teases her, then tells her he has the night off. They can still make reservations at The Bistro. After a long day at work, she preferred to stay there, especially since Lee had gone on a date.

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In the square, Rafe deals with Nicole’s pregnancy, and Johnny drops another bomb: the baby is probably Eric’s. Raph smiled. Glad he’s in a drama-free relationship now. He asks about Johnny, who says he’ll never see Wendy again. Sad people play poker and declare how miserable their lives are. Johnny wins, saying his crazy girl left him for a ruthless doctor, his last ex left him for his sister, and he doesn’t have a sexy detective to rely on. Rafe, convinced there was a girl there, swiped him left as they spoke. By swiping right, Johnny corrected. Rafe invites Johnny to join him and Jada for a beer at the bar.

Eric Days Of Our Lives

At the mansion, EJ says he wants to know the gender of the baby, but Nicole doesn’t want to take the chance. She didn’t want to lose her child because of emotional entanglements. With no guarantees, EJ felt they had to cherish every moment along the way. She thinks he just wants to know he has another son. He insisted he was fully grown and would be happy if their child was a girl. This means he is the father of the child, but he understands why she wants to protect herself. He hoped she would soon realize the child was real. He hugged her warmly. Nicole looked worried.

At her apartment, Sloane told Eric that her period was a few days late. Eric went out to take a pregnancy test.

Eric Days Of Our Lives

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Wendy looked at Bodie and Sol on the bed, falling asleep in Tripp’s arms. He told her he was glad she chose him. She regretted bringing him into this silent competition. Tripp says it’s worth it, but Wendy says it’s not for Johnny. Tripp is sure he’ll be with Wendy or someone else this weekend. Wendy knew, but she actually cared about her brother. She hopes he enjoys his date.

At the bar, Lee noted that he saw a different side of Melinda and appreciated what she did for Thalia. Melinda also saw another side of him. While she doesn’t forgive him for going to great lengths to keep Gabi, she knows that Gabi gave her as many benefits as possible. Gabi and Stefan played with their emotions and destroyed them. No wonder he wants Stephen dead. Li Xiaoxiao didn’t know what she was talking about. Melinda assures him he’s not in the DA’s interrogation room. Trask. She likes him and feels like something is going on, so they need to be honest with each other. She asked him if he was the one who brought Rolf back to brainwash Harris. Lee grabbed her purse and found the tape recorder. She insisted she was completely wrong, but he stormed out. Melinda barked at the bystanders, then doubled over, looking disappointed.

Eric Days Of Our Lives

In the bar, Thalia asks a resistance barge for details of her sex life. Jada dramatically gives up and says that Lover Hernandez is the bomb! When they came in, Johnny patted Rafe on the back and said, “Good job, man.” Rafe pulled an angry Jada aside. She explained that she just wanted her sister to shut up. He thinks the review almost made losing his job worth it. They agreed to kiss without regrets. He then asks her to help him find Rani. She agrees.

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Johnny sits down with Thalia and she pretends to be interested in his ex-wife. He doesn’t know her well enough to hate her, but he doesn’t mind her hurting the people he cares about. She feels bad about helping Colin and will do whatever she can to help Chanel and her family. He warns that if she hurts Chanel again, she will have to deal with him.

Eric Days Of Our Lives

Lee returns home and interrupts Wendy and Tripp’s make-out session. Lee collapsed on the couch and called his date a complete disaster. However, he didn’t want to say any more and walked to his bedroom. Wendy wants to go back to their night out, but Tripp wants their first time to be special and uninterrupted. Wendy agrees that their first time should be about themselves.

In the small bar, Melinda drank her wine and ordered a whiskey. She was sad that her date wouldn’t be back tonight…or ever. After finishing her whiskey, she looked wistfully at the Lovelorn Chardonnay label. “Hey, Melinda,” she said to herself. “You really messed up, didn’t you?”

Eric Days Of Our Lives

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After Sloane took a pregnancy test, she and Eric saw two lines. Eric asked what he thought that meant. Sloan enthusiastically said yes. “We’re going to have a baby,” they repeated as they kissed.

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Eric Days Of Our Lives

In a previous flashback, Bonnie confessed to Maggie under pressure, and a horrified Melinda discovered that Lee was her date. In the following flashback, Marlena discovers a demonic connection to Whitley when Rafe and Jada discover Lanny’s motionless body on the dock.

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Eric Days Of Our Lives

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Eric Days Of Our Lives

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