Famous Korean Expressions

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Famous Korean Expressions

Famous Korean Expressions

Are you planning to go to Korea? Korean travel phrases in language learning are very important for this reason!

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Learning the basic phrases for traveling to South Korea will surely help you in any situation including emergencies. The Korean travel phrases and Korean travel words you will learn in this article will make your trip more enjoyable and help you connect with the locals, so you can get the most out of your next trip to South Korea !

Famous Korean Expressions

You can converse with local Koreans by memorizing these basic phrases. Koreans will appreciate that you made an effort to speak to them in their native language and it will definitely add more enjoyment to your trip to South Korea.

This is one of the most basic and commonly used Korean phrases when traveling, so be sure to keep them in your arsenal!

Famous Korean Expressions

Most Common Korean Words

Jason went to your friend’s house and met his older roommate for the first time.

You are walking through the busy streets of Gangnam area and see a lady dropping her purse. She picks it up and gives it to him.

Famous Korean Expressions

You order a cup of coffee from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and the clerk gives you change after you pay.

Korean Adjective List

This is one of the most useful Korean travel phrases you will ever learn, so keep that in mind.

Famous Korean Expressions

As you learn travel phrases in Korean, never underestimate the importance of smaller words. They can have the biggest impact!

We have free lessons like “Top 10 Conversation Phrases,” so check out this page when you have the time.

Famous Korean Expressions

Core Korean Words — Basic Korean Words You Need To Learn First

Public transportation is the most efficient way to get around South Korea. Metro and public bus fares are very cheap, and the routes are easy to understand. There are also announcements in several languages, so the chance of missing out is minimal.

However, you should remember that most of the staff at the ticket offices do not speak English. We learn the most important and useful phrases to buy tickets and chat with the staff you meet.

Famous Korean Expressions

) means “Please give me a ticket for ~.” Use this phrase to purchase any ticket to exit the city area.

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You may need to take a bus or subway to get around South Korea. This travel phrase will come in handy when you want to ask the locals a question. When traveling by boat or boat, simply change the name to “boat” (

Famous Korean Expressions

You are in Incheon airport and need to go to Jamsil airport. A bus stops in front of you and you want to ask if this bus goes to Jamsil.

You are at Gukje market in Busan and need to take the subway to Gimhae airport.

Famous Korean Expressions

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This travel phrase is the most effective and easiest phrase to say to your taxi driver. Simply add the location you want to access, for example “Insadong” (인사동;

However, if you want to go somewhere less touristy, and need to specify exactly where you want to go, give the taxi driver the address. Every taxi has a navigation system installed. Also, taxi companies offer free interpretation services in South Korea.

Famous Korean Expressions

To find out if the taxi you are boarding offers this service, look on the right side of the door. There is usually a large rectangular sign explaining this service in English, Japanese and Chinese. So if you have trouble explaining where you want to go, just say “free interpreter” to the taxi driver.

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Use this transit phrase when you want to ask a seller how much things cost when shopping in South Korea. To get the seller’s attention, you can say 저기요 (jeogiyo) which means “sorry.” If the seller is a man, you can call him 아저씨 (ajeossi) which means “mature man”, and if the seller is a woman, you can call him 아영마 (ajumma) which means “mature woman” or 이모 (imo) which means “aunt “. .”

Famous Korean Expressions

Also, remember that 이것 (igeot) means “this” and 저것 (jeogeot) means “that”. If you want each to be plural, say 이경들 (igeotdeul) for “these” and 저것들 (jeogeotdeul) for “those”.

On our website you can find many Korean math lessons. Feel free to browse our site whenever you want.

Famous Korean Expressions

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Prices in Korea are often fixed, but you can definitely negotiate the price in the market. To request a discount, use this phrase!

If you want to buy cheap things in Korea, try paying with cash. If you pay by credit card, you will be charged an additional fee (about ten percent more).

Famous Korean Expressions

) which means “Namdaemun market” in Seoul and I have a nice jacket. You ask the price and you think it’s too expensive. Do you want to negotiate the price.

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) an underground shopping area at the Seoul Express Bus Station and you want to buy a pair of jeans. The sign says it’s worth 10,000 won if you pay in cash. But you only have one credit card.

Famous Korean Expressions

), which means “free size”. Be careful when buying plus size clothing, as they may be too big or too small when you try them on. Also, in many shops in the market or underground shopping area, it is not possible to return items after purchase.

You are in the underground shopping area of ​​Gangnam station. You get a sweater and no size is written on the label.

Famous Korean Expressions

Romantic Korean Phrases To Know Besides Saranghaeyo

Sometimes it can be difficult when you have to choose something among many clothes. If you’re not sure which one to choose, it’s always safe to ask the seller what’s trending these days.

You have bought many things at the shop and the seller wants to give them to you for free.

Famous Korean Expressions

Need more shopping phrases? See “15 phrases for shopping. Exchanges, returns and complaints!” in a.

Korean Classroom Expressions

This phrase means “Please give me ~” and can be used not only to order dishes, but also to buy things like tickets or clothes.

Famous Korean Expressions

You want to order a bottle of beer and soju to try making a 소맥 (somaek) which is a whiskey and beer cocktail.

Many Korean dishes are admired by foreigners because we use 고추장 (Gochujang) which means “chili paste” or 고춠가라 (gochutgaru) which means “chili powder” in many dishes. When ordering spicy dishes in Korea, you can ask for them not to be spicy, so you can enjoy Korean dishes!

Famous Korean Expressions

Fastest Cute Korean Words Hd Wallpapers

) in Korean. Although the number of vegetarian restaurants is on the rise, this concept (particularly veganism) is quite new in South Korea. Therefore, do your research beforehand if you are looking for a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Korea.

Also, vegetarian dishes are easy to find, so don’t worry too much. Classic dishes include 야채 김밥 (vegetables

Famous Korean Expressions

You went to a restaurant with your friend, who you don’t know is a vegetarian. Do you want to order 삼겹살 (

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This line means “I disagree with ~” and it might be the most important restaurant line you’ll read today!

Famous Korean Expressions

To say you don’t like something, simply say the name of the food you don’t like, followed by 아러지에요 (

You are allergic to tree nuts and want to ask if the snack you want to buy contains tree nuts.

Famous Korean Expressions

Topik I Vocabulary List 1671 [free Download] (beginner Korean Words)

He currently lives with a Korean host family. Your father gave you some chocolates and you want to say that he refuses them.

You will be surprised how fast internet services in South Korea are. Also, free wifi services are available almost everywhere: in subway, KTX, restaurants and cafes, etc. Most restaurants and bars offer free Wi-Fi to customers, so ask for the password to access the free Wi-Fi.

Famous Korean Expressions

You stopped by 엔제리너스이피 (Angel-in-Us Coffee) to take a break from a long journey and want to use the free wifi.

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Want to learn practical phrases to use in Korean restaurants? See “Restaurant vocabulary and phrases” on our website.

Famous Korean Expressions

This is the phrase you should use when asking for detailed directions. Use this phrase to ask how to get to a particular place, when there are many steps involved.

You feel tired after visiting many places and want to go back to your hotel to rest, but you are not sure where is the nearest station.

Famous Korean Expressions

Best Korean Vocabulary Apps To Build Your Word Bank

There are many example sentences using these vocabulary words in our vocabulary list on places and adverbs. See page for more study material.

When you’re not sure where you are, or want to know the name of where you are, use this phrase to ask. 어어 means “there” in Korean. If you want to double check your site with someone, replace the site name with 어디.

Famous Korean Expressions

For example, if you want to know where you are

Places In Korean (beginner)

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