Famous Korean Illustrators

Famous Korean Illustrators – From Hong Kyu Kim’s sweet ideas to Dansaehwa, South Korea’s most famous art institution

Seoul offers an opportunity to meet today’s most famous talents and historical masters of Korean art. Discover Sungsil Ryu in Focus Asia’s emerging galleries and artists category (presented by P21). The artist becomes a visible subject in his YouTube-inspired videos, which explore subjects that reject traditional values ​​such as shopping, religion, war, sex, death, and child sacrifice. Learn more about Sungsil Ryu in our artist interview. Sungsil Ryu, BigKing Travel Ching Chen Travel-Mr. Unlike Kim’s 2019 Revival, 2019 Single Channel Video, 25 Minutes (still image), P21 Force and the provocation of Sungsil Ryu Ryu, Haejum Ba (Whistle) offers viewers a gentle meditation in color. In her work “Resolute Tracker”, Bya “tracks” how the meaning of an abstract painting is created through the combination of density, feeling, form and color. Hejum Bä, Resolute Tracker, 2022, Oil on canvas, 162.2×145.5x3cm, Courtesy of Shugel and Hejum Bä Korean highlights in the 20th century masters and historical artwork category include Park Hyung Ki’s portrait (Hyundai Gallery). an artist known for creating installations incorporating natural materials through video technology; In doing so, he created a world of spiritual and contemplative video art. Park Hyung-ki, Untitled, 1988 (reproduced in section 2021), single-channel video, color, silent; watch and stone, Hyundai Gallery, Park Hyunki Estate Haindoo (Hakgojae) was a founding member of the Korean Society of Contemporary Artists and is considered an artist who expanded the field of abstract art in Korea. He was known for his colorful field paintings that meditated on Buddhist concepts. Mandara (1984) is designed with circles and green glitters symbolizing the universe. Strong and vivid colors are reminiscent of eastern ‘dancheong’ (traditional decorative colors in wood textures and materials) or western stained glass. Haindoo, Mandara, 1984, Oil on canvas, 116.5 x 91 cm, Courtesy of Hakgojae Gallery Masters will also exhibit Dansaehwa’s photographic works by artists such as Lee Dong-Yub, Lee Kang-Soo, Park So-Bo, Yoon Hyun-Keun (Tokyo) . Gallery + BTAP). “Dansaehwa” means monochrome painting and is used in a loosely organized art movement that emerged in Korean art in the mid-1970s as artists attempted to moderate the influence of Western modernism. Korea. artistic culture. Park Seo-Bo, Ecriture No. 070512, 2007, Mixed media Korean kanji paper on canvas, 130 x 195 cm, Tokyo Gallery The main part of the exhibition presents a selection of new works by Lehmann Maupin artist Lee Bulg. working in a variety of media including drawing, sculpture, painting, performance, installation and video. His works explore universal themes such as the utopian desire for perfection through technological advancement, dystopian visions, and the ever-present failure. Lee Bul, For Roses, 2014 Handmade PVC foam board, fabric, acrylic paint, 145 x 120 x 110 cm, © Lee Bul, artist Lehman Maupin and shows in New York, Hong Kong, Seoul and London. There will be works by Korean contemporary artist Koo Jeon Ah (PKM Gallery). The artist has attracted the attention of the international art world with his unique works depicting unusual objects and the novelty of everyday life. Koo Jeong A, Your Tree is My Answer, 2020, Ink on rice paper, 5.70 x 9.20 cm, PKM Gallery and High Art (Paris) present a new and incredibly complex painting by artist Hong Kyu Kim. Kim envisions a post-global world grappling with the effects of technological neoliberalism, creating a fascinating world full of deep imagination. Hong Kyu Kim, Blank Picture of a Broken Heart, 2022, Pigment on silk, 175 x 115 cm, Courtesy of the artist and High Art, Paris / Arles Kukje Gallery (Seoul) presents several works by world-renowned contemporary artists. artist. Haig Yang. The display includes Sonic Rotating Whatever Running on Hemisphere #19 (2022), a new wall-hanging sculpture clad in stainless steel panels, a water faucet that creates unique visuals and acoustics when activated. Haegue Yang, Sonic Rotating Whatever Running on Hemisphere #19, 2022, powder-coated stainless steel frame, powder-coated mesh, ball bearings, stainless steel bar, split ring, faucet. Courtesy of the artist and Kukje Gallery.

