Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots – For years, I’ve been excited after hearing about great new, extra-wide shoes in plus sizes. Then I try them on and realize that even the most common wide-leg shoes aren’t wide enough for me.

After years of trial and error and hours of research, I cracked the code. Today I’m sharing with you the best options for extra wide leg boots!

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

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Kickin Desert Boots

It’s relatively easy to find wide shoes up to 20 inches in circumference at traditional plus-size stores like Lane Bryant and Torrid; However, it’s almost impossible to find options longer than 20 inches.

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

In today’s post you’ll find extra tall 23 inch boots and even a custom option that will help you find the perfect fit no matter your size!

Shoes are my biggest fashion struggle, and after months of talking to many of you, I realize we’re all in this together. I’m so excited to finally share this resource with you.

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

Where To Buy Wide Calf Boots For Plus Size Babes!!!

The calf width does not stop at 63 cm, so it was important for me to be able to share an option that really suits everyone. For this reason, I have done a lot of research into custom wide shoe options.

Unfortunately, many custom shops still have restrictions on the sizes they can offer, and many others are very expensive with shoes costing thousands of dollars.

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

I was thrilled to find Atitlan Leather, a green and eco-friendly company, offering custom extra wide calfskin boots in every size!

Journee Collection Tori Extra Wide Calf Boot

Atitlan custom leather boots are available in dozens of different leather types, with suede and top grain options. The shoe starts at $189 and you can customize the size and style by adding/removing straps, buckles, etc.

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

Before sharing these custom leather Atitlan boots, I reached out to confirm that they can indeed make boots with a calf width greater than 23 inches! We can, and I’m so excited that we can all finally wear the cute over-the-knee wide leg boots we want! I like that when you place an order for shoes, you fill out a detailed form that shows you exactly what you need to measure for and how.

You can also ask questions via email, which is great. When contacted via email I received a response within 24 hours which was great.

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

Extra Wide Calf Wellies

About 6 years ago I discovered Simply Be USA and finally found wide leg shoes that fit me! They offered multiple options for foot width and leg width and were perfect for my 23 inch calves.

I was devastated when Simply Be decided to close its US operations in 2020. My dream of a boot with extra wide legs is over.

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

I had stocked up on several pairs before they closed, so now I’m just looking for an alternative option.

Cheddar Extra Wide Calf Extra Wide Calf Ladies Boot Black Street/suede

I was discussing this dilemma with a friend and she reminded me that since Simply Be is still operating in the UK, we could use a shipping service to order from the Simply Be UK website and send the order to the US.

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

While using a shipping service can be expensive, the shoes themselves are very affordable, so this is an option I will 100% consider in the future when it’s time to restock.

By doing a quick search for “shipping services from UK to US”, I found several companies offering this service.

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

Tiffany Extra Wide Calf Boot

Since I have no personal experience with these companies, I cannot recommend any particular company. Make sure you read reviews and do research to find a reputable company.

The shoes I’m wearing in the photo above are no longer available as I’ve had them for a few years, but there are many similar styles available in brown and black!

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

Shop all Simply Be UK shoes here (note: I buy the widest calf option available, Extra Curvy Plus)

Carly Extra Wide Calf Boots

I have only been able to find one pair of extra wide calf boots for sale “off the shelf” in the US that offer a width of 23 inches at the calf. They are these black faux leather boots from Avenue.

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

The design is very similar to options I have purchased from Simply Be in the past and I love the look.

One thing I especially appreciate is that the back half of the shoe has a large rubber panel.

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

Extra Wide Calf Neoprene Rubber Rain Boots

This makes the shoes more forgiving and may mean that if your calf width is slightly larger than 23 inches, they may fit you.

The shoes are available in sizes 7 to 13. Although there are several other shoes from the same Evans brand available at Avenue, these are unfortunately the only ones with a calf width of up to 23 inches.

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

Even though I know we’re here to discuss bootie options, I couldn’t resist ending this post by sharing other styles that are currently popular. We’re in luck, because knee-high boots aren’t the only popular styles in town these days.

Tori Extra Wide Calf Boot

I know it can be very frustrating to feel left out when it’s hard to find the fashion you’re looking for. I hope these resources will help you find extra wide calf boots for plus size people. I’m a big fan of the boot trend, but I have a hard time finding shoes that are wide enough for my legs. Add to that the fact that I also have wider feet, and it was difficult to find wide leg shoes for wide feet. I ordered several boot styles

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

And brands to discover what works for me. I thought why not share my findings (good and bad) in the hopes that they can help with your research!

My goal is for these comprehensive calf fitting reviews to help reduce your ordering, returning, ordering and exchange time a little. Some of these brands only offered wide calf boots, while other brands had very wide calf boots. I definitely mentioned this in the reviews! I also wear size 10 (wide if available) for reference.

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

Therese Extra Wide Calf

Since I have a chance to try more wide toes, extra wide western boots, etc. this fall, I’ll be sure to update the blog post accordingly!

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Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

Before I dive into each shoe and give a review, I wanted to share my own calf measurements. At their fullest point my legs are about 20 inches long and my ankles are about 10 inches.

Journee Collection Therese Extra … Curated On Ltk

I ordered this in a wide calf without realizing there was also an extra option in the calf. As long as the zipper is closed, it will be tight. I thought I would tear my skin if I squeezed it. It looks like I’m losing a bit of height from rest, but I’m not 100% sure. They also fit very tight on my feet, not something I would personally feel comfortable wearing. The lesson I learned is that I need a very wide shoe for my fibula! As for the look of the shoe, I really like the contrast of the dark heel and sole against the off-white shoe.

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

These knee-high boots are available in black, cognac, off-white and red. Available in sizes 6-12. They have a square toe and a 3 inch block heel. These boots zip over the entire length of the boot. Like most Journee shoes, they are available in wide and extra wide calves. I’m wearing wide calf boots here.

This shoe is a little tight on my feet, but not too crazy. I love the full-calf fit, which hits just below my knee. There is a little bunching around the ankle, but that’s the minimum that’s occurred in any shoe I’ve tried so far. They weren’t in my size in white when I originally ordered them, so I’m curious if the bunching is noticeable on the lighter color or not. All this said, I feel like this shoe is worth the money.

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

Journee Collection Women’s Wilo … Curated On Ltk

This shoe model is available in the colors dark brown, off-white, red and brown. Available in sizes 6-12. The Daria shoe has a 9.5 cm heel and a pointed toe. They close the entire length of the shoe. Available in wide and extra wide options.

The Journee Therese shoes are a little tight on my feet, but they fit me and I can walk around without pain. It fits easily over my legs and reaches just below my knees. My only concern with this shoe is that the material is a bit thin and bunches around my ankles. The shoes are available in sizes 6 to 12 and you can choose from

Extra Wide Calf Leather Boots

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