Famous Japan Anime

Famous Japan Anime – Anime is the number one source of content in Japan, and is the most watched topic. People in Japan love to watch anime every day and this information is reflected in a recent list released by a research firm that shows the most watched shows in Japan in 2021.

The list dominates the anime series on all the services used in the country and surpasses the world famous series like Squid Game, WandaVision, Money Heist and many more that are highly recommended by fans in 2021.

Famous Japan Anime

Famous Japan Anime

The Japanese agency GEM Partners conducted a survey last year whose main goal was to determine the most popular media in 2021. For this reason, the agency asked about 7,000 people, between the ages of 15 and 69, every week throughout the year. and publishes the report on its website.

Top 10 Most Streamed Shows In Japan In 2021

Now, check out the complete list of the most watched shows in Japan in 2021 that were watched by fans all over the country.

Famous Japan Anime

Kingdom is a historical anime series based on a manga written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara that tells the story of a fictional ‘wartime era’. The series aired its 3rd season last year and ended its run at the end of October.

The anime is about war orphan Xin, along with his comrades, fighting to become the greatest general under the sky. In a journey full of trials and bloodshed, Xin aims to unite the regions of China for the first time in 500 years. Its manga companion entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the most manga written by humans.

Famous Japan Anime

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One Piece has been entertaining its fans for 23 years and its journey so far has been nothing short of amazing. With over 1000 manga and anime episodes, it has set a milestone that no one else can surpass. Additionally, it is the 2nd bestseller in the world with 490 million copies sold.

But 2021 was a special year for the franchise as it completed 1,000 episodes of the anime television series, released its 1,000th episode and the 100th book of the manga series, all of which were achieved in one year. He also announced a new Piece movie for next year.

Famous Japan Anime

Like every year, Chapter One entered the list of the most popular series in Japan in 2021. And yet another successful year ended for the franchise and the creator of the series, Eiichiro Oda who is already the richest manga author of all time.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most watched series of the 90’s and surprisingly, this anime has no real material. In 2021, the franchise released its fourth and final film in the series called “Evangelism 3.0 + 1.0”. The film was a huge hit, grossing £800 million on its first day of release.

Famous Japan Anime

Neon Genesis Evangelion is set fifteen years after the world has been hit, especially in the mighty city of Tokyo-3. Shinji, the main character, is recruited by his father into the mysterious ‘Nerv’ organization to create a giant bio-mechanic called ‘Evangelion’.

He prepares him to fight against beings called “Angels”. The series depicts the experiences and emotions of the Evangelion pilots and members of Nervo as they try to prevent the Angels from causing further accidents.

Famous Japan Anime

Anime Japan 2022

2021 was a big year for My Hero Academia as it released its 5th episode of the anime television series, a video game adaptation, a new adaptation and the third movie of the franchise called “My Hero Academia: World Hero Mission”.

The film did very well at the box office, grossing US$29.3 million in Japan alone (as of December 2021). The fifth season of the show, which lasted about 7 months, also did a great job of keeping the franchise online.

Famous Japan Anime

In 2021, MHA was the 5th best-selling manga series with 7.02 million copies sold, breaking its record from the previous two years. A sixth season of the franchise has also been announced, due out in October 2022.

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Isekai anime in general is a very interesting topic to think about because of its unique concept and teachings about rebirth. But generating an annual income of US$35 million through isekai is not an easy feat. However, TenSura proved them wrong by reaching this milestone in 2021.

Famous Japan Anime

TenSura, also known as Reincarnated as Slime, is considered the best isekai series. The ride of the classic Rimuru Tempest is a lot of fun to watch. And Studio 8bit’s efforts on animation and visual control in the series are also commendable.

All these small details have helped a chain like TenSure to prove its value in a competitive industry. With the release of Season 2 and the release of the game in 2021, the series that was well received by fans also appeared in the list of franchises.

Famous Japan Anime

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Detective Conan, also known as Case Closed in English, is a popular anime series for its exciting episodes filled with mystery-solving challenges using the main character Shinichi Kudo’s various skills.

Shinichi Kudo is a 17-year-old high school detective who people call “The modern Sherlock Holmes”. However, one night after falling in love with his girlfriend Ran, Shinichi takes a drug to kill her, only to wake up to find himself reduced to 7 years old.

Famous Japan Anime

In order to track down the people who did this to him, Shinichi once again pretends to be Conan Edogawa and lives with Rana who is masquerading as his father and works as a detective who solves cases of murder and mystery. This show is popular and will undoubtedly be one of the most watched shows in Japan in 2021.

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There are only a few weeks left until we say goodbye to one of the greatest shonen anime of all time. Currently, Attack on Titan is airing its final season of the series and is standing tall with its competitors. Even in recent times, the franchise doesn’t seem to have settled for less.

Famous Japan Anime

With an incredible $37 million in revenue, it became the 7th highest grossing anime franchise in 2021. The year saw the conclusion of the Attack On Titan manga and fans went crazy to watch and read the final volume of the series that finally made the manga sell 7.3 million. per year.

The sales of Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and music CDs have played a major role in increasing the popularity of the Attack On Titan franchise on various platforms and as a result it entered the top 10 without any problems.

Famous Japan Anime

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When the Tokyo Revengers anime television series premiered in April 2021, no one could have imagined that the series would be successful. His popularity continued to grow so much that he broke many records in a very short period of time. Next year, the franchise is set to release the second season of Tokyo Revengers.

The manga, written and illustrated by Ken Wakui, sold over 30 million copies (physical and digital sales) in just a few months after the anime’s release. To date, the Tokyo Revengers manga has more than 50 million copies in circulation, with 90% of sales expected in 2021 alone.

Famous Japan Anime

What’s more, the series has also surpassed franchises such as One Piece and Attack On Titan by the end of 2021 on all media platforms, from manga sales to television anime. And, adding more to their list, the franchise is set to be the most watched shows in Japan in 2021.

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Jujutsu Kaisen has made a name for itself in the major leagues of the anime industry in just a few years. It has now been named the best anime series of the new generation, and it is also the best-selling manga of 2021. Now with Jujutsu Kaisen released, it is moving to the top of the anime industry.

Famous Japan Anime

All this happened after the release of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime in October 2020. With the dark elements of the building and the humor perfectly combined, Studio MAPPA delivered the show to the audience very well. The popularity of the series has influenced the sales of the manga, which is increasing every month and in 2021 alone, it reached 31 million sold.

France ended the year with a profit of US$160 million. In addition, the franchise also released its first movie “Jujutsu Kaisen 0” on December 24th which broke many records in just a few weeks. And fans appreciated all this hard work as they made it one of the best performances of the year.

Famous Japan Anime

Open Up A New World With The Best Anime Of The Decade

Demon Slayer is undoubtedly the best anime franchise in the Japanese industry right now. Not only is it popular, but the series has proven to be very profitable for the creators and media companies involved in the show.

According to the Oricon charts, in 2021 alone, Demon Slayer earned $232 million in sales from various media, including manga and other entertainment media. A large part

Famous Japan Anime

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