Expensive Rare Plants In The Philippines

Expensive Rare Plants In The Philippines – If you are an experienced gardener or someone with an eye for interior design, you may be looking for new plants to decorate your home garden. Our list of rare plants in the Philippines is unique; they are hardy, beautiful, and some of the most unique houseplants you can grow. These beautiful seasonal pots can completely change the look of your interior, brightening up any dull or drab space you have. Keep reading!

Fiddleleaf figs are one of the most popular ornamental plants. They have large green leaves that give off the warmth of tropical life. But did you know that this plant has a rare dwarf variety – Bambino?

Expensive Rare Plants In The Philippines

Expensive Rare Plants In The Philippines

At an average height of six inches, the Bambino is the more attractive cousin of the Fiddleleaf Figure. Also known as Ficus Lyrata Bambino, it is hard to find in the Philippines. They have all the great features that the regular Fiddleleaf Fig has, but in a smaller format. Their leaves and stems are small, which helps them to get anywhere.

Monstera Deliciosa Albo Variegata

These obscure indoor plants look great in large wicker baskets and are placed on shelves, tables, or window sills. They do best near a good light source, and need to be watered only when dry.

Expensive Rare Plants In The Philippines

Ficus varietal, Black, also known as “Burgundy,” is a rubber tree known for its black flowers, hardiness, low maintenance, and easy growth. They were very popular 30 years ago but went out of style when people started living in small houses and apartments. As a result, it is difficult to find these days

However, recently, the Black Prince Rubber Tree has gained a lot of popularity over the past 5 years, returning to being a household name. People also like that they are easy to care for and that their bright, shiny and colorful leaves go well with modern decor and decor.

Expensive Rare Plants In The Philippines

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Caladium Humboldtii is one of the few Caladium species that are kept as houseplants. You can recognize this species by its small size, distinct markings, and wing-shaped leaves.

They are rare ornamental plants, also called “Mini White” for their dark green leaves covered with white yellow stripes. This difference makes them an attractive plant to add to your living room decor. Caladiums are tropical plants, so we recommend keeping this place with heat, humidity and direct light.

Expensive Rare Plants In The Philippines

Fittonia, also known as “Vein Plants” and “Mosaic Plants” got their name from the eye-catching veins of red, white, crimson and green that run through its leaves. This rare plant is small and amazing – it dries with little changes in the watering process. Fortunately, it’s just a joke, and this tough plant will recover after proper care.

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We offer Green and Red Fittonias, both of which have bright, eye-catching colors that are sure to make a statement. Native to Peru, and other parts of South America, this plant likes warm weather. They are a great plant to grow in terrariums, hanging baskets, food gardens, or just in regular pots.

Expensive Rare Plants In The Philippines

Monstera is a tropical vine and shrub native to Central America. Its name is derived from a Latin word meaning “unpleasant,” because the leaves are naturally made (called fenestration) which looks like a fist.

The most popular variety is Monstera Deliciosa, which is hard to find in the Philippines. These plants make quite a statement – their leaves are large, bright green, and full of attractive holes.

Expensive Rare Plants In The Philippines

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These plants also like to grow – they grow higher than other plants, so you might consider adding a rope or trellis to their pot. These are great in places like the living room and dining room.

Peperomia Puteolata is a type of plant from the peperomia family, also known as “Parallel Peperomia.” These tropical plants are great even for first time gardeners and like lots of light, heat and humidity.

Expensive Rare Plants In The Philippines

Visually, it is similar to Peperomia tickets in terms of leaf structure. They have a red base. -red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red-red -red-red plant material growing in the process. These leaves are dark green, yellow green with white veins. In addition to their leaves, they can grow small white flowers under the right conditions.

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Philodendron Birkins is a new and modern variety that is rarely found in the Philippines. This slow-growing houseplant boasts large dark green leaves that appear white with creamy white skin – and each pattern on each leaf is unique. With this houseplant, you can enjoy an ever-changing display as it grows under your care.

Expensive Rare Plants In The Philippines

Philodendron Birkin is a great addition to your desks, shelves and coffee tables when they are young. Although it will take time, it can grow up to 3 feet tall and wide, so you can easily transplant it. They grow well with moist soil, direct sunlight and moderate temperatures.

These rare plants in the Philippines are not run-of-the-mill indoor plants. They are unique, fun flowers that have beautiful colors, and are the perfect way to add more personality to your space!

Expensive Rare Plants In The Philippines

Ridley’s Staghorn Fern

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Expensive Rare Plants In The Philippines

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