Famous Korean Illustrators

Famous Korean Illustrators

Large painting: Details of Hong Kyu Kim, Blanks of a Broken Heart, 2022, Pigment on silk, 175 x 115 cm, Courtesy of the artist and High Art, Paris / Arles

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Masters director Nathan Clements Gillespie presents rare maps and works by Egon Schiele and Park Hyung-ki.

Famous Korean Illustrators

, visited Seoul, collected the works of Jenny Holzer and Gina Park, and shared her experience of living in art.

We spoke to the artist about the Encyclopaedia of the Invisible, a work that connects art, science, and history on themes of invisibility, migration, and loss. On October 6, famous Korean artist Lee K posted a gift on his official Instagram page. his favorite birthday. Muse, Jimin of BTS.

Famous Korean Illustrators

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Lee K. Attending Jimin’s celebration, he was painted in oil on a large canvas measuring 1200 x 900 mm. Lee K. also used his favorite color and wrote Happy #Jimtober with the caption.

Lee K. and shared a video of the photo on her InstaStory page, detailing the finer details of her masterpiece.

Famous Korean Illustrators

Recently, Lee K. Participated in a workshop at the Benjamin Eck Gallery in Munich, Germany. In September 2020, he exhibited Jimin’s portraits in a visual exhibition, with expected results. The portraits of Jimin Lee K., which were recently shown in Porto and Moscow, were well received by local residents. They can’t help but capture the best portrait of the show.

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Lee K. Many artworks have been made for Jim, which are posted on his official Instagram page. In previous stories, Lee K. was asked if BTS Jimin is the guy she always idolizes, and Lee K. responded positively, “He (Jimin) is definitely my soulmate, Perfect Status.”

Famous Korean Illustrators

Jimin is emerging as an artistic figure in Europe and Korea. Artists such as Alejandro Vigilante from Argentina have chosen Jimin as their muse. British artist Hector Jans Van Renburgh, also known as Shitty Watercolor, also did several illustrations of Jimmy. Similarly, it was previously reported that Jimin was painted on the wall of a restaurant in Jazan, Saudi Arabia.Musicians and art lovers really appreciate Jimin’s beauty when he performs.

LOONA continues to shine in the dark with a new comedy starring Go Won, Heejin and Olivia Hye.

Famous Korean Illustrators

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Allegations of “special treatment” against BTS members Jin & j-Hope for allegedly bringing “multiple cars” into the registration ceremony have been making headlines in Korean media and art for years. Korean artists have attracted the attention of the art industry with their unique creative methods, and their influence on the international culture of the country is evident in K-pop and the modern art scene. Many famous artists, including the most famous pioneer of video art, Sincerely, Nam Joon Paik.

This week, The Artling has rounded up 10 contemporary Korean artists you should know and see.

Famous Korean Illustrators

Brother Seung Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea and now lives in Singapore and his hometown. The artist works in a variety of mediums, including printmaking, printmaking, video, sound, and installation. His work explores recent social phenomena such as surveillance systems, recorded history, and the relationship between networks and change in our complex environment. The artist explores how ubiquitous media and technology shape our lives and how people respond to them.

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Yongsun Jang is one of Korea’s most promising young artists. He creates sculptures that move your mind and send you to the etheric plane. The artist earned a BFA and MFA in Fine Arts and Sculpture from Seoul National University, South Korea, and has since exhibited her work throughout Korea and Germany. His works have been acquired by public and private collections, including the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Korea.

Famous Korean Illustrators

Jae Won Choi was born in Busan and holds a BFA and an Associate Degree in Foreign Affairs from Hongik University. The artist often draws inspiration from architecture, landscapes, and wooden structures. His works include materials and restoration techniques for antique Italian furniture. Jae Won Choi is a 21-year-old popular artist

1999 Jung-an Fine Arts Award. His works are in the collection of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Korea.

Famous Korean Illustrators

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Junyong Lim is an artist who is part of a growing number of photographers based in Seoul. The photographer specializes in architecture and fine art photography. He graduated from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco with a degree in photography and the School of Fine Arts, respectively.

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